Sunday, May 17, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/13/09

Welcome to another edition of your Comic Book Moments of the Week. My Moment of the Week is Nick Fury's final line from Secret Warrior's this week. I tried to provide enough context for it to help you get a grasp of it, but it was just an awesome conclusion to the issue and summed up Nick Fury to a tee.

Anti-Moment of the Week is my goddamn keyboard, which is still giving me problems, so apologies for any typos or what have you. I have one of those laptop style keyboards that's like a few centimeters thick and has the soft touch keys and what have you and the fact I only paid $10 for it is definitely coming through with how much trouble it's giving me over the past couple of days. I'm going to have to take it apart and see if something's trapped under the keys or maybe just get a new one for that price.

Booster Gold #20

Booster Gold is such a bad hero, he even managed to mess up the Fantastic Four's launch, preventing the DC Universe from having their own version of the Marvel heroes.

I have no idea what's going on in Booster Gold's titles lately, but abusing time travel to go back and imitate the Fonz makes up for any and all of his life's many failures.

Captain Britain and MI13 #13

It's hard to imagine a character with healing powers like Faiza's dying, but she didn't have much time to concentrate before having her throat slashed. Probably just a flesh wound.

The only good politician is a dead and/or undead/vampire one.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #1

I hate it when I get people stuck on my shoes. It's like bubblegum, you never get it all off.

Couldn't find the preceding page, but Melter, who's power is to melt things, was helping an old lady with her groceries after they bumped into each other. The old lady maced him when she thought he was a mugger and he accidentally liquefied her. An honest mistake.

Green Lantern Corps #36

The blob blowing up in the star is actually Sodam Yat. He took his ring off at this point to bypass the Guardian Scar messing with his Ion powers. It looks like the star is going from red to yellow, which would turn the powerless Daxamites into a planet full of Supermen and possibly save Sodam from dying.

Secret Six #9

Well, both Catman and Bane have killed fewer people and in less horrific manners than Wolverine, Punisher or various other "heroes", so I suppose we could consider them heroes, too.

This is a two for one deal moment. First, we have Bane ceding to the kidnapper's demand not to have to his back broken, only to be thrown out a window. The second is Bane's paternal instincts kicking in, so to speak, as he tries to deal with a baby.

Another two for one special, we've got Adam West Batman wall walking and Ragdoll's realization that anything he says sounds unsavory coming from his mouth. He continues for the rest of the issue spouting random nonsense that does, in fact, sound terrible coming from him.

Secret Warriors #4

I spliced the previous page's final panel that leads into this splashpage in for some context to Nick Fury's awesome final line. Basically, Fury wants to lead the Howling Commandos into a HAMMER facility and they are all debating what they'll do when they face their former commrades in arms that stayed behind with their families and worked for HAMMER, which leads into the moment above. With how well Hickman writes Fury, they should have just made this a Nick Fury vs Hydra book instead of involving the legacy super hero Secret Warrior team, which hasn't seen much face time over the course of these first four issues.

War of Kings: Ascension #2

Was glad to see the whole baby Annihilus thing was finally addressed. As he's sort of an insect, I imagine his growth rate will be accelerated so that he could be back in action whenever the next cosmic event rolls out if they had plans for him.

This moment features Talon and Darkhawk giving Blastaar Annilihus's Cosmic Control Rod. I assume this will allow him to access the 42 prison or get into the postive matter universe

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Matt Ampersand said...

Between Gordon Brown and Dracula, I think the Brits would prefer to vote Dracula into power.

Randallw said...

Can't really comment on this Hickman's writing, not familiar with him, but he didn't have to come up with the recoil joke. It's old.

Maybe Fury heard it during ww2.

flipthepage said...

no x factor or pet avengers moments? i mean technically i understand there's nothing that moment worthy in x factor this week, but pet avengers was chock-full of awesome stuff

Andrenn said...

Nice moments, loved Melter's melting.

Anonymous said...

The ending to that Captain Britain issue was obviously made up/an illusion. Why would the Vampire army kill the wielder of Excalibur...and then just forget about taking the sword itself from her cold dead hands?

Matt Ampersand said...

That's a pretty good point. I mean, I don't think they are all going to die anyway, so it probably is an illusion/magical shenanigans of some kind.

Anonymous said...

Is just me or does the cosmic rod look like it's a suppository.

Anonymous said...

Secret six is just amazing, the fanbase for this comic is small but rabid! I love it

bottleHeD said...

Haha, Bane is a Metallica fan! I do believe that's "Enter Saqndman" he's singing...

Anonymous said...

Nope even better.

"Hush little baby, don't say a word. Momma's gonna buy you a mockingbird."


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