Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #36 Review

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason and Rebecca Buchman

Peter Tomasi continues to deliver one of the best reading experiences on the market. Where other books, particularly the main Green Lantern title, drag in areas or become to focused on particular events or characters at the detriment of the story, Green Lantern Corps continues to be the total package.

Whether it's the drama between Sinestro and his newly revealed daughter, Soranik Natu, the pure chaos of the riot in the Sciencells of Oa or the mixture of drama and action of the conflict on Daxam, it just works. There are no wasted pages or decompressed filler nor is it a cluttered mess or underdeveloped in any way.

While I was, at first, a little disappointed that they chose the only other Korugan we've been introduced to, Natu, as Sinestro's daughter, I'm actually happy to say that this issue has washed away all doubt I had with the choice. Over the course of a few pages, Tomasi has developed their relationship to an extent I didn't think possible and I'm actually quite pleased with how it's worked out and look forward to seeing where they go with it in the future.

The riot on Oa was mostly a series of single panels showcasing the insanity that is breaking out and how the various Green Lanterns are handling it (or failing, in some cases). It was brief, but effective and keeps the riot fresh in the reader's mind until next issue, when I assume it will be dealt with in full now that the Sinestro's daughter subplot has wrapped up.

Finally, the remainder of the issue was devoted to a showdown between Mongul and Sodam Yat. It was a short, but powerful fight that saw the Black Lantern-aligned Guardian of the Universe, Scar, interferring with Sodam's ability to tap into the Ion power, thus limiting his effectiveness. What followed, once Sodam realized his inability to effectively use the Ion force, confused me a bit. He told his ring to drop his forcefields and just stood there and took a full force blast from Mongul. Surprisingly, he didn't die and just hopped back up, flew off into the red star and "blew up" in what appeared to be him turning the star yellow, which would then give him all of the Daxamites Superman-like powers and the ability to fight back against the Sinestro Corps. I assume Sodam will then regain his powers and be able to survive whatever he just did.

Verdict - Must Read. Aside from some confusion over just what happened to Sodam and why/how he blew up in the star, I have absolutely no complaints with the issue and it's nearly a pitch perfect comic and a formula others should look to for success in the future.

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