Sunday, May 3, 2009

TMC Vol 3 - April Edition

Continuing the new monthly tradition started last month, I've put together another cover for my mock magazine, TMC - The Monthly Crisis. This one features art by Daniel Acuna from the recent Dark Reign: The Cabal #1 and is used to spotlight Matt's recent collection of posts where he asked What Do You Think Marvel is Doing Wrong? and then went on to answer the question himself in a three part series. You can view a full sized version of the above image by clicking here.

The purpose of this post, however, is to collect links to the past month's news and reviews as well as the various opinion and editorial pieces we put out on a regular basis for easy access and in case anyone missed anything in the past month. You can find links to these, sorted for your convenience, after the jump.

Cover Story - What Is Marvel Doing Wrong?

Reader Question - What Do You Think Marvel is Doing Wrong? - by Matt Ampersand
What I Think Marvel is Doing Wrong - The Imprints - by Matt Ampersand
What I Think Marvel is Doing Wrong - The Business Practices - by Matt Ampersand
What I Think Marvel is Doing Wrong - The Events - by Matt Ampersand
Marvel's $3.99 Books - by Kirk Warren


Trade Waiting - Intro to Manga - by Eric Rupe
Corporate Legacies - by Eric Rupe
The Blackest Night - Corps Wardrobe Malfunction - by Kirk Warren
Flash Fact - Johns Loves Barry; Reviewers Not So Much - by Kirk Warren
A Collection of Random Thoughts Vol 3 - by Eric Rupe
Revamping the Wildstorm Universe - by Eric Rupe
A Collection of Random Thoughts Vol 4 - by Eric Rupe
Thoughts on Solicitations for July 2009 - by Kirk Warren, Matt Ampersand & Eric Rupe
The Multiversity - Grant Morrison, Watchmen 2, All-Star Captain Marvel & More - by Kirk Warren


Weekly Crisis Comic Book Reviews for 04/01/09
  • Atomic Robo - by Eric Rupe
  • Avengers - by Matt Ampersand
  • Blackest Night #0 - by Eric Rupe
  • Resurrection #0 - by Matt Ampersand
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 - by Matt Ampersand

Moments of the Week

Cover of the Week

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Frank said...

Even The Weekly Crisis has raised it's price to $3.99! :)

Matt Ampersand said...

Haha, I noticed that too. But to be fair, it always was $3.99

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