Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Captain Britain and MI13 #13 Review

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Ardian Syaf with Leonard Kirk

I want to write a review for this book, but I simply can't figure out what to say other than it's amazing and you should be ashamed of yourself if you aren't reading it. Aside from issues with the art (you can clearly tell which sections were done "with Leonard Kirk" and which were not), I really can't think of a single bad thing to say about the issue, which, as hard as it may be to believe, makes it very difficult to write a review that doesn't come off as pure fanboy gushing, which I'm probably borderline pushing as it is.

Much like earlier issues, this one features the absurdly enjoyable concept of a racist Dracula, who lives on the Moon, launching an all out vampire invasion on England with blood bubble vampire missiles (literally vampires covered in blood launched at Earth), giant wooden sail boats/spaceships and any other unbelievable concept you can think of all mixed together. In all respects, this should be terrible and no editor in their right mind should have gave the green light to a concept like this, but it's so damn perfectly executed and the characters all make it seem so believable that you can't help but go along with it and it just makes the sheer ludicrousness of the plot all the better. It's like a focused and finely tuned Nextwave-like level of concepts that doesn't cross the line to full on comedy.

Oh, and as for this issue? The Dracula controlled Spitfire leads an all out assault on England and then slashes Faiza's throat out, Captain Britain is banished from England due to Dracula's magics, the entire team is killed, captured or missing in action and Dracula conquers England.

Verdict - Must Read. Few other comics feature so much action in one issue, let alone an entire arc. This arc has already been placed on my list for early candidates for Best Villain and Best Story and with good reason. Definitely a must read comic.

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