Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Secret Six #8 Review

Written by Gail Simone
Art by Carlos Rodriguez and Bitt

Along with Captain Britain & MI13, Secret Six is one of those titles that is so good yet, for whatever reason, I have the damnedest time expressing just what makes it so good.

Take this issue, for instance, the basic plot consists of Scandal, Deadshot, Jeannette and the Knockout lookalike stripper from a while back all going out together on a group date and the craziness that ensues as a result. There's no major plot or evil threat plotting their demise and it's really just a whole lot of downtime that would just kill almost any other book, but just may well be one of my favourite Secret Six issues to date.

Highlights of this issue include Deadshot's fear of Jeannette, who has told, not asked, him he's going on a date with her and his fear of being basically forced into some freaky sexcapades with the woman. These fears from Deadshot actually come after Scandal's grocery shopping trip, which saw her picking up random items for Jeannette, such as a whole grocery cart full of eggs (don't ask), ten dog collars (again, don't ask) and other various 'odds and ends'. So, Deadshot's fears are actually quite justified, and hilarious, even though he does eventually end up going out with the group later in the issue.

The actual date was just a "quiet" night out for the group with the promise of no killing under any circumstances, which results in Deadshot beating and maiming several white supremists he's had dealings with in the past and of which were following him with the intention of getting revenge for past transgressions. It was casually handled and more of a 'one sec, off to the bathroom' type of subplot that was intersperced between the fun dinner conversations. Just some fun action and comedy to liven up things.

Finally, I'd be remiss to talk about this issue and not mention the Tiny Titans/Mini Marvels-style Ragdoll Dreams at the end of the issue. Ragdoll actually tagged along on the date with everyone, but ended up locked in the trunk of the car. Seems no one else knew this and he was left in there for 3 days and began hallucinating, which was represented at the end of the issue with the Ragdoll Dreams short, which saw Ragdoll being the hero of the DCU, saving Superman, Wonder Woman, reciting his own Green Lantern oath and so on before the other Secret Six members found him in the trunk of the car. I know I'd be game for more of these shorts at the end of the issue in the future.

Verdict - Must Read. Just a fun, character relationship building and expanding type of issue, similar to how the X-Men used to have those baseball game done-in-ones back in the day. Of course, this being Secret Six and a team of villains, they had their own spin on fun activities.

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