Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week in Review - Flash: Rebirth, DC Gets a Blog, No More Mini-Marvels & More

  • DC Comics finally joined the rest of us in the 21st century and set up their own blog, which they've brilliantly named The Source, after Jack Kirby's 4th World work. The first week's worth of posts had mostly press packets and promo images that they'd usually send to CBR or Newsarama, but I'm hoping they'll eventually start posting more opinion oriented blog-like posts in the future.
  • Looks like the world is ending - Warren Ellis confirmed John Cassaday has completed work on Planetary #27 and all that's left to do is ink, colour and send it off to the printers. More after the jump.

  • Lots of The Blackest Night news came out this week. First up were two Black Lantern promo images from DC, one of Kal-L (via IGN Comics) and the other of Aquaman (via The Source). For those unaware, the Final Crisis version of Aquaman was from another Earth. The undead one will be the real Aquaman.

    Next up was the announcement of the size and format of the event (via Newsarama), which will see a good 20+ books in the first half followed by, more than likely, a similar sized second half. The Sinestro Corps War was only eleven parts with three Tales of one-shots and an epilogue, making it fifteen issues long, if my math is not faulty. There was also an interview with Green Lantern/Blackest Night editor, Eddie Berganza, about the topic at IGN Comics.

    Finally, the Tales of the Corps miniseries had a cover unveiling, which we spoke about at great length earlier this week here at the Weekly Crisis.

  • Chris Giarrusso had a chat with Comic Book Resources about his upcoming G-Man project and let slip the apparent demise of Mini Marvels.
    Marvel just released “Mini Marvels: Secret Invasion,” the latest Mini-Marvels collection. What else do you have in the works for Marvel?

    There's a brand new nine-page Mini Marvel Hawkeye story written and illustrated by me in the just-released “Marvel Assistant-Size Spectacular” #1. Beyond that, Marvel is turning their attention to “Super Hero Squad.” Marvel feels that Mini Marvels will confuse their Super Hero Squad branding too much, so there are currently no plans to continue Mini Marvels. Fans of my writing and art can continue to follow my particular brand of all-ages kid super-hero stories in “G-Man,” while folks who want to see their favorite Marvel heroes in the all-ages comic strip style will be plenty satisfied with “Super Hero Squad.”
    As I had never heard of this "Super Hero Squad" prior to this interview, I did some research *coughGoogle'ditcough* and came up with this...thing... that people are supposedly going to confuse Mini Marvels with:

    This is a sad day and probably the 34th sign of the apocalypse.

  • Along with the list of reviews I posted earlier today, there was also a great deal of Flash related news, mostly in the form of interviews with the title's creators, Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver. Here's a quick list:
    • Geoff Johns Discusses Flash: Rebirth with IGN Comics
    • Geoff Johns on Barry Allen's Rebirth at CBR
    • Ethan Van Sciver: Flash Thoughts at Newsarama
    • Flash: Rebirth #1 Sells Out via The Source

  • Marvel announced a new X-title this week by way of a simple teaser image and the title, Dark X-Men. No details on creators, release date or even a confirmation on the team's roster. You can view the cover image at Marvel's site here. Common train of thought is that X-Men: Legacy will be renamed Dark X-Men and Mike Carey will continue on the title.

    Most people have identified the members of this 'dark' team based on what they looked like. However, I'm taking a different train of thought on it and thinking this will end up being a team similar in make up as the Dark Avengers - ie. made up of villains masquerading as heroes.

    For instance, we already know that 'Wolverine' is Daken and 'Angel' is Mimic. Cloak stands out like a sore thumb as a fake with his hood down and the hair (he never has his hood down and usually bald). My guess is that it is Exodus, who also has teleportation powers. If Cloak isn't Cloak, Dagger is more than likely a fake, too. My guess is an Acolyte or Marauder is Dagger in the image. The black costume wearing 'Emma Frost' is more than likely Lady Mastermind, especially if Exodus ends up being Cloak. Just my random thoughts on the new team.

  • In comic book movie news, an unfinished copy of Wolverine: Origins was making the rounds earlier this week. FOX was pretty upset about it and ended up firing one of their own freelancers, who stupidly admitted to pirating and reviewed the movie on his blog. This marks the second major comic film (Hulk was also released early) to get released online in an unfinished state weeks before the actual release date.

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Matt Ampersand said...

Good call on the Dark X-Men, I hadn't even considered that.

Klep said...

I just bet you're right on the Dark X-Men. I had even pegged 'Cloak' as Exodus before I realized the woman in front of him was at least dressed as Dagger. I recognized Mimic straight off, though I wasn't aware his current status was 'alive'.

Kirk Warren said...

@Klep - The last time I saw Mimic was during the whole Onslaught event. I think he was going off somewhere to gain control of his powers or some such.

Andrenn said...

Sucks to see that Mini Marvels is being canceled, but if maybe G-man can get more buzz around it then I'll be happy.

Cat said...

I agree about the mini-marvels. I got the superhero squad #1 it it doesn't even come close to comaparing to mini-marvels.

mugiwara said...

Fun thing about Superhero Squad is that it led to the latest Avengers The Initiative special, which was basically a promotion comics for Reptil, the teenage character from Superhero Squad.
This said, it was a good ATI issue, very similar to the one with Butterball.

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