Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wolverine #72 Review

Written by Mark Millar
Art by Steve McNiven

Similar to Millar's run on Fantastic Four, I'm losing interest in Wolverine. I'm not sure if it's due to the delays or if it's because I'm just getting tired of the cliched conepts and moments, or Millar-isms, if you will, that his work seem to always have that is causing my interest to wane.

Case in point, this issue features some big moments that should be wowing me, such as the Red Skull vs Logan fight or Logan finally popping the claws, but it all left me sort of empty, like a been there, done that type of feeling. The art didn't help this feeling either.

No, I'm not calling McNiven's artwork bad. It's just a lot of it was eerily familiar, possibly intentionally, to Civil War, specifically the scene with Wolverine smashing Red Skull's face in with the shield, which is almost a mirror image of the Iron Man vs Captain America fight in composition and look. Red Skull is even wearing a Captain America costume to complete the scene. Things like that gave it a deja vu feeling moreso than the homage (is it even a homage for something as recent as Civil War?) they were shooting for.

As I mentioned above, Wolverine finally popped the claws this issue. While wonderfully drawn, the build up to it, either due to the delays or my general disinterest at this point, dulled the wow factor of it for me. I've just never been sold on the concept of the simple family man Logan when we've seen his family in all of maybe five pages throughout the series. The entire subplot about the rent seemed to get lost in the last few issues and I really didn't expect the series to go back to the farm at this point in time. The family being dead when he got back was predictable and the fact we have no reason to care about them at this point in time meant the death lacked the impact required for me to connect it as the thing pushing Logan over the edge. The decapitation of the Red Skull with Cap's shield was actually more shocking to me than the much anticipated claw popping.

Verdict - Check It. This will probably read a million times better in trade and I actually regret picking it up in singles now. Momentum has been sapped and, while pretty, it's a very cliched Mark Millar story on top of it all.

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