Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week in Review - Marvel Pets, Cup O'Joe, Eisners & More

  • Marvel is celebrating the upcoming Pet Avengers by putting out the call for pictures of your pets dressed as Marvel heroes. To enter, all you have to do is take a picture of your pet and upload it to Marvel's Pet Avengers Assemble Flickr group. Simple as that! I didn't have any costumes to dress up my dog, Gizmo, so I photoshopped her into a Modok suit and uploaded it with the title GizMODOK, which you can see to the right.
  • DC released a Green Lantern: First Flight trailer this week. These movies have only gotten better since they first started with Superman/Doomsday and I honestly didn't think they'd be able to top the recent Wonder Woman movie, but GL is definitely looking like a solid contender. Catch the embedded trailer and other noteworthy links after the jump.

  • New MyCup O'Joe went up on MySpace earlier this week, noteworthy for the simple fact Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, of War of Kings, Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy fame, took Quesada's spot for the majority of the article and answered lots of questions regarding how the writing process works with their team as well as answering various cosmic Marvel-related questions.

    Announcements-wise, the column revealed a new title called Marvel Divas. The already much maligned title was described as follows (emphesis mine):
    “The idea behind the series was to have some sudsy fun and lift the curtain a bit and take a peep at some of our most fabulous super heroines. In the series, they're an unlikely foursome of friends--Black Cat, Hell Cat, Firestar, and Photon--with TWO things in common: They're all leading double-lives and they're all having romantic trouble. The pitch started as "Sex and the City" in the Marvel Universe, and there's definitely that "naughty" element to it, but I also think the series is doing to a deeper place, asking question about what it means...truly be a woman in an industry dominated by testosterone and guns. (And I mean both the super hero industry and the comic book industry.) But mostly it's just a lot of hot fun.
    I don't think I have to explain where the controversy is coming from, but if you don't believe me, there's a post over at Robot 6 that currently has over 150 comments with people criticizing Marvel for their portrayal of women. Wonder if we'll see a retraction/follow up on it in next week's MyCup O'Joe.
  • I mentioned it in this week's Moments of the Week, but thought I'd throw it out there again for anyone that missed it. The Batman: Arkham Asylum video game's collectors edition (via Kotaku) was revealed and it's almost worth buying the game just for it. Most noteworthy item is the replica batarang of awesomeness, but there's some other goodies to be had as well.
  • Comics212 had an interesting post on whether or not monthlies are good idea anymore and if we'd be better served with a trade or "graphic novel" oriented approach. Definitely worth a read.
  • The 4th Letter is putting a callout for your favourite Deadpool moments to fill out their Top 50 Deadpoool Moments feature that they're planning to coincide with his upcoming appearance in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. I'm not sure what my favourite one would be, but Deadpool provoking Wolverine by Shoryuken-ing Kitty Pryde always makes me laugh.

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Anonymous said...

yea that trailer makes me wonder if the live action version will be able to live up to the animated one...I'm hoping they just kinda follow what Johns has been doin for the live action..Hal origin fight with Sinestro for one, Sinestro Corps for 2, war of light for 3

Randallw said...

Abin Sur's voice sounds like the voiceover from In the "9" trailer. I wonder if they're the same voice actor.

Andrenn said...

the GL movie looks pretty sweet.

Marvel Divas sounds bland and uninteresting. I think they said Roberto Acquire-Sacasa is writing it though and he's great. Though Joe's comments was pretty stupid.

Oh hey, this Andrenn fellow sounds interesting. *checks out his blog* Oh wow, he's a jerk.

Christine said...

Okay, I'm going to have to snatch the link to that Pet Avengers group. They need more publicity (come on, nine pictures?!) and I have an unsuspecting cat I should probably go harass. You have a mighty cute dog though!

What really ticks me off about the art that was released with the Marvel Divas announcement (I'm not going to comment on What JQ said) is something I've noticed in other places as well: the unrealistic portrayal of latex. Note: I didn't say the unrealistic portrayal of women, though there is some of that too. What does bug me is that the costumes don't even look like costumes, but body paint. I understand that a stretch material might be good for running around saving the planet, but body paint just doesn't cut it. It looks ridiculous. By all means, let the artists draw huge boobs if that's what they want, but don't have the fabric wrap around them like that. It just looks stupid. Okay, rant over. :)

Nathan Aaron said...

Marvel Divas? Hmm. You know, what ever happened to that Models, Inc. title they were planning? is that still coming out? And moreso, what EVER happened to the Dakota North mini that was announced years ago. I was so excited. Love that character! (And no, I have no plans on picking up Divas or Models, was just curious.)

Matt Ampersand said...

Nathan Aaron, the Models, Inc. title does not seem to appear in Marvel's online catalog. We do not know if it has been scratched, delayed, or replaced by the Marvel Divas title as Marvel has yet to make an announcement on that. I hadn't heard about the Dakota North mini, so I can't comment on that one.

I think the main problem with the Marvel Divas project is the name itself, "Diva" (or Vixen, for that matter) has a very bad connotation to begin with, and the J. Scott Cambell artwork which is completely unrealistic with how women actually look like.

That being said, I have complete faith in Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, considered he has done two of my favorite comic book runs ever (the Nightcrawler and the Marvel Knights 4 series). I will probably be one of the few ones to pick up this series.

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