Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wolverine: Weapon X #1 Review

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Ron Garney

With Wolverine appearing in roughly 32 different comics every month and already having two solo titles and a couple of team books to his name, you might be wondering just what reason could there be to justify the existence of yet another Wolverine book. Well, I have two very good reasons - Jason Aaron and Ron Garney.

Aaron and Garney were made for a Wolverine boook and both manage to channel everything I loved about their first run on Wolverine together in Get Mystique with this first issue of Wolverine: Weapon X. If you're upset with the Daniel Way written, nonsensical Origins or tired of ridiculous 'Wolverine is a werewolf' or whatever nonsense Loeb came up with from his other title and are just looking for a book that combines everything that makes Wolverine a good character (or gives you a reason to think he's actually a good character if you hate his over exposed, under written nature) into one spot.

The basic premise of this opening arc is that the data from the Weapon X program has filtered out into the world and a corporation has now acquired it and started putting together its own team of modified soldiers. Logan is having none of that and sets out to put an end to it.

It's a fairly simple plot, but it works. Aaron simply gets Wolverine as a character and knows how to maneuver him from scene to scene. My only complaint about the issue is that Aaron probably spends too much time lavishing in the smaller, more violent scenes, such as the opening section of the book.

The best part of this new series, though, is that it is not bogged down in everything else going on. It doesn't worry about Romulus or lycans or what's going on in X-Force or any other random title Wolverine is invovled with currently. Anyone can just pick up the book, see Wolverine doing what he does best with some great art and writing to back it up, put the book down when they're finished and say, "that was awesome". That's not to say these stories don't matter either, but there's definitely a freedom about the writing in this that is unrestricted by the more continuity heavy titles currently featuring him and it's definitely fitting for a first issue of a new title.

Verdict - Must Read. It's not the greatest issue or even the best this week, but it's great fun and Aaron's writing, combined with Garney's pencils, make you understand why Wolverine, as a character, has been so popular over the years. These two simply get the character and what makes him tick and I can't wait to read more from them both.

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