Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #37 Review

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason and Rebecca Buchman

Green Lantern Corps #37 was another great issue from Tomasi and Gleason, but failed to live up to the previous parts of this current storyline. Where the past couple of issues weaved their ways through the numerous subplots and storylines currently being followed in this title with grace and style, this issue seems to stumble from subplot to subplot. While I still liked everything on offer from these plots, the bar was set rather high going in and, as a victim of its own success, the book fell a little short of past offerings. Now, doom and gloom of this opening paragraph out of the way, it's still a damn good issue and I doubt anyone will be upset with the purchase.

The most immediate item to come out of this issue was the follow up to last issue's Ion moment. Ion had gone off to Daxam's red star and it looked like he was going to use the Ion power to revert the star to a yellow stage. This issue opened up to confirm that he did, in fact, turn the red star yellow and, with it, the entire Daxam race are now Kryptonian-like in powers. However, Ion self narrates the opening and claims he died to save his people. We saw Blue Lanterns stop a star from going supernova, yet the full Ion force user dies in a star? Hmm...I suspect he'll be back after being super charged in the yellow star, but still a rather odd death for Ion, all things considered.

Also, contrary to the cover image, the Daxamites don't actually use their powers to strike back against the Sinestro Corps. Arisia takes most of the free Daxamites and starts a resistance group by training them in the use of their new powers. Seemed like a rather low key response with a planet full of Supermen and just didn't click with me.

Most of the issue was dedicated to the riot on Oa, which, as odd as it might sound, amounted to nothing more than a riot on Oa. There was no real character moments (few good one liners from Guy Gardner though), there was no explaination or even characterization for the Red Lantern, Vice, that started it all and there was, ultimately, nothing else to it other than some senseless carnage and maiming of villains. I didn't expect some major revelation behind it, but the Vice thing really annoyed me for some reason. I was curious as to the reasons behind the attack and if Atrocitus initiated it or if Vice has some free will of his own to carry it out (most Red Lanterns have been shown to be nothing but slaves to their rage and Atrocitus) and, finally, if there was a goal to it (distract the GLC while he attacks something else or what have you), but there was nothing. It was just a random riot on Oa with a few good moments mixed in, but no real purpose either.

Of note, Lyssa Drak, who was named Lyssa Drax here, sought out the Book of Parallax and stumbled onto Scar's hidden lair and her Black Lantern book. When she tried to claim it as her own, Scar snuck up on her and "pushed" her into the pages of the book. As Drak was one of my favourite Sinestro Corps members and I was so happy to see her back in action, I hope this isn't the end of her story and that we'll see more of her again in the future.

Finally, Scar, almost as if the book had taken control of her, deemed the time had come and began to destroy/remove the giant green lantern protective bubble around the planet Oa to end the issue. I'm not sure what purpose this will serve or how it will affect Oa or the Green Lanterns. I just assumed that was a fancy looking shield for the planet and not much else. Can't see how it will pose any major problems or how the Guardians won't be able to just erect a new one when they get back from the Vega system.

Oh, and conspicuous by its abscence, Sinestro and Natu make no appearances in this issue. After several great issues with Sinestro in them, it was as if Johns had given the word that he was using Sinestro for an attack on the Star Sapphires in Green Lantern and GLC wasn't allowed to use it anymore.

Verdict - Must Read. I know the opening of this review sounded like it might be a bad issue, but it was still very, very good, despite some minor issues with it. Still very much a must read book.

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