Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 06/17/09

This week's Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews ends up being dominated by Marvel with nary a DC title in sight. Just didn't see anything from DC that interested me this week.

The big news maker, though, was the Monday release of Captain America #600. I had every intention of picking it up yesterday and even made my way to the shop, but walked away without it when I was informed they weren't getting it until Wednesday. I assume this is due to being in the frozen wastes of Canada where it would be impossible for comics to come twice in one week. I'll be putting together a post on the whole Captain America/Monday release later today, so check back for that.

Hit the jump for this week's previews.

Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by ArielOlivetti

“MESSIAH WAR, PART 6” One thousand years from now, Cable is having a very, very bad day. His own father doubts his ability to protect the mutant messiah. His former team, X-Force, has shown up to bring him back to the present, whether he likes it or not. Not one, but two of Cable’s oldest and deadliest enemies threaten to annihilate them all. And now even Hope, the mutant messiah he’s raised since birth, is starting to wonder if Cable’s the right man for the job of keeping her alive…The penultimate chapter of “Messiah War” -- the sequel to the groundbreaking, game-changing “Messiah Complex” -- is here!

Kirk: I feel stupid for continuing to buy this storyline. The Yost and Kyle issues are usually good enough, but the Cable parts of the story are just plain bad in comparison. I'm going to stick it out for the remainder of the event because I'm a comic fan with the collector mentality, but I'll be dropping each book when this is all over.

Written by Ed Brubaker, Roger Stern & Mark Waid
Art by Dale Eaglesham, Butch Guice & Luke Ross

Where were you when Captain America died? It's the anniversary of the day Steve Rogers was killed, a day of reflection and mourning in the Marvel U...a time to look back on the things Steve did and what he stood for... or is this issue actually the beginning of the most wicked plot twist since issue 25? Yeah, actually it's both. Plus, contributions from Cap creators past and present, including a very special essay by Joe Simon, a classic story from Cap’s Golden Age, a full gallery of 600 Cap covers, and more anniversary shenanigans than you can shake a shield at!

Kirk: The big Monday release comic everyone's been talking about and, after making the trip yesterday, I found out my shop isn't getting it until Wednesday. Based on the spoilers from Marvel and the various news coverage sources, I'm not really disappointed by having to wait. The big news was actually fairly yawn worthy for me and about as predictable and uninteresting as it could possibly be. I'm sure Brubaker will do a great job with the actual comic, but for the amount of hype behind this, I'm pretty apathetic about the whole deal.

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Leonard Kirk

“VAMPIRE STATE” The pieces are all in motion. Dracula, Lilith and Captain Fate are heading for Earth with their invasion force, as the Vampire Lord’s deal with Dr. Doom and master plan all come together. MI13 has been taken apart and the world is ripe for the taking.

Kirk: That cover pretty much says it all - Dracula has won. He conquered Britain last issue (which makes the solicit a little odd with its referencing their on their way to Earth), exiled Captain Britain from England and killed and/or captured everyone else on the team except Blade, who most likely will be the driving focus for these last two parts. Great stuff if you aren't reading it.

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Mark Brooks

The Young Avengers vs. The Young Avengers. Guilt and horror and sexual yearning. Race hatred and the super hero as serial killer. Anything is permitted. And Coat of Arms shows Norman Osborn some of her art and says “You were the Green Goblin, right? Right? Right? Right?” just to see what happens.

Kirk: First issue didn't wow me, but I'm really curious about most of these characters and wanted to see more. The Young Avengers teleporting into the Dark Reign team's loft at the end of last issue also promised some good action for this issue, so I'll give it another go around this month.

Written by Brian Bendis
Art by Mark Bagley & Stuart Immonen

Spider-Man has fallen and the Ultimate Universe will never be the same. Join Brian Bendis, Stuart Immonen and original series artist Mark Bagley as they begin a two-part story celebrating the heroism of your friendly neighborhood webslinger as written by none other than…J. Jonah Jameson(?!). FEATURING NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN ART FROM MARK BAGLEY.

Kirk: Never-before-seen art = stuff he drew and they didn't deem worth printing before, but will now to cash in on the "death". I like Ultimate Spider-Man and all, but I really don't see this issue being any good. I'm guessing it's just one big retrospective / flashback tale with a sappy narrative, possibly from a Jameson written editorial.

Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Wellinton Alves

A WAR OF KINGS TIE-IN! The true purpose of Darkhawk…finally revealed! But is this sinister secret more than Chris Powell—or the entire galaxy—can take? Can he rise to greatness, or will this crushing weight pull Darkhawk down into the abyss? It’s shocks aplenty from the storyline CBR.com calls “…an angst-filled adventure that will have repercussions for months to come”!

Kirk: Considering what happened in the last issue of War of Kings, I take it Chris Powell isn't going to be reclaiming control of his suit any time soon. Hopefully it doesn't amount to another inner self turmoil issue. Would much rather learn more about the Raptors and see Darkhawk and Talon doing their back alley deals.

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Anonymous said...

no Batman: Streets of GOtham?

Kirk Warren said...

Is that coming out this week? I must have completely missed it in the listings. Looks like it won't be a DC-less week if that is coming out since I've actually been looking forward to Dini and Ngyuen's return.

Matt Ampersand said...

I hope Darkhawk continues to be controlled by the Talon. It would make for a more interesting book and ongoing too. A cosmic book about an evil guy? We haven't had one of those since whenever that Thanos solo series came out.

Flip The Page said...

Dark Reign: Young Avengers is probably the third best series this week (captain britain and the mighty avengers both push it down) purely on the brilliance of three of the new young avengers (Melter, Enchantress and Racist Chick), so I can only see it getting better now some actual developments appear to be happening.

Ethereal said...

Action Comics Annual, and Supergirl on my DC pull.

Captain America, and War of Kings Ascension on my Marvel pull list.

Dropped Outsiders, curious on the reviews for Streets of Gotham though, hoping it's something like Gotham Central, but can we ever be that lucky again?

I'd really like to get into the Avengers books, but knowing that Marvel's plan is to have one Avengers book after Dark Reign makes it difficult for me to make it worth it. Also hoping Captain Britain, despite me dropping it due to cancellation, remains a good book. Go Cornell. Dropped Cable because the whole thing is just boring. Having X-Force make me read Cable is terrible, and has gotten me to drop X-Force as well. Frowns.

Rawnzilla said...

@Ethereal Where did you hear that they are only going to have one Avengers book? That's probably not going to happen, and if it does, it's a really stupid idea. There are too many characters and the individual books sell too well for them to only have ONE TITLE. Mighty, Dark, New, and Initiative all are constant sell-outs at my store.

Ethereal said...

I think it was Bendis or Joe Q a few months ago. Obviously it would be after Dark Reign. I think they just want to get rid of the Might+New titles and make them into one. Can't confirm anything.

MMan said...

What did you guys think of Cable 15? I thought it was fabulous.

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