Saturday, May 23, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/20/09

The Comic Book Moments of the Week is a post made up of just that - moments from the week's newest comic books. These include shocking deaths, funny one-liners or, in some cases, groan inducing "why the hell did they do that?" types of anti-moments.

My moment of the week were from a book I didn't even read - Punisher #5. If it's as good as the moments I've seen the last couple of months, I might just have to grab the trade. The moment of the "weak" is Jeph Loeb and Hulk #12. I'm not even buying the book and I want to bash my head against the wall everytime I see something from that book.

Agents of Atlas #5

Agents of Atlas never clicked with me in the previous volume, so I haven't been picking it up, but I might have to jump in and see how they handle this Cabal reveal and the confrontation with Namor over it.

Amazing Spider-Man #594

Jonah Sr and Aunt May are confirmed as the couple getting married in Amazing Spider-Man #600.

Captain America #50

Hawkeye is the man. He's got both Black Widow and Ms Marvel on his arm and he's already hooked up with Mockingbird, who Spider-Man seems to be moving in on in the back. Kind of funny when you consider Hawkeye should be paired up with Mockingbird and Spider-Man has a date sort of confirmed from Ms Marvel from a few months back in her series (speaking of which, she looks good here for someone that's supposed to be dead).

These two pages aren't in order, so don't bother with the writing or trying to make them make sense together. I just wanted to show off a couple of the pages of Marcos Martin's art and the layouts I spoke of in the review of this issue.

Fantastic Four #566

Dr Doom's master killed this Watcher from another time/dimension/some other mumbo jumbo. It was typical Mark Millar sensationlism, but I liked it.

Ahah, this was great. All hail Doom!

Or not. Not is good, too. Seems Doom's master wasn't impressed with his years of failures and lack of progress on the whole Reed Richards vendetta deal.

Hulk #12

What follows are a series of pages from Jeph Loeb's Mary Sue #12 that have Rulk killing everyone and everything in his path. This doesn't include his killing of the Hulk last issue. These are not good moments, just in case you were wondering.

Pyscho-Man. Dead. Twice if you want to get technical.

Terrax tries to get ahead in life and fails.

Urge to kill...rising.

A red ring just flew by my window.

I'm puking up blood now.

That Elder of the Universe was just punched to death by Rulk. Rrrahggggggghhhhhh!!

Invincible #62
Oh, Cecil, you so dead if Invincible sees what you've been up to.

Punisher #5

There's going to be a few of these Punisher moments coming up, so some context for anyone not aware of what's going on in his book. He's trying to take out the Hood and his super-villain gang. This justified using random super hero and villain weaponry, including Ant-Man's helmet. In this image, he shrunk down on a pizza, got eaten by the bad guy and then expanded. That is not pizza sauce he is covered in.

Don't think this needs any explaining. Funny stuff.

I want that bike. He even has a matching skull helmet. I wonder if the guys from Orange County Choppers will make me one...

Not sure where the Hood got the power to resurrect people like this, but the villains were all killed by Punisher at one point (I believe in Matt Fraction's run) and should be some fun cannon fodder for Frank.

Supergirl #41

Not sure what happened in this issue, but Supergirl started going Jerry Springer on Superwoman, ripping her costume off and all that, and then Superwoman exploded. Superwoman was Lois Lane's sister, in case you were wondering why this matters.

Uncanny Traced Porn #510

Not sure who these people are, but the man (?) in the picture seems to be made up of one giant tumor. It must be extremely painful having a body like that and explains the grimace.

The Cuckoos and Josh Foley are about 15 years old, give or take. The Cuckoos were also flat as a board before the breast enlargements. Seeing them talk about tantric sex and what not is quite disturbing. Bonus points to Land for copy and pasting the same traced image three times in one panel there and twice in the first one.

Wolverine: Weapon X #2

Wolverine's even overexposed in the Marvel Universe media!

This fight sequence was several pages long, but I tried to capture the best part of it. Not sure if it loses something with the lack of build up and narrative of the previous pages or not.

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quelonio said...

Great selection of moments!

Millar loves to kill giants, doesn't he?

mugiwara said...

Hey Pixie is old enough to drink now, so the Cuckooes and Folley should be at least 18. The problem here is that the Cuckooes don't have emotions anymore.
Josh has allways been a Casanova (ask Rahne Sinclair) and was a huge jerk in New X-Men, but he is supposed to be wiser now, so I have a problem with him doing tantric sex with the Cuckoes while he allready has a GF (Loa).

Sebastian said...

Oh, man that Millar/Hitch looks so badass. Agh, can't wait to read it.
This week's Cap rocked. How hard? So hard. That Martin back-up was pure awesome, too.

Klep said...

I hate Loeb so much. SO MUCH. Those pages are complete garbage. Who the hell LIKES that drek?

Sebastian said...

Well, to be fair, if I had just killed the Surfer, I'd take the board, too. Anything to get my hand on some Kirbytech.

Zdenko said...

Hulk 12 is so bad it's hard to findwords for it... Can't wait for Pak's return on Incredible Hulk 601.

Matt Ampersand said...

Kirk, did you get Thunderbolts this week? The series is back on track after the Deadpool detour, and there were some great moments this week, particularly with Ghost and Ant Man.

And this moment had me laughing out loud

Kirk Warren said...

@Sebastion - It actually was a really good issue, possibly the best one of the run so far. My only concern with it is Doom actually bowing to someone / having this master he fears and obeys. Doom is so full of himself, he went toe to toe with the Beyonder. Im not sure I see him behaving like this, but, otherwise, it was a pretty badass issue and good start to the arc.

@Zdenko - Same. Was so happy to see he was back on a Hulk book again.

@Matt - I dropped it with how much I disliked the Deadpool crossover. That page looks pretty good, so I might have to jump back on board.

Sebastian said...

Thanks, Kirk.
I definitely need to read Secret Wars.

Klep said...

@Sebastian Obviously I'd take the board too. It's just that it's not possible for any mere strongman to take down the Surfer quickly like that. Doom required a machine to draw out the Surfer's power, something Mary Sue there lacks.

Maybe that's who the red Hulk actually is. Maybe we'll find out it actually IS Jeph Loeb. It would make about as much sense as, say the Ultimates 3 reveal.

Josh said...

I'm pretty sure all the background x-characters were acting oddly (the sex scene, for instance) because of Empath's manipulations. Isn't that why giant-titted Pixie goes after him with his soul dagger?

Also, wasn't it stated that she's not the legal age to actually drink anywhere? I seem to remember Dazzler getting yelled at for letting her drink.

Anonymous said...

In response to the last comment, yes she is not in the legal age to the drink and dazzler and northstar get yelled for that. In other hands, its just me or x-men are now a super tecno-ultra fashion-always with pefects smiles and hair-sexy-team made of super models and metrosexuals that like to stand in what seems very unconfortable ways to show up their asses?????

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - That's only every second month when Land does the art, but otherwise sums it up about right.

Sebastian said...

There was an Ultimates 3 reveal?
Thank God I am so behind on all things Loeb.

Kirk is right. Normally, under the Dodsons, it's sexy in a different way. "Cool" and "fun" are words that come to mind. Dodson/Fraction Uncanny is something I pass on to my non-comic friends. I make no mention of Land and deny reading any of his books. Utopia better blow me away if I have to put up with Land any longer.

Randallw said...

Doom getting flamed there after seemingly failing after 20 years makes me hope that at the end of the arc we find that Doom has spent those 20 years preparing to defeat his master and take his power.

Klep said...

@Randallw Any other outcome wouldn't be in character for Doom.

Sebastian said...

Dude if you two just ruined the end of that Doom arc...

Christine said...

Okay, maybe you should have some reader discretion adviced warnings on that Red Hulk garbage. This was my first introduction and I feel like stabbing myself in the ear with a pen or something. I can see how eight-year-olds might like that stuff, but most of their parents wouldn't go for the killing so who's left to buy it?

I've read the entirety of Diggle's Thunderbolts run since it was announced that he was taking over Daredevil. I agree with Matt, the Deadpool debacle aside, it's been pretty good and with Deadpool gone, the writing is back on track again.

Sebastian said...

Don't think I've ever read anything by Diggle, but I'm glad to see my favorite book is in good hands. I guess I need to check out that Thunderbolts run.

Great Murdock site, by the way. Looks really cool.

Randallw said...

Well I didn't think the Thunderbolts/Deadpool crossover was that bad, granted I get Deadpool anyway and I stick with series despite what happens, not just when they look interesting. I stuck with the mess New Exiles was, hoping it would get better.

Christine said...

Thanks! Like I tell people, it's my baby. I'm glad you like it. The archive page was updated fairly recently if you feel like browsing around.

Speaking of Diggle, I just read the first two TPBs of The Losers and am really enjoying the story. The tension and the twists and turns are really good and remind me of the first season of Prison Break (before it went south with the never ending plot), even though there are few superficial similarities between the two, aside from the aspect of being both on the run and in pursuit. I will be looking at more of Diggle's work and review as much of it as I can on my site before he takes over Daredevil.

Anonymous said...

Actually those villains in the Punisher were actually all victims of the "Scourge of the Underworld". they were all murdere in a bar back in the 80's. i believe in captain america #320

Kirk Warren said...

Oh, good to know Anonymous. I thought they were the ones Frank blew up in a bar in one of his recent series, so just went with that theory since I didn't recognize anyone off hand.

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