Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cover of the Week - Daredevil Noir & War of Kings

This week's edition of the Cover of the Week could easily be renamed the Variant of the Week since Matt, Ryan and I all chose variants for our picks. Matt went with the Daredevil: Noir #3 variant while Ryan and myself both chose the War of Kings #4 variant. You can read our reasons and check out the covers after the jump and feel free to let us know what your cover of the week was.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Daredevil Noir #3 (Variant)

Matt: This is a great concept by Dennis Calero. The main character is just a minor part of the cover, but the visual imagery of Lady Justice with the Bullseye logo on her forehead tells you exactly what comic you are about to read.

Kirk's & Ryan's Cover of the Week - War of Kings #4 (Variant)

Kirk: Combined with the preview of his Dark X-Men cover in the recent solicits, Jae Lee has me wondering where's he's been all these years. I can't recall seeing anything from him since he last did Inhumans related work with Paul Jenkins. Just a striking cover that, while more pinup than actual cover, is still worthy of my cover of the week nod.

Ryan: Jae Lee may be the quintessential Inhumans artist and this cover shows why. The power and ruthlessness of the cover perfectly captures the tone of the miniseries.

Runners-Up: Punisher MAX: Naked Kill #1, Dark Avengers #4 & Secret Six #10

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revaladdinsane said...

Jae Lee's been pretty busy doing all the Dark Tower adaptations. That's what's kept him busy, I guess.

quantum said...

Yeah, Jae Lee is pretty much only allowed to do Dark Tower until it's done. I guess they let him off the leash a bit to do these amazing covers. My fave is Osborn on the throne throwing the X symbol.

That said, why haven't you at least been trade waiting Dark Tower? Well, worth it. Well written by Peter David, along with Jae Lee's gorgeous art.

It should be done soon as the series nears the point at which the first book starts. In fact, the current mini seems to be the last one.

Matt Ampersand said...

I've been meaning to check out Dark Tower, but I am a little bit concerned I won't get it because I have not read the source material.

Kirk Warren said...

I had completely forgotten about Dark Tower. I'm not a fan of the Stephen King works I've read or various movies that have been adapted (although movies are rarely faithful/as good as the novels anyways), so I never even bothered with Dark Tower and it didnt even register that Jae Lee was doing the art on that. Thanks for the reminder of where he's been.

Kevin said...

Jae Lee did a fantastic job on Dark Towers. I just recently picked up the first to hardcovers and really liked the adaption.

Steven said...

Jae Lee is only doing covers on the latest dark tower series. Richard Isanove, who was doing the painting over lee's pencils has taken over full illustration duties.

Also, for anyone who isn't aware, the Dark Tower comic series is not an adaptation of the books, but rather tales about the main character that were only referred to in the novels.

Daniel Woburn said...

That Dark Avengers cover actually had me wanting more. Just seemed like it could've been... something else. Norman in a suit with his Goblin mask on, clearly in distress and combating his madness? okay, I might have just sold myself on it, but... even though we probably haven't seen that kind of cover before, I still feel like i've seen it before. The cover for #5 - now THAT is a Dark Avengers cover I expect.

Nathan Aaron said...

Jae Lee did that GI Joe/Transformers mini-series a few years ago, as well. I thought that was the strangest thing for him to be doing. Looked beautiful though.

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