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The Multiversity - Grant Morrison, Watchmen 2, All-Star Captain Marvel & More!

In an interview in this week's issue of Wizard, Grant Morrison confirmed he will be writing a new Multiverse-based comic, tentatively (at least, I hope it's tentative) titled, The Multiversity. We'd already known about Morrison's desires to do a Final Crisis followup that explored the Multiverse, but this is the first time we've heard any details on the book, it's tentative release schedule or concrete facts on what Morrison had planned. Hit the jump for some juicy quotes, a rundown of what to expect from The Multiversity and everything else we know so far.

UPDATE - More has been released on the Multiversity and you can read about those new details by clicking here.

What Is The Multiversity?

The Multiversity is a seven-issue series of one-shots, written by Grant Morrison, that will establish seven different Earths from throughout the Multiverse. These seven issues, while telling separate stories, will link together to reestablish the connection between the DCU and the Multiverse. In Morrison's own words,
I've started a series called The Multiversity, which will pick up a bunch of strands from 52 and Final Crisis. Back when we laid out the return of the Multiverse in 52, I asked if I could establish some of these books as potential ongoing series. We wanted to set up each universe as its own franchise. [...]

So this is my big project for the next year, and I'm working on books for seven different parallel universes. Each one is a first issue with a complete story and series bible. Each one spotlights the major superhero group of a different alternate reality. And they all link together together as a seven-issue story that reimagines the relationship between the DCU and the Multiverse.

All-Star...Captain Marvel?

One title Grant Morrison mentioned with quite some enthusiasm was an Earth-5 book, which most will know is home to the Fawcett Comics characters, most noteably of which includes the Captain Marvel family. To everyone's delight, I'm sure, Morrison has described this Earth and the potential book as "a line of books with the Marvel Family done in a more traditional, all-ages, All-Star Superman style." Yes, he specifically describes it as an All-Star Superman style. Please, please, please let Frank Quitely be attached to the Captain Marvel book. I think I could die happy if that were the case.

Watchmen 2 - Watching Harder

The only other Earth mentioned was the little known Earth-4, home to the Charlton Comics characters, best described as 'the Watchmen Earth' to comic fans. Morrison had all kinds of things to say about this story.

On the reasons behind choosing to do a new Watchmen,
I thought it would be interesting to pick up on that sort of crystalline, self-reflecting storytelling method, so the mad notion I came up with was to do the Charlton characters in a story I'd construct as an update on that ludic Watchmen style - if Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons had pitched the Watchmen now, rooted in a contemporary political landscape but with the actual Charlton characters instead of analogues!

But, wait, it gets even better. He goes on to talk about several of the characters involved, particularly Dr Manhattan and Rorschach. Dr Manhattan will revert to Captain Atom, but with a twist. This Captain Atom will actually be Captain Adam from Morrison's Final Crisis: Superman Beyond story.

Rorschach will return to being The Question again, but, instead of the black and white, right and wrong viewpoint of Rorschach, Morrison described his Question as someone who's Randian viewpoint had been "shattered through the prisms of his experiences as a crimefighter so that he sees the world through the multicolored lens of Spiral Dynamics."

For those wondering what Spiral Dynamics are, I did a quick Wikipedia search and came up with this brief explaination:
Spiral Dynamics argues that human nature is not fixed: humans are able, when forced by life conditions, to adapt to their environment by constructing new, more complex, conceptual models of the world that allow them to handle the new problems. Each new model includes and transcends all previous models. According to Beck and Cowan, these conceptual models are organized around so-called Memes: systems of core values or collective intelligences, applicable to both individuals and entire cultures.

Basically, we can expect him to be an 'I can haz cheezburger'-meme spouting, 4chan user. Okay, okay, I admit, I might be a little off on my interpretation of Spiral Dynamics. It does sound like an interesting take and very Morrisonian-like in nature, though, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on who you ask.

Like Final Crisis, But On Crack

What will further divide fandom into love/hate groups in regards to Morrison's work is the so-called description of The Multiversity and the Watchmen followup, in particular. Speaking about the murder scene from the Watchmen issue, Morrison described it as such (emphasis mine),
There's a very different kind of murder mystery at the heart and the whole thing can be read backwards, forwards and sideways.

Further describing the book, Morrison was quoted as saying,
It's been fun to do that kind of style but rethink it and try to play a new version of that 'sound' without copying anything directly. We've got 12-panel grids and pages where you're seeing the events leading to a murder, the murder itself and the investigation all happening simultaneously across the same background. I'm right in the middle of that one, so it's fresh in my mind.

His use of the word, 'sound', might bring up bad memories of Superman singing Darkseid to death in Final Crisis, but it's hard not to feel Morrison's enthusiasm for the project throughout the interview. While it does not guarantee a 'Watchmen 2', as I doubt anyone could duplicate that level of work, especially in a single issue, it's hard not to be excited over the prospect of a Morrison written Watchmen.

Answer The Question

It's still a long ways off, but use the words Morrison, Watchmen and All-Star anything to describe a project and I doubt there's anyone not excited on some level. It does raise some interesting questions, though.

The Biggest question is, if two books will be focusing on Watchmen and All Star Captain Marvel, what are the other five about? I assume one will be Earth-51 and the New Gods and I can imagine Morrison returning the Crime Syndicate on Earth-3 (formerly Earth-2) as another easy sell. With Morrison focusing on a Watchmen reimagining, would he also be willing to take a stab at the Marvel Comics analogues of Earth-8 and do a Squadron Supreme-like story? Earth-20 seems like a lock as well, as Morrison has described that Earth as a home for alternate, 'pulp' versions of super-heroes and he even had character designs for a Doc Fate character for Final Crisis that never made it into that book, but were in the sketchbook.

Another question arises with who else is attached to the project. Morrison is writing the books, but there's likely to be some high profile artists attached, especially to something like Watchmen. Frank Quitely is a likely candidate, as he and Morrison collaborate on many things, but I'm sure almost anyone would be willing to jump at the opportunity to work with him on these books. Will Doug Mahnke get the call after his work finishing up Final Crisis? Will JG Jones get a chance to redeem himself after Final Crisis?

There are literally a million thoughts going through my head with regards to the possibilities for these titles, but I want to know what you think. What Earths would you like to see Morrison visit (see here for a list of DC Earths)? What artist would you like to see Morrison work with? What projects are you excited for? Are you excited? Is Morrison trying too hard to be the next Alan Moore or overstepping his boundaries / committing mortal sin by doing a 'sequel' to Watchmen? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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Mike Haynes said...

This seems like it's a real "make it or break it" situation for Morrison. If he somehow pulls through, he could be regarded as one of the saviors of DC... if he fails... he could fall harder than Loeb.

Personally, I'm getting really sick of all the multiverse stuff. What happened to the DC that was trying to clean up the multiverse and make things less confusing for readers?

This whole thing just screams "bad idea".

Klep said...

Everytime I hear something new about DC continuity, I cringe in terror. I have no idea what's going on.

Kirk Warren said...

@Klep - It's not so much DC continuity here as it is Morrison just fleshing out other Earths across the Multiverse. Only continuity you need to know is probably that the Multiverse exists.

Kelson said...

I wouldn't expect the Question to be terribly 4channish. The term "meme" as used on the internet has very little to do with the term as used in philosophy. In its original context, it's basically a unit of thought.

collectededitions said...

If this comes out, I'd be interested in reading it, but frankly I'm just not sure how much of this is true and how much of this is hype on the part of Grant Morrison and/or Wizard.

(My opinion, with admittedly no substantiation, is it sounds like the kind of thing Morrison said he's thinking about, and Wizard took it to mean it's been green-lit.)

I'm skeptical mainly because in the most recent Dan DiDio interview at Newsarama, DiDio essentially says it's not on the schedule. Of course, DiDio could be holding back, too.

The link:

But hey, if it comes out (in a format that sounds a lot like Seven Soldiers), I'm there.

Kirk Warren said...

@Kelson - I was mostly joking with that 4chan thing. I know it's not talking internet memes.

@collectededitions - It seemed pretty conclusive to me compared to other hype /non-announcements that came from Wizard. the fact it's not rewritten and straight from Morrison's mouth seems to confirm it to me. He states it's set for next year at some point, so that's a long ways away (upwards of a year and 7 months if we go with Dec 2010) and that could only be the first issue.

Also, DiDio's 20 questions were probably written last week and are mostly canned responses. The Wizard thing was more than likely set up as an exclusive or it would have been on Newsarama, CBR, etc by now, so he wouldnt talk about it in some random Q&A post either. Doesn't mean it's set in stone either.

Like you, if it comes out, I'll be there.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

I have to say that I'm less than thrilled to have Morrison involved with anything Watchmen. His self-importance is overboard and he insists on pushing his "vision" of the DC Universe onto us and I'm simply not pleased at all.

He's picking on some plotlines of Final Crisis, uh? Double bad.

I'm so disappointed that I can't barely put it into words. I don't understand why the writer who has done the best to alienate the most readers out of DC Comics is getting such a project into his hands.

Salieri said...

The "Doc Fate" appeared in Superman Beyond and his world is sort of based on pulp detective fiction stuff.

Who knows - SB features quite a few of these characters, so it might serve as a kind of Prequel. Like, how does the Antimatterverse get on with Ultraman dead? (Hopefully, we'll also have Owlman very much alive...and stuck in the future.) And what about Ubermensch - will he cope without his cousin Ubergirl?

I also loved the sound of the sketchbook "Superdemon" idea, where Etrigan is rocketed to Earth as a baby demon. There could be lots of fun in that one.

Eric Rupe said...

Morrison isn't actually doing a sequel to the Watchmen, he's making a story using the same techniques and characters that the Watchmen were based on Moore and Gibbons used. Captain Adam isn't Manhattan and the Question and Rorschach. Its going to be a different story.

Anyway, sounds great. I guessing there will be an artist for each book so it can come out on time while still being able to have artists like Jones or Quitely work. I looking forward to the Earth-5 book the most since Morrison seems to be the only write who get the Marvels at DC right now.

Andrenn said...

This all sounds very interesting. Even for me, someone who's never been all that big on DC. Though I'm curious about that image with DKR Batman punching Rorschach, is that the actual cover to this series or just a random image? This stuff actually sounds really cool and interesting.

Matt Ampersand said...

Andrenn, I believe that image was from another Wizard article about the multiverse/elseworlds if I recall correctly.

Also, the top banner totally freaks me out. Did you do it yourself?

Kirk Warren said...

@Salieri - I'll have to recheck Superman Beyond. Dont remember seeing Doc Fate there. Was it a one off appearance?

@Eric - I know it's not technically a sequel to Watchmen. But, for all intents and purpose, it's going to be judged as such by the readers and critics alike.

@Andrenn - As Matt said, it's from an old Wizard article about Countdown: Arena. I just thought it showed off the Multiverse and used it.

@Matt - I made the banner myself. Just shopped some heads and the name off the movie Multiplicity poster.

Eric Rupe said...

Kirk - I believe Doc Fate had a small cameo in the first issue at the beginning when they were crashing through the various Earth.

And yeah, people will probably compare and judge Morrison's issue to the Watchmen but like the people who expected another Rock of Ages for Final Crisis, they will be massively disappointed.

Salieri said...

It was a one-panel appearance in the first chapter as Superman tries to save the Pulp world from a collision with the destroyer "Echo of Midnight". Supes noted that he could smell Newsprint & Cotton Candy, which I assume is some sort of reference to stalwart 'Pulp' elements.

Rolando said...

@ComicsAllTooReal's Chris

Let's be fair. Morrison isn't "pushing" anything on anyone. Batman RIP and Final Crisis were DC's best sellers last year. That's because fans, of their own free will, bought them. Which stands to reason, then, that Morrison be given more work. At the end of the day, fans vote with their dollars what they want to see more. And when they vote for Grant Morrison, you're going to bet DC will give him more high profile work.

Anonymous said...

"It's still a long ways off, but use the words Morrison, Watchmen and All-Star anything to describe a project and I doubt there's anyone not excited on some level."

*raises hand* Not excited in the slightest. I am so done with Grant Morrison... that last issue of Final Crisis was the final straw.

Michael said...

Sounds like Morrison's getting deeply into this ergodic storytelling he's been talking about, interactive storytelling that reads backwards, forwards and sideways...

Anonymous said...

Not interested at all.

Call me soured after FC which was a crappy story plus my money in these hard times can be used elsewhere.

Kelson said...

@Kirk: Sorry about that. My sarcasm detector doesn't always work online. :-(

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - "*raises hand* Not excited in the slightest. I am so done with Grant Morrison... that last issue of Final Crisis was the final straw."But what about a possible All Star Captain Marvel? Say what you will about Morrison, but I dont think you can hate Morrison's All Star Superman. I think it's impossible to do so. The possibiliy of a Captain Marvel version is just too much to bear for me.

@Michael - I'm hoping the backwards, forwards, sideways talk is just another way of describing the flashback storytelling that Moore's Watchmen had. Although, if it's through the shattered views of Rorschach, constantly changing perspectives, I think it could be a really interesting narrative. Depends on how much "connective tissue" Morrison decides to leave out this time.

@Anonymous 2 - This project is still a ways off, minimum of one year, so the economy could pick up again by the time it sees daylight. I also wouldn't write off all seven books, as I'm sure they'll all feature unique writing and visual styles. While connected, they aren't going to be interlinked ina big event or require you to read every book, so I'm sure you'll be able to find at least one you'll like.

@Kelson - No worries. I probably should have made it clearer that it was a joke.

Anonymous said...

I'd like Morrison to write any character that Alex Ross illustrates. That way I can ignore two overblown, egotisical, boring loudmouths with only $3 each month.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - Don't worry, I'm sure you'd actually save $3.99 for this type of project. =p

Eric Rupe said...

This also reminds a lot of Seven Soldiers. Morrison leaves DC a bunch of great characters and ideas which they ignore them for a while and when they do use them, they completely ignore what Morrison left them with.

Michael Edwards said...

Sometimes Morrison can produce works that are really good, but that is only when an editor reigns him in (see JLA: Earth 2 for example), and he lays off the drugs. Since editorial has taken this whole hands off approach to his work, most of what he has produced has been crap.

I don't expect him to do justice to the DC Universe, in fact it seems he just does more harm than good.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only person who genuonely liked Final Crisis?

Eric Rupe said...

Anonymous - No, I thoroughly enjoyed what I read of Final Crisis and I'm eagerly awaiting the HC collection to finish the book.

Anonymous said...

I loved some Elseworld series and I miss them.
I welcome the new Multiversity series.

Anonymous said...

Ah the first blatant and declared attempt to completely shit upon the objectivist character of Rorschach by an acidhead. Idiots were never OK with the fact that such an awesome character held a philosophy that they can't agree with (because they have to believe in retarded shit like "spiral dynamics" or whatever in order to feel smart about themselves).

Leave Rorschach alone. He disagrees with your weak-minded world view. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

"I can imagine Morrison returning the Crime Syndicate on Earth-3 (formerly Earth-2) as another easy sell."

Slight correction here: Earth-3 is actually home to the Crime SOCIETY, which is supposed to be the evil version of the Justice Society Infinity from Earth 2. The Crime SYNDICATE, a.k.a. the guys Grant Morrison worked on in "JLA: Earth 2," is from the Antimatter Earth, which is separate from the 52 universes.

Yeeeah... more confusing than it needs to be. I honestly think the bad guys from Earth-3 WERE meant to be a new Crime Syndicate at first, but I guess DC changed its mind. It probably was to keep Grant Morrison's "JLA: Earth Two" in continuity.

Anyway, "Multiversity" sounds very cool. I can't wait to see Grant's take on Earth-4 and 5, as well as whatever else he's got cooked up. Maybe he'll even clear the whole Syndicate/Society mess up...

Daniel Woburn said...

Marvel has a multiverse, and it's nowhere near as complicated as the Dc multiverse. Probably because the only title that deals with it is Exiles. and I like it like that.

Janus said...

Anonymous you don't get what Moore was doing with Rorschach. He was using the character to portray the mental illness that is inherent in fanaticism. Objectivism and vigilantism being examples of that. Rorschach is a sick man not a hero, and he is portrayed as such.

Anonymous said...


Moore is indeed a man of twisted philosophical view. He did intend for Rorschach to be a bad example (and to the extremes he goes through, he obviously is). However, the character receives such a massive following because the normal common sense and rational individuals (including most major philosophers) believe in good and evil.

Even for the few acidheads that don't, there's no justification for bastardizing him solely because you admire a character that doesn't agree with you. It's a whole new type of immature.

Jdog said...

Anonymous: first of all, Morrison is using The Question, not Rorschach. Second, please read some more on Spiral Dynamics before knee jerk reactions. You're arguing something you're very wrong about. The theory embraces objectivism, not rejects it. It's about evolving moral constructs and getting closer to those objective rights and wrongs... oh, forget it, you just want to hate on Morrison and you'll say everything he does makes him an acidhead. Oh well, enjoy your close minded little world.

Lennon Baluta said...

I want to see an on-going earth-5 Captain Marvel title. DC has been trying to shoehorn this iconic character into the DC universe since 1986 and has failed horribly every time, with the exception of Alex Ross' "Justice" and "Power Of Hope". Ross proved it can be done, but DC management won't allow it to be done properly, so the only answer for this character's survival is to spin him off back into his own universe, as it had been prior to the 1985 Crisis.

I hope Grant can write it to meet the high expectations of Captain Marvel's small but very loyal and picky fanbase (myself among them), and I would love to see Alex Ross be the artist on the title. If he doesn't have the time, at least let him be the cover artist, and get someone like Brad Rader, Rick Burchett, or Cameron Stewart (all of whom have psudeo-Fawcett styles) for the interiors. I'd also like to see Alan Weiss, who drew one very memorable issue of the 70's SHAZAM title, get a chance to draw the Big Red Cheese for a longer stint.

Eric Rupe said...

The only reason why Rorschach is popular is because he beats the sh*t out of people and then kills them. He is the forerunner to all of the grim and gritty anti-hero's of the 90s. His philosophy and morality have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

JDog, regardless of who it is, you would seriously agree with screwing with the world view of a beloved character (or making a new version of him more in line with your thinking) just because the character disagrees with you?


false. No, not at all. His philosophy made him popular among the portion of Watchmen's readership that disagreed with the overall message of the book which, of course, happened to be most common sense people (by far). It's generally accepted that people relate to Rorschach because of his moral strength.

Saint of Pandas said...

Morrison's writing the Question, not Rorschach. In creating Rorschach, Moore did everything you're complaining about Morrison doing right now. He took Ditko's concept of the Question as a Randian hero and turned the idea sour. Rorschach was a pessimist's view of the Question. If you're a raving fanatic, you might just say Moore bastardized the character because he didn't believe in his world view.

But there's not a shred of evidence to support your claim that Morrison is fulfilling a petty vendetta against a make-believe character. He's riffing off the Question with a new version of the character in the same way that Moore riffed off the character with Rorschach. All we have is snippets of an interview and you're foaming at the mouth already. Maybe you won't like the new version of the character (which incidentally IS NOT RORSCHACH!), but grow up. This is what storytelling is. It's the bending and twisting of resonant characters. Moore's book is twenty-five years old, but what's great about Ditko's character is his flexibility. Because there's a strong philosophy at the heart of him, the Question will resonate with people for a long time, and he's incredibly malleable. That stiff-jawed objectivist philosophy can be tested in a myriad of ways. Your copy of Watchmen isn't going to spontaneously burst into flames once this book comes out. It's still there, buddy. All the dialogue, all the scenes, all the ideas are still there. Nothing's going to change.

And for the record, most sane, rational people recognize that beating the living shit out of people is not a sane act. Most sane, rational people recognize that the world is more complicated than monochrome. They recognize that holding a black-and-white view of morality is the easy way out. It's just the dumb and cowardly man's excuse to avoid examining the real and complex dynamics of morality. The majority of philosophers will laugh right in your face if you tell them morality is a simple and absolute matter of right and wrong. Well, maybe they wouldn't. But that's just because, if you're a Rorschach fan, you're probably carrying a shotgun.

As for "His philosophy made him popular among the portion of Watchmen's readership that disagreed with the overall message of the book which, of course, happened to be most common sense people (by far).", I can't even begin to fathom a response to that. You really think that the most rational fans of Watchmen disagreed with the themes and philosophy of the book? "That Moore sure is a hack, but Rorschach was faaaaaantastic!" That's absurd.

It really is a pity you can't see the creative and intellectual applications of LSD. But I guess acid falls into the "black" column, huh?

Anonymous said...

LOL I didn't think you would finish up that post by defending LSD. That's just doing the work for me!

Couple of things. First of all, most major philosophers have an objectivist flare. So I'm really not sure what the hell you're talking about there.

Like I already said earlier, the extremes to which Rorschach takes his objectivism (to being a violent vigilante) is not what I'm referring to.

And really, Moore taking an objectivist character and deconstructing him through another objectivist character is the same as taking an objectivist character and deconstructing him through a spiral dynamics (lol) character? I'm not following you.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Rorschach wasn't an Objectivist character (for one thing, he actually had redeeming traits). Rorschach was a nihilist who used his moral absolutism--which was his OWN version and personal philosophy--as a kind of security blanket to to cover up the evils of the world.

In "Fearful Symmetry," Rorschach explains his view that there is no meaning in life, only one trying to find a pattern to the meaningless nature. Rorschach doesn't--deep down--believe right or wrong exists, he simply wants to force them to exist by acting in a certain way and forcing others (mostly criminals) to fit his mold.


"First of all, most major philosophers have an objectivist flare."

Not really. Except for some Wikipedia editors, Rand's philosophy is looked down upon by most major philosophers. Objectivists themselves relieve their cognitive dissonance towards this by using strawman attacks against these philosophers (labeling them Marxists, moral relativists, or whatever idiotic excuse they give for someone not liking their beliefs--it's accurate to say that they believe that anyone who hates Objectivism cannot be both rational and good--their version of rational and good, that is).

Of course, their robotic reaction to any kind of criticism--however benign--makes responding to or debating with them utterly pointless. They have the devotion of cult members, and given that they're following a hack writer's quasi-religious, pseudo-philosophy views, that kind of makes them the right-Libertarian version of Scientologists.

Perhaps their biggest flaw, however, is their inability to ignore others. They HAVE to try to disprove them. Paradoxically, they care too much about other people.

Anonymous said...

remember his JLA Daniel aka Sandman

His version was like Mr Rogers smoked a J and tried to wax poetic..

Anonymous said...

Rorschach wasn't an objectivist character? Ok. Now you're just on a roll.

That chapter was more indicative of his atheism and cynicism than of a subjective moral view.

And I've never read Rand. Still, most major philosophers have an objectivist flare. There is universal truth to what is right and wrong. Murder can never become morally good because of factors of culture or environment. Only an acidhead (yes) would disagree with that.

Back to the literary problem though - can you honestly justify bastardizing a character you think is cool just because you disagree with him?

Saint of Pandas said...

"LOL I didn't think you would finish up that post by defending LSD. That's just doing the work for me!"

Please. What do you know about LSD? Let me guess.... You're just as well acquainted with the nature of LSD as you are with Ayn Rand's writings.

"Couple of things. First of all, most major philosophers have an objectivist flare. So I'm really not sure what the hell you're talking about there."

It's real easy to make claims like that without any supporting evidence. If the majority of philosophers followed objectivism, philosophy would be a pretty damn short subject. Ayn Rand is a philosopher for casual people who don't read philosophy, and are too stubborn to recognize the rapidly increasing complexity of the world around them.

"And really, Moore taking an objectivist character and deconstructing him through another objectivist character is the same as taking an objectivist character and deconstructing him through a spiral dynamics (lol) character? I'm not following you."

"That chapter was more indicative of his atheism and cynicism than of a subjective moral view."

Dude got it right on the money with the reference to "Fearful Symmetry". Rorschach isn't really about objectivism. He's about the threat of fanaticism in clinging to a static philosophy. It's really not philosophy at all. It's stubbornness. It's consciously ignoring rational thought around you because you're so focused on your own, narrow perspective. It's not "philosophy" at all. It's traumatic psychosis; pretty much the same as how you zone out the real talking points and keep grinding away at your unsupported non-arguments. No one's saying that Rorschach is subjectively moral. The point is that his lack of relativism is still unfounded in any philosophical thought.

And I've never read Rand. Still, most major philosophers have an objectivist flare. There is universal truth to what is right and wrong. Murder can never become morally good because of factors of culture or environment. Only an acidhead (yes) would disagree with that."

Culture and environment are subjective. Conditions change. Morality changes. Otherwise, anyone who adhered to the laws of slavery pre-Civil War is unconditionally evil. If murder is wrong, then what's the one, true moral stance on murder?

"Only an acidhead (yes) would disagree with that."

I'm not the one making ad hominem attacks against someone I don't know.

"Back to the literary problem though - can you honestly justify bastardizing a character you think is cool just because you disagree with him?"

I still don't see a shred of evidence to suggest this is what's happening. Maybe you should be pissed off at James Joyce for bastardizing Odysseus while you're at it. Speaking of morality being subjective, and at the mercy of social and environmental conditions, maybe you should read The Odyssey.

And with that, I'm cutting the rope. You're obviously not concerned with engaging in a real argument. All you do is cower over your faulty talking points and snap at anyone who tries to make a valid comment. Of course, what do I know? I've experimented with drugs!

Anonymous said...

But he's not writing Rorschach. He's writing a Question inspired by Rorschach (inspired by the Question). So why get bent out of shape over how this iteration of the heroes are handled?

Anonymous said...

Watchmen 2... what the f**k

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this is off topic but I’m thinking of buying this book. Curious if anyone’s has checked out the new book “Hell’s Aquarium” by Steve Alten? It’s about the ancient prehistoric shark Megalodon, which makes the current Great White Shark look like a gold fish. Check out the trailer below, pretty awesome:

You Have Lost The Game said...

Spiral dynamics Randian version of the Question... so not really Randian, OR the Question, then, is he?

What an abortion in the making.

Anonymous said...

Someone up above said something asinine, so... Rorschach is awesome because out of all of these people, supposed heros, he's the only real hero. He never gave up or quit, never stopped, never whined about it, never blamed anyone else, and stuck by what he believed. He was like the reincarnation of some Sam Spade like gumshoe but on a whole other level above. I cant see having read the book or watched the movie had he or some similar character not existed.

mongrel puppy said...

7 number ones means more $$$$$$ for mr morrison...
first issues always generally sell more...
Grant is clever no doubt about it.
Its just a shame that his best work IMHO was years ago... Animal Man, Doom Patrol, Zenith, the invisibles before he watered it down, although book 3 is a definite return to form before it falls apart during the artists jam... Though forgive me Ive only read a book and a half of seven soldiers... I got bored, and the concept, the big selling point IMHO was ludicrous.. seven heroes save the world but get this true believers they never MEET...!! I mean really aren;t the high heid yons... sorry im scottish too.. those in charge at DC on Drugz...
I love Flex Mentallo too though.. its fun oh and seaguy... uck maybe he aint all bad....

I apologise, in advance, for my sloppy grammar people but its late here...
Roschach was my favourite character in watchmen, back when I read it and you had to wait a month before he was "sprung"... Moore did write him as a repugnant psychopath... but of course there is something about him. Something about his uncompromising attitude which sticks with readers. And understanding his past allows us,the readers, to sympathise with his character...

Keep up the debate friends.. im off to read Lost Girls... Kimota

Anonymous said...

Pandaman makes a great point in saying it's not about Rorschach, it's about the Question. And remember Mr A? Basically, if your messing with chronology and multiverse, there are going to be similarities. I'd like to see a story showing different versions of the same characters, approaching a multiversal event from their own distinct perspectives, again. Let's see the full specrum of choices and open the doors of perception. Maybe origin stories into there too so we could simpathise more, each one having a comparable beginning, middle and end. A Billy/Marvel story could in some way echo Clark/Supe and the 4th world Jon/Manhattan (or whoever) stories. DC seems to champion Superman/Batman/WonderWoman, and in each universe there seems to be 3 simarly arrange archtypes. Parts in 3d would be welcome. No idea for an ending but then again maybe that's the point, "nothing ends... nothing ever ends."

Anonymous said...

Minor correction. The Crime Syndicate NEVER was from Earth-2. Earth-2 was the Anti-matter's Luthor's name of the *matter* Earth with HIS earth as Earth-1.

Anonymous said...

@You Have Lost The Game, if you reread that paragraph in teh article carefully, you'll see Morrison says he wanted the Question's (or Rorschach's) Randian viewpoint SHATTERED by Spiral Dynamics, not incorporating both philosophies at once (as that'd be somewhat paradoxical).

Also, I agree with Saint of Pandas in pretty much everything he said.

Well, it's almost the end of 2010, and I haven't heard anything else about 'Multiversity', which is a real pity in my opinion, I'd love to see both the worlds mentioned here, and the ones on the other thread...

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