Friday, May 8, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/06/09

It's Friday and that means another round of the Comic Book Moments of the Week. Moment of the Week for me is easily War of Kings, specifically everything to do with Gladiator.

Anti-Moment is probably the Flash: Rebirth stuff I included. No where near as bad as past anti-moments, but this was actually a fairly good week with nothing else that stood out as weak to me. New Vulture's design in ASM would probably be the only other moment of the weak for me.

Oh, and check out last week's MotW for Atomic Robo stuff. I know it shipped for most of us this week, but I included it in last week's MotW already, so left it out this time around.

Amazing Spider-Man #593

That's the new Vulture. Yes, I have no idea what they were thinking either.

Batman: Battle for the Cowl - The Network #1

I like this Batdickery-like Batgirl, even if it's at the expense of an out of character Huntress.


Deadpool #10

Probably needs a little context. The Thunderbolts supposedly beheaded Wade and reported to Norman that Deadpool was dead. Norman is on television for an interview and Deadpool teleports in and out to show on screen with that FPS-like respawn message. It's not nearly as funny after explaining it...

Okay, I give Way a lot of flak for most things he writes, but this is pretty funny.

Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! #1

Everytime I see this image, I keep thinking it's Moopy from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

Give the man credit, that is a pretty cool tagline. Now ridicule him for patting himself on the back for making it up on the spot.

Flash: Rebirth #2

Really? Your first thought after turning someone to dust by touching them is that this looks like a crime scene? Mine would be, "Oh shit, I just turned that guy to dust by freaking touching him!".

Did this make anyone else cringe? It's like Johns watched an episode of CSI and decided that crime scene investigators can outright declare people are guilty in court and the judge will call off the rest of the trial on their command.

Didn't think they'd go so far as to give Barry a new costume, a Black Flash logo for calling him by name or even make him the actual Black Flash (was thinking something more ambiguous than slapping a Black Flash costume on him like some Mega Man powerup for outrunning him in Final Crisis).

Marvel Zombies 4 #2

Not reading this, but the previous page had the zombie virus going airborne and now Dormammu is offering to join up with the blonde magic girl here. I mostly included it because it's an awesome splashpage of Dormammu.

New Avengers: The Reunion #3

Okay, I know I shouldn't have, but I laughed at the LOLcats joke.

New Mutants #1

I don't know what this is all about, but, from what I gathered, I think one of the other New Mutants is trapped inside Legion's, who should be dead, body. Legion is Charles Xavier's son and was responsible for the time travel stuff that kicked off the Age of Apocalypse.

Power Girl #1

It's funny because she has big boobs and he's looking at them and she caught him.

Ignoring the obvious boob joke, why the heck does Power Girl have such a large collection of snow globes anyways? That's old bag lady creepy if you ask me. It also makes me wish someone would send her a note saying, "Why don't you put the whole world in a snowglobe, Power Girl?".

Superman: World of New Krypton #3

I'm curious as to just what the Green Lanterns expect to do here. There's about 7200 Green Lanterns (2 for each of the 3600 sectors and a few random honour guards and Alpha Lanterns). They're already getting reamed by the other corps. Now they're going to try and dictate terms to a planet of about 200,000 Superman-level Kryptonians? Damn, those Guardians are dumb.

War of Kings #3

Just an awesome splashpage featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy.

What's even funnier is that it's later revealed that this is just Rachel Grey messing with Gladiator's mind and Rocket Raccoon is actually wielding a mop. I'm sure it's an intergalactic, cosmically powered mop, but a mop nonetheless.

Accessing laughter.

Every single panel in this image is a moment for me, but I didn't want to cut it up into four pieces on you. I wanted to include the page prior for some context before Gladiator goes and blows his fellow Guardsman's head off, but I'm sure you'll still enjoy it without it.

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Rawnzilla said...

Instead of anti-moment of the weak, it should be called Moment of the Weak.

Anonymous said...

Rocket Raccoon kicking the crap outta Gladiator... I live for moments like this.

Duckface said...

I hope the Black Flash thing is permanent. Would not want Barry back as the Flash proper. This way, his resurrection is done in a way that builds on past continuity in an interesting way.

Duckface said...

Also... dayum, Huntress was ripped to shreds in this issue. I hate the way writers constantly do this to her. If I was her I would have gone mad, what with Batman, Batgirl, Oracle etc. all hypocritically chastising every movement she makes. Couldn't they find another way of reestablishing Cassandra as a proper hero?

Interesting that Cassandra is being reestablished this way, though, given all the hoopla about the new Batgirl. I seriously hope they aren't setting up a heroic martyrs death or something. I would much rather see her remain Batgirl.

Klep said...

Rocket Raccoon is so awesome.

kwaku said...

The Guardians are dumb but going to New Krypton is a smart and logical move. I would imagine the Guardians want to at least get a feel for the Kryptonians. If it turns out New Krypton wants to enslave the known universe or something, there are things the Guardians can do about it. They are the self-appointed guardians of the universe they have to do something.

Klep said...

@kwaku Yeah, if I were in charge of an organization that styled itself a sort of galactic police when a new strong power emerged on the scene, I would certainly send an emissary to get a feel for them. I would imagine those Lanterns aren't there to try and do anything by force, but just to try to figure out what the Kryptonians intend to do and attempt to persuade them to abide by whatever guidelines the Guardians have.

3 people is not an invasion force, but it is a diplomatic mission.

Kirk Warren said...

I know covers rarely tell the whole story anymore, but the next issue does feature Hal and Superman fighting and Rucka's already mentioned it as a big issue for the series, which was the basis for my train of thought on thier "emissaries".

Matt Ampersand said...

Oh hey look, it's another re-hash of an old Spider-Man villain. Brand New Day indeed.

Kirk Warren said...

To be fair, this looks like a rehash of 2 villains - Morbius and Vulture combined.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I like this series alot. Focussing on one main character like Gladiator (who has been around forever but never given his due until now) is genius to me. Seeing the war through the eyes of the General who will tip the scales for only one side, its satisfying for us to watch him follow his noble heart and refuse to remain only a soldier. He is the pointed tip of the spear and boy when his moment comes its going to be epic.

JP said...

Just an observation:
Huntress' recent behavior in BFTC: The Network isn't really out-of character. When she first appeared, she alreday had a "Jason Todd" mentality towards killing criminals for the sake of the greater good. It was under the teaching of Batman and even Oracle that the Huntress began to make herself a better hero.
HOWEVER, look at current events. Batman, the man who was the biggest influence in her character's growing respect for human life, both innocent and criminal alike, is DEAD!!! The city she calls home and her mentor swore to protect is tearing itself asunder. Under these circumstances, it is easy for one to take the the "easy" way out; i.e. "the ends justifiy the means", "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." So it is not that Huntress is acting out of character, it is that she is regressing to her previous mentality in the face of the DEATH OF BATMAN. And that was the point of Oracle's speech at the end: Yes, Batman is dead, yes, times are tough, but that is no excuse to be like Jason Todd and choose who is worthy of living or dying. It is no reason for you to stop trying to live up to the to HERO that Batman KNEW you could be.

Anonymous said...

Kirk what is that joker banner from? its awesome!

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - Random image I saw online and saved to the comic pic folder. Here's 2 full sized images for you (one has a background, one just white).

With BackgroundWithout Background

Anonymous said...

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