Friday, May 1, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/29/09

Another week, another Comic Book Moments of the Week! As always, these spotlight the best and worst moments from the week's newest releases. This week's edition is filled with great moments from books, such as Atomic Robo, Dark Reign: The Cabal, Green Lantern and Nova, and not-so-great books, such as Uncanny X-Men's Greg Land tracings.

Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time #1 is both my Moment and Anti-Moment of the Week this week. It's my MotW because, well, it's Atomic Robo - one of the funniest and most entertaining comics I've ever read. It's my Anti-MotW because Diamond, those magnificient bastards, messed up the shipping of the book and it didn't ship to the anyone on the east coast.

You can find all the momenty goodness after the jump.

Amazing Spider-Man Family #5

This moment sees Peter Parker as a member of the CSI team as their crime scene photographer for a part time job. It reminded me of the older Peter Parker from Spider-Girl, who worked in the crime lab.

Apparently, Peter kept solving all these crimes for them, they got annoyed and fired him. First post-university job that has actually made sense for Peter and they flake out and fire him.

Apparently, Spider-Man encountered Screwball in this issue of Amazing Spider-Man Family (that is the worst title of a comic I've ever heard) and heavily implies she's a mutant or has powers of some sort.

As I liked Screwball when they were passing her powers off as merely parkour, this doesn't really affect me all that much, but I wonder if this will pacify the people complaining about her outrunning / maneuvering Spidey in her first appearance. I could definitely see her as a new Black Cat type of character for the Brand New Day era.

Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time #1

I see why Tesla asks Robo to kill these two in the next moment...

Tesla requesting that Robo kill these two men because he cannot is funny in ways I cannot describe.
This series is about Atomic Robo vs HP Lovecraft. Excuse me a moment. I have to go kill some Diamond Distributer people now. It's the only way they'll learn not to fu-- up shipments for books as good as this and prevent me from reading it.

Dark Avengers #4

Finally! Someone acknowledges that Moonstone can, you know, go intangible. She's always shown getting smacked around or having people thrown into her and so on. It's like everyone was ignoring that part of her powers for some reason.

That's one evil looking Sentry. Wonder how he survived Morgana's attack that seemingly exploded him last issue. Loved how freaked out everyone was on the previous pages and wondering how they can kill him if he ever goes nuts.

Dark Reign: Dark Cabal #1

Doom in red looks surprisingly good. I look forward to his eventual killing of The Hood (yeah, yeah, I know it'll never happen and this is only a dream sequence). Love Norman's "Green Goblin armour", too. Wonder if we'll eventually see that.

When Doom and Namor take down the rest of the Cabal, Doom intends to enslave Emma Frost and fem-Loki. The Loki part is a littly creepy, especially since Doom knows she's a he. Or was.

Just wanted to show off Tonci Zonjic's artwork from this Cabal short. Had never heard of him before this issue, but love what I see. His facial work was excellent throughout. The Loki neutering Thor part was a great line as well.

Dark Reign: Made Men #1

I had to look this comic up, as I hadn't heard of it and couldn't find it on the Diamond listings, but it's apparently from an exclusive Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited comic. I imagine it will eventually be collected in a print version with other shorts similar to other online exclusives, but I had to share this scene with people because I thought it was pretty good. Norman is a complete dick burning that old family photo of Iron Man's and I loved it.

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #4

Didn't like the explaination for Kid Flash's return or why he's young again or even understand why two people from a 1000 years in the future even known what the Disney movie, Alladin, is about, but that's still a scene that made me laugh.

Conner's back. Fu-- yeah, Seaking! I don't like the way he was brought back (too hokey and too many plotholes for my liking), but I'll definitely take it.

Superboy Prime is the Time Trapper. This makes no sense. I'm not even going to bother trying to rationalize it. If it's not some big fake out, I imagine the ending to this series will consist of Kid Flash and Superboy flying Prime to the end of time, where he will become the Time Trapper, and then both coming out the backend back in the present day for Flash: Rebirth and Adventure Comics.

Green Lantern #40

Poor Green Lantern Gretti here was introduced and killed off just to show that the Orange Lanterns consume or duplicate the person they kill in order to "enlist" them into the Orange Lantern Corps.

If Larfleeze really has a mountain of orange rings lying around his lair, I imagine Hal will grab one to defend himself with since he can't use the blue ring and green rings are completely useless against Orange Lanterns.

Marvel Assistant-Sized Special #2

This is Galactus' daughter, Galacta. No, I couldn't make this up if I tried.

Ms Marvel #38

At least Moonstone realizes how absurd female costumes in comics really are. Unrelated, but I'm not sure why I find her scarf to be a much better accessory than Ms Marvel's scarf/belt thing.

Nova #24

This is sadly the only page from Nova that consisted of the Imperial Guard kicking the crap out of the Nu-Nova Corps.

Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk #4

Wolverine's spirit animal is not a wolverine, but a panda. Go figure.

I'm not even going to comment on this. I'm just hoping this is some elaborate way to make fun of so-called "talking head" storytelling, similar to how they made fun of Bendis-speak last time with the constant repeating of other people's lines.

Uncanny X-Men #509

Tongue out licking Wolverine? Check. Legs suggestively wrapped around body? Check. Wolverine making an O-face? Check. These two people must be having sex.

These are Raiders fans.

These are Raiders fans traced by Greg Land. Any questions?

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Anonymous said...

Hal is going through rings the way most people go through socks. He's gonna have 1 of each soon. Will that make him The Rainbow Lantern?

Anonymous said...

Just exactly are Deathstrike's claws punching thru Logan's ADAMANTIUM chest bones there? Oh right , Greg Land....

Anonymous said...

Bart mentioning Aladdin isn't weird... He lived through the 90s/00s.

Anonymous said...

"Tongue out licking Wolverine? Check. Legs suggestively wrapped around body? Check. Wolverine making an O-face? Check. These two people must be having sex."

You forgot about the multiple penetrations. :)

mugiwara said...

The Gali story in the Marvel Assistant Special was really fun and well drawn. I'd like to see her more.

The WTF moment in Uncanny (other than the Cuckoes, Angry Nori and Nezhno all happy and smiling) was that Pixie is old enough to drink in Canada. So what's the legal age in Canada? 15? Because there is no way she's more than 15.

BobofBentleigh said...

@anonymous: lol rainbow lantern, my MOTW comment of the week?

Re: actual comics stuff, quite enjoyed the Dark Reign Cabal stories, especially seeing Dr Doom put the smackdown (in a dream sequence, admittedly) on everyone else.

thought Green Lantern had some great moments, but definitely still having issues with the pacing

Deicide The Everliving said...

What? No scene of Noh-var checking Moonstone's butt and then noticing Ares watching them? That was priceless!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Tonci Zonjic because he got stuck on the sexist book of the year and he's such a good artist. Guess what book that is? The hickman and Granov story kicked so much ass. I thought the LOSH moments were awesome and I actually like Greg Land's art.

Klep said...

See, something I don't get is in that Made Men comic, that's supposed to be the original Spymaster. I'd have to check, but as I recall the original one died in a rather gruesome fashion when the Ghost phased half of him through a wall and then let go, turning him solid. Now, maybe they want to say that wasn't the original Spymaster, or that his lower body and several of his internal organs are artificial, but I'd like to see an explanation.

Randallw said...

That Wolverine/Panda thing reminds me of Star Trek:Voyager where Chakotay introduces the crew to their spirit animal. I believe Belanna Torres killed hers.

James said...

Actually, Gretti was introduced in the 80's, during the Tales of the GLC series, IIIRC. Still, he's little more than cannon fodder as you pointed out.

Randallw said...

What? No scene of Noh-var checking Moonstone's butt and then noticing Ares watching them? That was priceless!

I missed that. I saw Moonstone walk away from Marvel and then a frame or two before Ares starts laughing but I missed why.

Incidentally I love agent Orange.
"ooh a blue ring. I want it. Give!, give!"

Frank said...

Why, why, why is Marvel continuing to subject us to Greg Land on Uncanny X-Men? He's ruining what is shaping up to be one of the better stories in a while. I'd prefer to have Dodson on the series full time with a no-name fill in artist when he gets behind.

Land's art gets worse every issue and really distracts you from anything positive going on with the book.

Gromyko said...

I know what you mean, Kirk – those damn Raiders fans clearly copied Land's drawing when they posed for the picture!

quantum said...

re: L3W

someone on The ISB's comments section said it better than me:

"Nick: The time trapper has actually been ’shockingly revealed’ as about a dozen different Legion members and alien races over the years, and I’m betting Johns knows this. My guess is he still has something up his sleeve."

Keith Gammage said...

Obviously, Deathstike has the mutant ability to detect exacatly where a person's bones are so she can stab between them.

Galata is teh cutest!

Ultimecia said...

About the Legion of Three Worlds
Well, Bart spent most of his life at our regular century (20/21st) and he's known to like cartoons, so it does make sense. But what DOESN'T makes any sense is the way he's back, sounds like Johns' on crack. But that's OK, nobody liked the adult Bart. And Superboy is back! They used the very same design of the chamber they got the big blue back.

And on GL....The Green Ring is useless against the orange, but the Blue Ring is immune. But again, the Blue Ring needs the Green one to work so soon they are going to call the Sapphire Corps to give the Orange a hug and call some brown corps to...Oh, heck

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