Monday, June 1, 2009

Cover of the Week - Teen Titans & Runaways

This is turning into a bad habit, but, no, we did not forget the Cover of the Week for this last week. I'm to blame, as always, with letting it slide to the last minute and ended up putting it off to watch the double header of the Stanley Cup final this weekend. The Thursday release list didn't do me any favours either.

For this edition of the cover of the week, Matt and I went with the light hearted fun of the Runaways #10 cover. Ryan chose the Teen Titans #71 cover for its use of reflections and tone setting look. Hit the jump for a look-see.

Ryan's Cover of the Week - Teen Titans #71

Ryan: This cover has a tremendous amount of energy and Joe Bennett has perfectly executed reflections in the swords, showcasing some very strong expressions. This cover means business.

Kirk's & Matt's Cover of the Week - Runaways #10

Kirk: You just look at this cover and know the issue is going to be a lot of fun. Some excellent colouring work on it as well.

Matt: This is not usually the type of cover I would choose, but David Lafuente totally nailed the cheerful look of Molly and grumpy ol' Logan chasing after her. The sign/logo also works really well in the context.

Runners-Up: The Last Days of Animal Man #1, X-Force #15 & The Immortal Iron Fist #26

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Sebastian said...

Aw, her scooter is really cute.
Looks like such a fun book.

mugiwara said...

I like how Molly is wearing the Bronze Saint of Phoenix's helmet from Saint Seiya.

Matt Ampersand said...

mugiwara, holy crap, you are right!

Sebastian said...

Oh, wow. Los Caballeros del Zodiaco. It's been too long.

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