Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thoughts On Solicitations for September 2009

September is a surprisingly quite month for comics. Superman: Secret Origins launches, the highest profile launch of the month, while Blackest Night continues and Dark Reign takes a small breather with most of its current minis are ending. Marvel also had several classified solicits, a new Golden Age Human Torch mini and, following in the footsteps of X-Men Forever, a new Clone Saga mini. Hit the jump to see what we thought of September's offerings.


Fallout Toyworks #1

Eric: I'm conflicted about this series. On the one hand, this is another series with a celebrity who has an idea for a comic but doesn't write it, which I don't like. If you want to make a comic, then make the damn comic by either writing or drawing it! On the other hand, its written by Brett Lewis, who wrote The Wintermen and Gerald Way did come up with Umbrella Academy. So, I'll take a wait and see approach with the book.

Invincible #66

Matt: Man, it's been forever since we have seen or heard anything from Allen The Alien. Certainly missed the character.

Proof #24

Matt: Well, that's most definitely a short solicit.

Sky Pirates of Neo Terra #1

Eric: Just interested in this because the art is by Camilla D'Errico who is working on one of Grant Morrison's up coming Vertigo projects, The New Bible, so I may get eventually if I like her art. It's also a book based on a Nintendo DS game so it will be interesting to see how well this sells.

Spawn 196, Youngblood #11, and Bomb Queen VI #1

Eric: Perhaps the most groan inducing solicits I have ever seen. There seems to be some sort of celebrity obsessed stupidity going on at Image right now. Hopefully, it stops soon. And, for the record, I think Spawn is the worst of the three.

Matt: Another Obama appearance? You have got to be kidding me.

Underground #1

Eric: More Jeff Parker work is always good and the book does sound interesting. I'll definitely be getting this in trade.

War Heroes #3

Eric: Finally! Nice to see that Millar and Harris will finish the series. Hopefully it doesn't take too long.



Blackest Night #3

Matt: Wow, that is a very impressive cover! The cover works better than the solicit, which doesn't actually reveal anything interesting at all to get me excited. The only thing it mentions that we didn't already know from previous solicits is the involvement of the Spectre.

Blackest Night: Titans #2

Ryan: I really hope that DC doesn’t go the easy route and make this strictly a horror/action comic. The Titans have lost more members that almost any team, making this the perfect opportunity for a gut-wrenching, character-focused story.

Green Lantern #46 and Green Lantern Corps #40

Matt: These issues sound PACKED with things happening. Let's hope that everything gets enough face time, the Sinestro vs. Mongul fight has been brewing for a long time, and I think fans would be disappointed if it was settled quickly.

Green Lantern: Agent Orange HC

Ryan: I’ve really enjoyed this story in singles, but I’m tempted to pick up this collection just for the great cover, featuring a fun twist on Larfleeze’s first full appearance. It’s nice to see this collection getting a new cover rather than recycling a cover from the storyline.


Adventure Comics #2

Matt: Something else written by Johns, including the co-feature! Give it one more year and the man will be writing all of the DCU at the same time.

Superman: Red Son Deluxe Edition

Eric: I've always heard good things about this series so I am actually consider getting this. Plus, I am sucker for Multiverse, Else-Worlds kind of stories.

Superman: Secret Origin #1

Eric: I've lost interest in this since it was announced and the solicit doesn't really bring back my enthusiasm for it. It looks like Johns is bringing in way too much and I can't help but feel that this is going to be tying into a larger story line that I'm going to have no interest in reading.

Ryan: I would complain about how long it took for this series to be solicited after first being announced, but the idea of Geoff Johns and (especially) Gary Frank returning to Superman makes it all worth the wait.

Matt: This feels completely pointless. I mean, how long until the next re-telling of Superman's origins once this one is done? I guess this one might stay in place for longer since it is being written by Geoff Johns.


Batgirl #2

Ryan: The solicit here seems to implies that the new Batgirl isn’t sanctioned by the rest of the Bat-family, which could potentially rule out both Babs and Cassie returning as Batgirl. It would, however, open up the door for Misfit and Spoiler, who both have history of fighting crime without the approval of the other Bat-characters.

Batman and Robin #4

Eric: Continues to sound fantastic and I'm definitely interested in who the new Red Hood is since the Joker seems unlikely and Morrison hasn't touched on Jason for most of his run. I am a little wary of Tan's art though.

Ryan: The idea of Batman having a foil in the Red Hood is cool, except that I feel Jason really owned the role of Red Hood and it made sense that he would take the mantle from the Joker. Introducing a new Red Hood, even in this cool of a premise, feels too gimmicky and unnecessary when you could’ve just given the character a different name and kept the concept.

Booster Gold #24

Ryan: Both Booster Gold and Blue Beetle will be taking on Black Beetle in this issue. I think it will be pretty cool to see both stories feature the same villain and it makes me wonder if they will do a full-on crossover between the two features (making it the first inter-issue crossover?).

Blackhawk: Blood and Iron

Ryan: I’m lucky enough to own the original prestige format “issues” of this storyline and I can’t recommend it enough. I’m surprised DC is going to reprinting this one, but I applaud them for doing so. This is Chaykin at his finest.

Doom Patrol #2

Eric: Continues to sound fantastic. I really hope Giffen and company do a great job on this because its the DC book I'm looking forward to most after Batman and Robin.

The Shield #1 and The Web #1

Eric: I don't know much about any of the creative teams but The Shield seems like the only series I will check out since Trautmann is writing it and I've always heard good things about him. I'll have to see some previews and reviews before I decide on the rest.

Matt: I have to admit this is a big gamble on DC's part. Two pretty much unknown and untested characters get a new ongoing on the same month, with co-features of equally unknown characters, and at 3.99? I don't see either one of these series doing great in the sales chart but kudos to them for trying new things!

Secret Six #13

Matt: That is one...odd cover. The textures look great, and it almost looks like an actual book cover, but I'm not completely sure it works. I really, really need to catch up with this book, since I keep hearing good things about it. I promise I will!

Wonder Woman Rise of the Olympian HC and TPB

Eric: Interesting to see DC release both the trade and hardcover at the same time. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing but, its probably good short term and bad longer term since DC could be seeing if the HC are even worth putting out, which is supported by the fact that the new Green Lantern Corps collection is a HC, the first for the series I believe. Anyway, I'll be getting this since I want to like Simone's WW so this will be her last chance to impress me.


Sweet Tooth #1

Eric: I have always heard good things about Lemire and the concept does sound pretty interesting so I'll definitely try out the first trade.

Ryan: The main characters reminds me a bit too much of that Fall Out Boy music video from a few years ago, but I won’t let that stop me from checking out Jeff Lemire’s new ongoing. He’s been an indie-darling because of his Tales from the Farm books for Top Shelf, but its great to see him launch a title that will get him the exposure he deserves.

Matt: Wow, this sounds absolutely bizarre (bordering on crazy). I guess I'll check out the first issue since it's only one buck.

The Authority #14

Matt: I wonder how much longer "World's End" is going to last. I know DnA are set to write a certain amount of issues of The Authority, which I think is around 20.



Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics Avengers

Eric: Well, these are going to be $4 comics so I have very little interest in them any more. I may try out Spider-Man, since Bendis is still writing it, but Millar isn't worth $4 per issue.

Matt: Well, this is certainly awkward. I thought the number #1 issues were going to be 3.99, and then the rest of the series was going back to 2.99. I don't think I can afford to add two more 3.99 ongoings to my pull list. As much as it saddens me, I'm going to have to trade wait this.

Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #1

Matt: I absolutely love Warren Ellis' work with the Ultimate Universe and I would love to see him get an ongoing once Ultimatum is done (is it done yet? No?). Ultimate Human was definitely great, and I figure this is going to be be in the same vein as that.

Ultimatum: Requiem and Ultimatum Spider-Man Premier HCs

Eric: I'm just going to point out what a bunch of bullshit this is. First off, I'm pretty sure this is the first time Marvel has done a Premier HC for Ultimate Spider-Man and they do it on the last trade. Secondly, they don't including the Requiem issues with it either. So, if I want them, I have to spend the extra money and get the X-Men and Fantastic Four ones as well. Third, they don't even label it Ultimate Spider-Man but rather Ultimatum, which is just...ugh, stupid. Because that title evokes the idea of "quality" that is often associated with Ultimate Spider-Man Just a horrible move by Marvel.


Dark Avengers #9

Matt: Holy crap, look at that cover! I feel 200% more manly after looking at it for 5 seconds! I really hope that Bendis does deliver a fight between Fury and Ares, or I am going to be sorely disappointed.

New Avengers #57

Matt: After all the build up that Bendis did to set up the Hood as the king of all Criminals, and he is going to be kicked off already? Seems weird.

Thor by Dan Jurgens and John Romita Jr. TPB

Eric: I may actually get this, mostly for JRJR's art, but JMS did get me interested in the character with his current work on the title. Jurgens is also a competent writer so odds are the stories won't be bad either. A wee bit pricey but it should still be worth it.


Agent of Atlas #10 & 11

Matt: I just wanted to point out that this series is having a double shipping this month again. Jeff Parker must be cranking out this comic in his sleep!

Criminal: Deluxe Edition

Ryan: You ever buy a DVD of your favorite movie, only to find out that some sort of super-awesome mega-edition would be coming out a few years later, containing everything you have on your DVD, plus a slew of new extras and a much heftier price tag? Yeah, that’s how this solicitation feels. I never thought I’d be kicking myself for buying this title in singles.

Incredible Hercules #134 and #135

Eric: It always seems impossible, but Incredible Hercules continues to find ways to become more awesome than before.

Matt: More double-shipping goodness! I have to agree with Eric on this one, just when you think the Herc title couldn't get more awesome, it goes and does something like this.

Ghost Rider: Heaven's on Fire

Matt: Can we give out awards for BEST. SOLICIT. EVER. ? Because I think this issue just won it.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #55

Ryan: I know that the Marvel Adventures books are probably better than I’m giving them credit for, but I feel like Skottie Young is being wasted as the cover artist on this title. He is too good NOT to be on a top-tier title.

MODOK: Reign Delay

Ryan: Everything is better with MODOK. This one is likely to be nothing but fluff, but I’m willing to put up with that to see what sort of family spawned the titular character.

Runaways #14

Ryan: There is nothing I’m looking forward to more than this book. Gert was, by far, my favorite Runaway before her death in Volume 2, so this solicitation has me tremendously excited. This better not be a swerve!

Savage She-Hulk TPBs

Eric: One of the first trade collections for Marvel's $4 books. It, along with Spider-Man Noir and X-Men Noir, are all only $1 cheaper than buying the single issues so I'm passing on trade, even though I was thinking of getting it. I really don't feel like paying that price, for this series anyway.

Shang Chi: Master of Kung Fu

Ryan: You had me at “Kung Fu Motorcycle Race.”

Matt: What the hell, this sounds awesome, but 3.99 for a black and white comic? I guess the fact that this is 48 pages long and has a whole lot of creators attached drove up the price.

Spider-Woman #1

Eric: My enthusiasm for this has waned over the past few months but I can't but laugh at the "most high profile character in all of Marvel comics" line. Anyway, I'll wait to see how the trade is priced before I decide if I'm interested in this or not.

Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #1

Ryan: It’s interesting how the infamy of how bad this event was is clearly what Marvel is expecting to carry the sales on this miniseries. I love Todd Nauck’s artwork, but that alone isn’t going to entice me enough to revisit this horrid storyline.

Matt: I have not read the original clone saga, but from I have heard from people is that it started out good/interesting and then it was extended by marketing to the point where it became horrendous. Interesting move by Marvel here, this new book seems to publish the original plan for the Clone Saga, although I don't think this series is going to do well at all.

Strange Tales MAX #1

Eric: Definitely buying the collected edition of this. Should be very interesting.

The Torch #1

Matt: Holy crap, a Human Torch mini series?! This would be a "Must Buy" for me if it weren't for two things: 1) The 3.99 price tag for an 8-issue mini and 2) It's not set in the past. I want to see the Torch melt some Nazi's face at an affordable price!


Wolverine: First Class #19

Ryan: Peter David writing, Dennis Calero on interiors, and Skottie Young on covers? That’s a heavy-hitting creative team that I wouldn’t expect from this title.

Wolverine: Old Man Logan Giant Sized Special #1

Ryan: Since this is out of continuity and has been delayed so heavily, wouldn’t it have been better of done as a miniseries? Then Marvel could’ve avoided the delays and the need to wrap it up in a one-shot, a la Whedon and Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men. Still, the story has been incredible and I’m excited about this issue’s promised bonus materials.

Wolverine: Origins #40

Ryan: It’s solicitations like this that prove how bad of an idea this series is and why I’m glad that it’s “revelations” have mostly been ignored by other writers (with the exception of Daken). This just sounds awful.

X-Factor #48 & 49

Matt: What do you know? Another double shipping! It's going to be a miracle if I'm not broke after September is over.

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Anonymous said...

There have been USM Ptremiere hardcovers before. "Venom", "Carnage" and "Clone Saga" all got one.

The Dangster said...

uhhh is the cover to the Agent Orange HC is the cover for issue #42?

Quantum said...

@the dangster

you are correct. guess he thought the story was already over.

strange tales max is a definite singles buy for me. and oddly enough considering grabbing the trade later on.

googum said...

The Nova cover got me: I just got that Monark Starstalker issue a couple weeks ago!

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