Monday, July 20, 2009

Blackest Night Coverage Round-Up

With the build-up to Blackest Night over the past two weeks, we here at the Weekly Crisis have covered a lot of topics over a variety of posts, from primers to reviews to Top 10 posts. As such, we've put together a quick index of all the Blackest Night content we've published over the past few weeks for your convenience, which you can view after the jump.

Blackest Night Primer

Blackest Night Primer Index - Index of the primer that also serves as a general Q&A post and includes a checklist to the event. - by Kirk Warren

The Road to Blackest Night - Summarizes everything we know about Blackest Night prior to Blackest Night #1, with a specific focus on details important to Blackest Night more so than a general summary of each event. - by Kirk Warren

Speculation & Predictions - Features speculation and predictions from Matt and Kirk on all things related to the event based on knowledge prior to Blackest Night #1. - by Kirk Warren, Matt Ampersand, Eric Rupe & Ryan Schrodt

The following are individual corps profiles listing each corps' oath, emotial spectrum, strengths, weaknesses, key members and more, all based on knowledge prior to Blackest Night #1:

Blackest Night #1 Reviews

Blackest Night #1 Review (contains images and spoilers) - by Kirk Warren
Blackest Night #1 Review - by Ryan Schrodt

Blackest Night OP/ED's

Top 10 Tuesdays - Top 10 Black Lanterns from Other Companies - by Matt Ampersand
Black Lanterns - The List - by Kirk Warren
Bought/Thought - Blackest Night #1 - by Kirk Warren
Trade Waiting - Green Lantern: Rebirth - by Eric Rupe
Trade Waiting - Sinestro Corps War Vol 1 & 2 - by Eric Rupe

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