Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Superman: World of New Krypton #4 Review

Written by James Robinson and Greg Rucka
Art by Pete Woods

Sigh. I was quite disappointed with this issue. Not just because there was no Green Lantern vs Superman fight (would have been a tad cliched anyways) or that the cover was so misleading or even that the creators had hyped this issue up as the one to watch out for with the guest appearance by the Green Lanterns. No, the reason I'm so disappointed is that this issue plays to the weakest and most absurd parts of the planet of several thousand Supermen plot.

One such notion is that Superman can hear a the moving of air as someone is flying at super speeds, yet has no clue that Zod is building an armada of war ships in the one city on the planet? Seriously? And what the hell does an army of Supermen need space ships for? If it's for protection from Kyrptonite/red star light, they should just build lead shielding/yellow light power suits to protect them from their few weaknesses. Building an armada of ships is ridiculous. They don't even have enough people to pilot ships that big or in that number.

Another is the desire to kill off as many Kryptonians as possible. There's only a few hundred thousand of them and Zod is giving kill orders for criminals from the Phantom Zone. When Superman disobeys the order, Zod then arrests him for treason, which is a death sentence for another of their endangered species.

However, I think the biggest problem with the issue is that the Green Lanterns show up, follow Superman around for an entire issue and then leave. They don't do anything, add nothing to the story and are, in general, just there so they can have a misleading cover to sell more books. While there is the pretense that the Guardians want them there for a fact finding mission, all it seems to do is paint Superman as a bumbling idiot that can't see the forest through the trees in regards to just how horrible a people the Kryptonians are shown to be here with their armada building, extreme justice and cast systems.

Verdict - Avoid It. I'm actually having a hard time thinking of anything good to say about this issue. It's like they tried their best to do the absolute worst story possible for something that should have been a homerun with the Green Lanterns checking up on this new planet full of Supermen-level beings.

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