Sunday, May 31, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/28/09

It's Moments of the Week time and that means lots of great (and some bad) moments from the week's worth of comics. My moment of the week honours go out to Bendis for his Spider-Man/Luke Cage scene in New Avengers and, sadly, the anti-moment of the week goes out Bendis for the very same issue with his portrayal of someone that I think is supposed to be Bucky. At least, he they got the costume right. Hit the jump to see these moments and more!

Amazing Spider-Man #595

Uh, how long has it been since Menace went to jail? There's no way she's that far along in a pregnancy. I'm also finding it hilarious that Harry cares so much as to join up with his father and Menace when he doesn't give two Flying Graysons about his other son, Normie.

Avengers: The Initiative #24

The big Taskmaster moment for this issue was just the already-known-by-solicits information that he would take over the Initiative. Yawn. I thought we'd see him doing something awesome, like his numerous team ups with Deadpool or the recent fights with Moon Knight.

Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive #1

Cheesecake aside, shouldn't Viki Vale piecing together the Bat-family's identities be big news? Doesn't seem like anyone is talking about it and it's been relegated to a random backup story in a series of one-shots.

Green Lantern #41

Sinestro's heading to Zamaron to take on the Star Sapphires. With what's going on in Green Lantern Corps, why isn't there any mention of Mongul and Daxam and why isn't he planning to get back at Atrocitus? What the heck did the Zamarons and Star Sapphires ever do to Sinestro? Seems kind of random to me.

Didn't think rings worked like this. Was sure you have to die for the ring to seek out / accept a new owner.

Guardians of the Galaxy #14

Adam Warlock confirmed as Magus, his evil, purple counterpart?

This doesn't have the build up to it from the fallout of each confrontation with the two factions, but I think everyone viewing this can realize just how screwed the Guardians are right now.

Incredible Hercules #129

This page has just about everything in it that makes Incredible Hercules so good. If this page doesn't interest you in the book, I'm afraid there's no hope for you.

New Avengers #53

Take Bendis off New Avengers (you'll see a couple of reasons why I think this coming up) and put him on a Spider-Man book, stat. Or make a Luke Cage/Spider-Man team up book for him. Either works for me.

Props for the "Bucky Cap" Spidey comment. Demerits for whoever that guy in the Captain America costume is supposed to be.

Another horribly, horribly written Bucky Cap moment. Tip: Don't put him on your damn book if you don't know how to write the character. Yes, he carries a sidearm. No, he does not go around shooting people in the head, carry dozens of big guns like these ones nor wonder why other heroes don't use guns like in the previous moment.

The new Sorceror Supreme is Brother Voodoo. Three people care. I counted.

Nova #25

Rich is back as Nova Prime. About damn time.

Garthan Saal, the man oft mentioned as having gone insane from the stress of wielding the entirety of the Nova Force long ago, shows up alive and well to save the captured current (former?) Nova Prime from Vulcan and the Shi'ar.

Runaways #11

Molly is awesome. I think the Storm call is my favourite.

However, Wolverine doesn't seem to share my sentiments.

Oh, that is one awesome Truth or Dare question from Karolina.

Wolverine #72

This is the Civil War "homage" scene that just brought me out of the fight with how similar it was. It's the same artist and this has nothing to do with Civil War, so I just found it really odd that it's almost the exact same pose and composition as that Cap vs Iron Man fight.

This, however, is not how that Civil War fight ended. Yeesh, this caught me off guard and was a bigger shock than the long awaited claw popping finale.

McNiven sure can draw.

X-Force #15

Yost and Kyle should write Deadpool more. Just little one off comments like this are great. With how much Marvel is whoring Deadpool lately, they should just move him onto the X-Force team.

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Rawnzilla said...

I agree, Yost and Kyle have a better handle of Deadpool in these few issues than Daniel Way has had in his entire run on the book.

Kevin said...

I think with the previous Spider-Man/Fantastic Four adveture in the Macroverse that it has been about 4 months since we have seen Menace/Lily Marvel time wise

Sebastian said...

Oh, well at least Bendis didn't pull Brother Voodoo out of his butt. I'm not saying this makes sense, just that he's used to character before.

As for Green Lantern... First of all, the more I look at it, the more I love the art. It's really frenetic, not very clear sometimes, but there is so much energy that it really makes up for it. The Zamarons tried to indoctrinate a bunch of the Sinestro Corps, so I guess that's what this panel is shown. That should probably be in Green Lantern Corps, but since Sinestro is looking for Mongul in that book, they put it in Green Lantern to clarify.

I love all of these Herc moments. I can't wait to catch up; I'm just now getting to the Secret Invasion hardcover.

Sebastian said...

Also, I giggled way too long at Spidey's marriage crack.

mugiwara said...

I found Molly Hayes funny at the beginning. But now I'm a bit tired to see her look, act and talk like a 8 yo retarded girl.

Steven said...

Joe Kelly is writing for Marvel again. They should bring him back to Deadpool. Nobody has ever written him as well.

about me! said...

Spidey is a looong way from believing in anything close to the institutions/sanctity of marriage.

Sebastian said...

!about me!

Steven, that would be cool. If it happens, I'll be waiting for the inevitable joke where Deadpool talks to himself in blatant Bendis-speak. Actually, I'd buy that book if Bendis wrote it, too.

Andrenn said...

Anyone else think it may not be Harry's? I don't wanna sound weird but...Norman is notorious for impregnating a certain blonde.

I did love the Skull decapitation scene indeed.

interesting that BV is the new sorcerer supreme.

Sebastian said...

That would really put a spin on the name "American Son."
Are we allowed to say Gwen St- Oh, guess not.

Anonymous said...

That's not a baby bump. It's a horribly swollen cyst. Don't you wonder where all of the Goblin formula goes when she changes back?

flipthepage said...

So Norman being a father AGAIN instead of an INTERESTING plot point, Brother Voodoo being the next sorcerer supreme instead of someone more interesting, and Bucky being messed up...

Sometimes i forget why I make mine marvel...

flipthepage said...

Duh moment, meant harry

Randallw said...

That Gotham one reminds me of the script Frank Miller wrote once, probably for All Star Batman, with VV's first scene.

"Ok, lets start with a butt shot. Yeah, yeah I know. I'm shameless"

Deicide The Everliving said...

I agree that Cap offering weapons to the Avengers was dumb, but I actually liked Cap shooting Madame Masque. This is comic book physics, it was obvious the mask would stop the bullet and Cap was not trying to kill her.

brandon said...

With regard to GL and the ring:

Even Johns' retelling of Hal's origin left in the idea that Abin, while still alive, selected Jordan as his replacement instead of dying and the ring finding him.

Seems like the ring waits until its master dies UNLESS it fits the story better otherwise. Not very cool IMO.

Kirk Warren said...

@Kevin - I thought that was 2 months, but even at 4, that's way too short a time to have a bump that size. She looks 7 or 8 months pregnant. Doesnt explain why Harry cares either.

@Sebastion - I liked Tan's art for the aliens and settings, but I find his actual people Green Lanterns look a little off.

In regards to the Zamarons, I know they have a few Sinestro Corps members, but Sinestro just got out of a jail for the past year, hasnt once met up with his Corps outside of getting kidnapped and tortured by Atrocitus and when he finally got freed, he went off to find his daughter. Afterwards, it was implied he was going to deal with Mongul. Just seems odd that he's all of a sudden going to start a war with the Zamarons under such little pretense when he's got so many other things to deal with. I know my first stop would be Daxam and then getting payback on the Red Lanterns, but Ill wait and see where it goes.

@brandon - But Booster Gold showed the ring going to Guy first if it wasnt for Booster "messing things up". It was just sent to find a replacement as he was dying, not to find Hal in particular. It's a small thing I won't lose sleep over. I just thought the ring went off to find people instead of giving welcome messages to whoever picks it up.

Sebastian said...

Kirk, who says Larfleeze doesn't have the ability to inspire great hope? Johns normally has such deep and dynamic characters that I think it's safe to assume on this one. AHEM.

As for Sinestro, that all makes good sense; I just don't think they have time for all three before Blackest Night. I guess they're focusing more on the Sapphires in regards to Sinestro and John to instigate more contention between the Corps. I really hope Sinestro gets around to taking care of Mongul in these next two issues before Blackest Night. They haven't made much mention of the Red Lanterns, outside of the Sciencecell riots. I hope they play that out in Blackest Night.

Rawnzilla said...


Abin Sur never died before giving the ring to Hal. Abin Sur was the one who "approved" of giving the Green Lantern ring to Hal Jordan after the ring designated him as "without fear." This is of course, Pre-Crisis. If you're talking Emerald Dawn, it's been a while since I have read that and I may be wrong.

Matt Ampersand said...

Loved that Incredible Herc line, it's one of my favorite movie quotes to use in real life.

Is it just me, or is Bendis making fun of the OMD/BND shennanigans a lot lately?

Daniel Woburn said...

Regarding that Brother Voodoo shot, i'm pretty sure people's hands cannot move like that. Try it, you'll see what I mean.

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