Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wolverine: Weapon X #2 Review

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Ron Garney

Must read, must read, must read. If I had a rating higher than Must Read, this comic would be it. I may have to start rating comics on a scale of Avoid It to Wolverine: Weapon X #2 after reading this one.

While the first issue was a little slow paced, mostly setting up the plot and seeding the plotpoints for the rest of the storyline, issue two cranked it up to an eleven. This issue might just get some kind moment of the year award from me for the entire fight sequence between Wolverine and the two Blackguard black ops members that made up about half the issue.

From the setup with the two Blackguards taking Wolverine lightly, only to realize, too late, that he's right below them (amazing splashpage by Ron Garney) to Wolverine's gradual realization of their powers and how they're basically identical to him, and extremely well trained at that, to that final sequence with the three of them clashing together fading out into the jungle shot, it was a picture perfect sequence of events that had me with a Cheshire Cat grin on my face as I turned every page. It was like watching a movie with how well it flowed and I'm sure Garney, along with Jason Aaron's tight plotting, deserves a lot of credit for the effect.

However, this wasn't just one long action sequence of a comic. We also had a very entertaining opening sequence with the reporter introduced last issue and her fellow newspaper writers. Made me wish Aaron was writing a Daily Bugle book that just covered the staff and their interactions. Loved the poke at Wolverine's popularity through the over exposure line by the editor.

The issue ends with a promising, if fairly cliched, by Wolverine standards, ploy of Wolverine running off from the badguys, who's numbers had swelled as the rest of the Blackguard platoon joined the fary, with the standard down and out Hellfire Club-like ending that promises Wolverine clawing his way back after being overpowered in the opening. I don't fault Aaron for this as it was executed perfectly, but some may find the approach predictable. For me, though, the ride will be worth the parallels to previous stories, which are not nearly as overbearing or detrimental as this paragraph probably makes it appear.

Verdict - Must Read. I haven't had this much fun with a comic in a long, long time. While it's not a complete check your brain at the door type of story, it's still one hell of an action packed fun ride that will reminds anyone who reads it just why Wolverine is so popular.

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