Saturday, June 27, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/24/09

With so many books out this week, it took some time to gather up all of the images and put together this post for the Moments of the Week. I'm sure I missed some, particularly the death in Runaways this week (couldn't find a single scan of it from any of my regular spots), so feel free to let me know or throw a link out to an image in the comments if you think I missed something.

My moment of the week was the Bullseye vs Elektra fight in Dark Reign: Elektra. Great action, great art, great dialogue, great everything.. The anti-moment of the week goes to either the New Avengers just sitting around watching TV and watching Logan leave for the whole mess in Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men Utopia or another New Avengers related moment in their own book where they defeat Dormammu and show off the new Sorceror Supreme by, uh, beating the ultimate magical entity over the head with a wooden stick.

Feel free to let me know what your moment or anti-moment of the week was in the comments below and enjoy the moments!

Amazing Spider-Man #598

I noticed some speculation on the mystery man in the tube from the last issue of Amazing Spider-Man, but the only thought I had was Ben Reilly. The "G Stacy" nameplate can't be just there for fun, so I assume this is the male Stacy from the Sins Past storyline being used as a test subject for the new goblin/super solider serum.

Odd that she goes from the former Menace transformation to this one, even with any kind of help Norman Osborn may have given her. I've seen shots of her with green skin as well, so I assume this is an error and she should be green here.

Astonishing X-Men #30

Oh snap, Forge.

Sad meta commentary on the state of the current X-Men (the conversation took place after Beast had Agent Brand send a death star laser through a Ghost Box to destroy the alternate dimension's populace).

Avengers: The Initiative #25

What the hell did Gravity ever do to Norman Osborn to deserve THIS??? By far, the most evil thing Norman has ever done and I'm speaking of a person that throws blondes off bridges.

Dark Avengers #6

My favourite part of the issue. Just felt spot on for how Norman's been portrayed of late.

Dark Avengers - Uncanny X-Men: Utopia #1

"Hey Wolverine, we know there's all this crap happening out west and that Norman, the guy we all hate and has made our life miserable, is out there messing stuff up, but if you want to take off, we won't mind. What? Help you? No, no, this is a mutant crossover. There's no way we could possibly get involved or help you out despite all the things you've done for us and all the times you've been there with us or even with how much we all want to get payback against those fake Avengers. Have fun. Dont' forget the souvenirs."

I must have missed the X-Men Legacy spoilers from the last issue, so can anyone fill me in on why there are two Xaviers and why the "good" one looks like he was shot and left in a corner?

Dark Reign: Elektra #4
While doing these moments, I realized I forgot to review Dark Reign: Elektra. It was the best issue of the miniseries so far. The Bullseye/Elektra fight was full of excellent dialogue and some great moments like this one where Elektra takes the still warm bullet casing and cauterizes a wound to deny Bullseye the pleasure of seeing her bleed.

Great ending that sees Elektra finally get payback against Bullseye after all these years. However, does Bullseye have a healing factor or what? He's been getting stabbed and gutted and otherwise taken apart in just about every outing these days...

Dark Wolverine #75

Daken has said more on this one page than all of his tenure in Dark Avengers. Bullseye's response to this was to promptly throw that arrow through Daken's shoulder.

Aside from messing with Venom's head, Daken isn't actually joking. He's not above sleeping with men to get what he wants and did so with one of the male staffers earlier in the issue. Stupid, sexy Wolverine.

Detective Comics #854

Wanted to show off at least one page of JH Williams's art from this week's Detective Comics and went with this beauty.

Gotham City Sirens #1

About the only thing I found interesting in this issue was this ending scene where Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn attempt to extort the information about Batman's identity from Catwoman. However, it's still kind of odd since, well, they all know he's dead and it won't really do them much good anymore to know who he was.

Green Lantern #42

Hal Jordan's version of his own corps of constructs.

Mmmm, I need a hamburger. I WANTS a hamburger. But, in all honesty, who doesn't want a hamburger? If I had an orange ring, I'd have hamburgers every day.

The Guardians had to have known Larfleeze would immediately go to the Blue Lantern homeworld if they told him where it was. Blue seemed fairly strong against orange when Hal used it, but he also had his green ring. Not sure how much offense the blue's have when there's no Green Lantern around to pump up.

So, is that a pair of hands coming out of the ground or is it some kind of construct? The perspective is weird, so I can't really tell how large the hands are. Could go either way, but I think they're hands from someone coming out of the ground.

Guardians of the Galaxy #15

The Adventures of Lockjaw and Cosmo - fund it Marvel!

Looking kind of Magus there Adam Warlock. The tearing people in half thing is kind of evil, too. Might want to get the purple skin checked out after this is all said and done.

Immortal Iron Fist #27

Misty said yes, for those wondering. She's also pregnant with Danny's kid. Not sure if that was just revealed here or in previous issues.

New Avengers #54

Magic works by hitting things with sticks. At least, that's the only magic from this issue of New Avengers.

Surprised Loki is being so open about betraying Norman Osborn, even with the Hood basically out of the picture with no more Dormammu powers. Also, I'm shocked, shocked, that the Hood failed, again, to defeat the Avengers. I think he's 0-32 in the past year or so worth of stories. Loki should just leave him there to rot. Any idiot off the street has a better chance than the Hood with his track record.

Nova #26

That's a whole mess of dead Nova Centurions.

Secret Warriors #5

Nick Fury's first rule applies to just about any situation possible.

His second one sucks if you happen to be the guy getting shot in the back.

Thor #602

Sif is finally saved by Thor. Shame they couldn't be bothered with updating her costume. She looks like something out of the 70's or 80's, especially compared to Thor's new threads.

Thunderbolts #133

It's revealed that the formerly dead blonde Black Widow is working with Nick Fury to infiltrate the Thunderbolts. One thing I noticed in this exchange is that Nick almost calls her by her real name and it looks like it was going to be 'Tasha, as in Natasha aka the original, red headed Black Widow. Could be wrong, but seems plausible enough to me.

X-Force #16

Just an awesome splashpage. Clayton Crain should be the only one allowed to draw Apocalypse anymore.

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Eric Rupe said...

Pretty sure the evil Xavier is supposed to Mimic, which would also explain why the Xavier is still alive since Mimic would need Xavier alive to copy him.

Also, it's pretty ironic that Emma's "evil" costume is less revealing than her regular one considering it's usually the other way around.

Rawnzilla said...

Evil Xavier is not Mimic because Mimic was on the same cover as Evil Xavier. I believe it's a bald Sebastian Shaw.

Andrenn said...

I officially no longer hate Daken. that scene with Venom was hilarious.

Glad Sif is finally here.

I support the Clayton Crain only to draw Apocalypse idea.

Anonymous said...

Secret Warriors:

Fury's dialogue, as per his speech patterns: "Damn it all ta (hell)"

Matt Ampersand said...

I'm totally looking forward to read Gravity playing the straight man to the Great Lakes Initiative. Should be fun.

Anonymous, that's a good point. I thought (like Kirk) it was going to be "Damn it 'Tasha".

Also, Kirk, are you picking up Thunderbolts again? Or just came across the scan?

Matt Ampersand said...

Just went back to reread Thunderbolts, to see if there were any more clues. I didn't find any concrete evidence, although in that final page, Fury calls the Widow "Kid", which I don't think he would do if it was Natasha.

Randallw said...

Bullseye had his neck broken by American Eagle and was healed with a blood transfusion containing Nanites. Possibly a few of them are left and help him heal injuries.

Enrico Medina said...

Lots of good comics released this week and I particularly liked the two bat books. Seems they may have lots of things planned for the Bat Universe. Green Lantern is awesome as always.

Anonymous said...

The Xavier is Mystique, I'm pretty confident

Josh said...

Evil or 'Dark Xavier' as the kids call everything these days, he's most likely Mystique. Capturing Xavier and throwing him into a dank, dark, metallic cell isn't anything new (happened right after Onslaught, for instance) but then again, neither is replacing him with a shapeshifter either. At some point in the 60s, Changeling/Morph replaced Xavier for some time and helped fake his death, all unbeknownst to his students.

Anyway, the creative team has said that Mystique emphatically has a place in the Dark X-Men storyline. Seems like she's right there, front and center, possibly with the Mimic helping her to fake those telepathetic powers.

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting what the Guardians did this issue..pretty much straight up "evil". They have to know Blue is there to help them out and doesnt pose a threat at all

Kirk Warren said...

Re: Xavier - Didn'tt hink Mimic since the promo shows both of them on the cover, but the Mystique theory makes sense, I suppose. Not sure how she'll fake telepathy though.

@Matt - Not picking up Thunderbolts still. That Deadpool crossover killed all momentum and interest in it for me. Scans have been looking good though, so might take a look at the trade whenever it comes out.

@Randall - He was also recently meat hooked by Deadpool, among other near death experiences. Must be running low on those nanites by now ahhaa.

@Anonymous - Guardians were pretty evilw ith that releasing of the Blue Lantern homeworld to Larfleeze. Cant even pass the buck to Scar since she wasnt there. Just Guardians being dicks for no reason.

Flip The Page said...

whilst the nick fury moment was good in thunderbolts, any part of the latest thunderbolts issue with black widow II was ruined by her looking COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. and like a man. that too

Daniel Woburn said...

couple questions:
1) how is Hal making Green Lantern constructs, when Larfleeze had to first kill other beings to remake them as Orange Lantern constructs? I haven't been reading the arc, just thinking from the info I get on here.
2) Wasn't Yelena Belova the Super-Adaptoid, when Luke Cage and Jess Jones got married? How did she do a switcheroo back to being a hottie?

Kirk Warren said...

@Daniel Woburn - 1) he just got super charged by the blue ring and busted out his own army of constructs. I'm not sure if the Orange Lanterns need to die or if Larfleeze is just using anything he kills.

2) Based on the above scan, it might not actually be Yelena Belova, but it hasnt been explained either way yet.

Daringd said...

For me Thor had the moment of the week. After spending 70% of the issue building up to it.

Naymlap said...

I'll admit I'm not thrilled about Brother (Doctor) Voodoo, but really. hat's a staff, not a wooden stick. That's like Gandalf using his staff to do all the badass stuff he does. Unfortunately, Voodoo just isn't half as awesome...

mugiwara said...

THE Moment of the Week was Wolverine in Ms Marvel:

Bill said...

Couldn't agree more about that Elektra issue. When I picked it up I thought "why am I still buying this?" but that was a damn entertaining issue.

Anonymous said...

Yelena Belova, a.k.a. Black Widow, is actually leading the Thunderbolts now, isn't she? Just wanted to say that her name was already revealed.

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