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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/17/09

Some apologies are in order for the lateness of the Moments of the Week and lack of reviews (I'm going to try and do some reviews tomorrow actually) for this week. I've just been having some difficulties getting time to do anything with the site for the past week and Eric, Matt and Ryan have been great picking up the slack for me. Things look a little less chaotic for the next little while, so there shouldn't be any delays or missing posts from me for the next good while. Everyone's waited long enough for the moments, so I won't yammer on too long. Thanks for your patience and enjoy!

Action Comics Annual #12

So, the whole secret behind Chris Kent's mystery aging problem is basically the same as Marvel's, "it's magic, we don't have to explain it", for One More Day?

Batman: Streets of Gotham #1

Sure, Gotham burns every other week, but I just wanted to show off an amazing splash page by Dustin Nguyen, who's work seems to have somehow improved over the already stellar work he was doing prior to Battle for the Cowl.

Cable #15

Tis' just a flesh wound. Deadpool survives being decapitated and was locked in a freezer for a thousand years or so. A simple wish boning isn't going to phase him.

Captain Britain and MI13 #14
This scene worked really well for me in the actual book, but I find the lack of context and follow up for the very brief moments kind of downplays the scene a bit. Basically, Spitfire went undercover with Dracula and killed an innocent person so as to not blow her cover. This is here reaction after returning and I thought it was quite a powerful scene showing how much doing that affected her.

Captain America #600

This better not be the retcon that brings Steve Rogers back. Magic guns? Seriously? This is not the type of thing I'd be hyping up for mass media attention.

Wait, is Hawkeye going to kill Norman Osborn for putting together a Simon and Garfunkel reunion tour? What did the funk ever do to you, Clint? And them's fightin' words Cage.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #2

Egghead is basically Big Zero's sex robot or something from what I understand if you were wondering why it's horny.

Took me a second to catch on here, but he's asking to find the new Dark Reign Young Avengers, which just teleports them to the same location since they are the Young Avengers he asks to find. Not nearly as clever after spelling it out, but I liked it.

Rice Krispies! Norman actually didn't enjoy her triptech painting for some reason. I thought it was awesome. Go figure.

After her flashback to meeting Norman, the conviction she says her motivation for forming a team with was great. Any sane person would react with the same facepalming as Patriot here.

Invincible #63

Poor Atom Eve. Kirkman had built an entertaining and endearing supporting cast of characters and has been systematically destroying it in the most gruesome of fashions. So, pretty much par for the course with his writing. I find it hard to even be upset or care for Eve's death with how the series has been progressing of late.

Marvel Zombies 4 #3

Jennifer Kale is a witch and Dormammu offered to help her out with the whole zombie plague thing. She refused at first, but, by issue's end, this was the result with her becoming the new host for the big flaming head demon guy. Doubt it will have any long lasting effects with what the Hood is doing all over the Marvel Universe, but a interesting twist to this series nonetheless.

Power Girl #2

I am officially creeped out by this...

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Rawnzilla said...

@Power Girl #2

That's how HIV started.

Steven R. Stahl said...

So, is there a trend of sorts to have Dormammu possess or otherwise control human hosts? That doesn't really make much sense. Historically, Dormammu, as ruler of the Dark Dimension, has sought to conquer Earth's dimension (e.g., the AVENGERS/DEFENDERS WAR). Possessing or operating through powerless humans does nothing to advance him toward that goal, and funneling his power through humans is inevitably a less efficient means of operating than using his power directly.

Can anybody supply a plausible reason for Dormammu to possess/empower the Hood? Controlling a nascent Sorcerer Supreme is *not* a plausible reason, in spite of whatever Bendis, et al., might say. Anything else only has Dormammu empowering a worshipper in order to reach trivial goals.


Kirk Warren said...

@Steven - I'm not a big Dr Strange buff, but I was under the impression that Dormammu is unable to manifest in our plane of existence or some nonsense due to magic of some kind and that's why he needs a human host to do his bidding/break seals/etc. Wikipedia might have more on it though.

Quantum said...

@kirk re: action annual

where do you get "oh it's magic" from? they're more or less trying to scientifically (comics-wise) explain it. two theories are right there. do you even really care that much man? does it really bother you that much that you can't enjoy the comic? Rucka had a couple of ideas how it may have gone down and he threw them out there. Remember Geoff Johns just told him that Nightwing was Chris, and left it up to him to decide how he got that old.

Anonymous said...

@Power Girl #2: The penis of a gorilla is approximately a inch and a half in size. Not sure she really enjoyed that.

Jason said...

Nooo! Not Eve! Damn you, Kirkman!

Kirk Warren said...

@Quantum - I'm not saying it was magic, I'm saying it's the same as Marvel's non-explaination when they said it was magic and didn't have to explain it. It has nothign to do with liking or hating the comic either. It's just a really a weak reason for his rapid aging in an issue dedicated to explaining why he's now older and Nightwing.

IslandLiberal said...

Can anybody supply a plausible reason for Dormammu to possess/empower the Hood? Controlling a nascent Sorcerer Supreme is *not* a plausible reason, in spite of whatever Bendis, et al., might say

Why? He's powered up Mordo to kill Strange before; this really isn't that different.

Steven R. Stahl said...

Well, Dormammu's been on Earth before (GIANT-SIZE AVENGERS #4) so he's not under the restrictions that Chthon is. In the AVENGERS/DEFENDERS WAR, he lacked the raw power needed to merge his dimension with Earth's; the Evil Eye amplified his power.

The 6/17 CBR interview with Bendis provides some info. Supposedly Dormammu was using the Hood as an agent to prevent a new Sorcerer Supreme from being chosen, but that reasoning only shows how implausible the entire storyline was. The Eye isn't sentient, doesn't select the new Sorcerer Supreme, and doesn't provide the raw power needed to be the Sorcerer Supreme.

In the interview, Bendis talks at some length about voodoo, his "research" into voodoo, Brother Voodoo, etc., which indicates he thinks that voodoo is street-level magic he can be excited about. Dead chickens! Rotting fish! Yes, voodoo is a-thrill-a-minute magic!

The Avengers went up against voodoo in AVENGERS #152; Wanda drove away the dark god, Damballah, with a flaming stick, and defeated the Black Talon with flying pieces of wood.

The paragraph above isn't a joke, unfortunately. I'd have provided the URL for the CBR interview, but I couldn't paste text into the box.


Naymlap said...

Stahl, that's pretty disrespectful towards vodun. It's a very complex series of religious beliefs that stem from a number of African traditions. Powerful totemic energy is locked in pretty much everything and it's through the rituals that apease certain loa that one can properly access them.
Personally I think that's pretty cool and if he can really get at what makes vodun fascinating that will trump any lazy-ass Dr. Strange story.
Just because it doesn't conform to your ideas of magic and fantasy doesn't mean it's irrelevent.

Steven R. Stahl said...

Voodoo as actually practiced might be different from voodoo in fiction, but the point is that Bendis is consciously and deliberately destroying Dr. Strange as a character, simply because he apparently wants to write a magic user more in line with his tastes. Whatever virtues voodoo might have as a religion, those virtues are unrelated to Strange's status as the dimension's Sorcerer Supreme and the responsibilities of that role. If Bendis had merely wanted to have a voodoo user in the series, he could have done so easily, but ruining a character, possibly because he resents the intellectual aspects of Strange, was apparently more appealing. Some writers write only for themselves; Bendis writes for idiots.


Kirk Warren said...

Fair enough Steven, but none of this really had anything to do with a Fred van Lente written story from which the moment was pulled...

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