Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ultimate Spider-Man #132 Review

Written by Brian Bendis
Art by Stuart Immonen

There are flashes of what made Ultimate Spider-Man possibly the most consistent and possibly best ongoing comic of the past decade in this issue, but, alas, they are just that, flashes of what once was. It's obvious that Ultimatum has sucked most of the life out of this issue and I'm not even sure why it was delayed just for that event when nothing really happens other than Spider-Man and Hulk punching some imaginary monsters.

Imaginary monsters? What do I mean? Well, the whole explosion at Dr Strange's Soho apartment last issue gets picked up on here and amounts to some magic creature possessing Strange and causing Spider-Man and Hulk to see their own worst nightmares. It's never stated who it is, but Spider-Man has apparently run into it before and they talk about it a lot but never actually explain it, which rather annoyed me. It was very much like the recent video game tie-in Venom issues that failed to really explain the many things being referenced from the Ultimate Spider-Man game, which was several years old at that point.

The fight is just an extension of the mindless action that has plagued Ultimatum and hardly worth mentioning, to be honest. The few, brief character moments, however, were. The opening pages featured MJ verbally, and physically, lashing out at Kitty Pryde over her sending Peter out by himself in this madness. This results in Kitty shouting out that she feels the same way and loves Peter just as much as her in front of her current boyfriend, Moose. She cut herself off mid-sentence, but the damage was obviously done and I just wish we had been given 20 some pages of story on that instead of the nonsensical magic mind tricks we were subjected to.

Verdict - Check It. A few shining moments help redeem an otherwise forgettable issue that is quite unbefitting an end to the storied legacy of the Ultimate Spider-Man title.

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