Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cable #15 Review

Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Ariel Olivetti

As I mentioned in the previews for this issue, I'm just not feeling this event anymore. It's been dragging on for a while now and nothing has really happened beyond people popping claws, cutting and/or shooting things and the odd decent moment with Apocalypse or Deadpool, but those only occur in the Yost/Kyle parts of this crossover. It also doesn't help my enthusiasm for it when I absolutely loathe Olivetti's artwork and just about everything Swierczynski has done with Cable since the start of this series.

This issue continues the trend of just mindless violence while we wait for a Yost/Kyle X-Force issue. It's like filler for an event that should have only been handled in the X-Force book or a separate miniseries and really hurts the progression of the story when every second issue in the story consists of recapping where we're at, what happened in X-Force and then standing around grimacing or randomly killing foot soldiers.

However, there is one moment of note from this issue and it dealt with Apocalypse, whom Angel/Archangel/Death (he has too many codenames!) saved over in X-Force previously. He basically comes back to his base, which Stryfe had taken over, and armours up and looks like will be the one to save our heroes from Stryfe, who looks to be unstoppable at this point. Curious as to what they will be doing with Stryfe and Apocalypse post-Messiah War and whether they'll be killed off or not since they are both merely alternate timeline versions.

Verdict - Avoid It. Nothing really happened. Sound and fury signifying nothing, but with bad art. Most crossovers, even as bad as they some parts are, they are typically worth purchasing to know what is going on. Not the case with this one.

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