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Bought/Thought - Batman and Robin #1

Grant Morrison's and Frank Quitely's Batman and Robin #1 was, without a doubt, the biggest release of the week and both Ryan and myself gave the book excellent reviews. However, as everyone sees our reviews every week, I went out and gathered some quotes and links to other reviews to form a sort of macro review of the book showing what the collective comic blogosphere thought of it.

I was also curious as to what other people were thinking about it and gave a call out on Twitter asking what everyone else thought about it and have included a wide selection of quotes from as many of the people that replied as possible. Due to the overwhelming number of replies, though, I wasn't able to include everyone in the post, so apologies to anyone I left out. I did read them all and appreciated the time you took to reply. For those wishing to follow members of the Weekly Crisis on Twitter or just chat with any of us, feel free to follow me @weeklycrisis, Matt @el_matt and Ryan @Ryan_the_Iowan.

With all that said, hit the jump to see what other reviewers and your fellow Weekly Crisis readers thought of the book!

Robot Six

In one of their rare reviews, CBR's Robot Six had nothing but good things to say about Batman and Robin, the most notable mention being:
Batman and Robin chucks all the excess baggage that hampered Batman R.I.P. — the elbow in the ribs riffing on classic tales of yesteryear, the need to make an important statement about the character, Tony Daniel — fills up the gas tank to its flying Batmobile with rocket fuel and proceeds to floor that puppy out of the cave with nary a glance backward. The result is a streamlined, but no less surreal or smart, tale that’s one of the most satisfying superhero reads I’ve had so far this year. This is a really fun comic book.
Before going on to conclude the review with:
This first issue is nothing but setup. And what a wonderful setup it is, tantalizing and immediate and fun in a way that doesn’t neglect new readers or the party faithful. I can’t wait for the second issue.

IGN Comics

One of the more underrated, as far as big time news sites are concerned, review sites around, IGN Comics, were a little less impressed with Batman and Robin than most, only giving it a 7.8 out of 10. While they did enjoy the book, the biggest concern for reviewer, Jesse Schedeen, was that it actually didn't read like a standard Grant Morrison book:
My fears were not exactly put to rest by reading Batman and Robin #1. Compared to his debut in Batman #655, this feels a little bare-bones. It's certainly not a bad debut for Dick and Damian, but I expected a little more from the script.

Major Spoilers

Despite disliking most of Morrison's previous Batman work, Major Spoilers gave the book a glowing 5 star review, stating:
Batman and Robin feels a lot like an Ultimate Batman reboot and if DC plays its cards right, could make this title the number one title for months to come. I’m hoping the coming issues are as high caliber and fun as this one has been. Batman and Robin #1 has renewed and rejuvenated my interest in the Batman titles once again, which before today was at my lowest interest level in decades.


Josh Flanagan, of iFanboy, gave the book his Pick of the Week award, going on to say:
As I read though Batman and Robin #1, I had little to no expectations, but I kept noticing nice touches and found myself enjoying the read far more than I expected. By the end, I was so happy to get the very best of Grant Morrison and find myself invested in a story I hadn't even wanted to read that there was no question that this was the Pick of the Week.

Rokk's Comic Book Revolution

Over at the Revolution, Rokk had no complaints about the issue, going on to say:
Batman and Robin #1 was a fun read. This issue immediately hooked me on this new title and I am looking forward to the next issue. I would certainly recommend this issue to Batman fans. And do not be scared off from Batman and Robin because of the fact that Morrison is writing it. This is not Final Crisis or "Batman RIP." Batman and Robin #1 is a straightforward read that is actually quite linear. For a Morrison penned issue, Batman and Robin #1 is easy to digest.

In 140 Characters or Less

And, finally, here's what everyone on Twitter was saying about the book:

@goodmanw - I quite liked it. Digging the new dynamic between Dick and Damien. And Pyg is too strange for words.

@batmansgirl - Ugh, Batman and Robin is too Silver Agey for me. I'm not picking up the next issue.

@ModernTenshi04 - I thought it was pretty good. Different, but overall it held my interest. I liked the action words in the artwork.

@RamonVillalobos - Batman and Robin was awesome. Could be left there but I have 140 characters and I intend to use em. For truth. And justice...

@hexican - Not a big DC/Batman fan, but I loved the book. Liike others have said, perfect mix of silver/modern age.

@mizzelle - Only skimmed B&R in the store. Didn't care for it at all.

@SpeedsterSite - Batman and Robin was an great setup for what feels like a "fun" adventure complete with all the best aspects of Grant's skill.

@Lado_Brillante - About B & R: First it was ok, but then, i think, it was a great beginning. Yeah, a bit slow but with great things for coming.


Overall, the general consensus was that the book was a great read and a much better offering than Morrison's first attempt at capturing the Silver Age Batman. The book isn't for everyone, but I'm not seeing the same outright love/hate internet bile and fanboy frothing at the mouth that his recent work on Final Crisis or even Batman seemed to incite at the merest mention of his name.

Also, I know many already commented in our review sections, but feel free to let us know what you thought of the book, other reviewers' or even your fellow readers reviews.

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Pat said...

I would have liked to see more of how Dick is going to be as Batman (i.e. how he will handle criminals, his interaction with commisioner gordon, etc.) but im guessing they are saving that for the Batman title. With that said i thought this book was extremely fun and look forward to the new dynamic duo

El Sr. Lado Brillante said...

Fiver days after. Every time that i read the book again i find myself enjoying more and more.

Daniel Woburn said...

does anyone think Gordon is going to recognise Batman (i'm not going to call him Dick anymore. he's Batman now) as the original Robin? in comic book continuity it's been, what, 20 years? say, Batman was 13 when he started out as Robin and now he's 33? After all that time, you'd think Gordon could recognise him through his voice, and make the connection of "Batman died - there's a new Batman who sounds like his original sidekick. makes sense".

I guess it's just completely up to Morrison.

Kirk Warren said...

He knew it wasn't Bruce when Dick last played Batman, so I imagine he'd be able to pick up on it here.

brandon said...

Gordon also knew there were three Batmen during and after Knightfall so Gordon is aware of the various Batmen but I doubt he could figure out which Robin he was. Perhaps that he was Nightwing though....

Steven said...

DC continuity continues on a 10 year more or less cycle. Dick is early to mid-20s.

Keep in mind, he was in New Teen Titans while a teen with Gar Logan, who is still a teen in the comics.

It's the same at Marvel. Look at Peter Parker, bit at 15, now about 25.

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