Friday, July 17, 2009

The Blackest Night Primer - Indigo Tribe

Continuing the Blackest Night primer comes our penultimate corps spotlight, this time featuring the compassion filled Indigo Tribe. Sadly, there is very little information available on the Indigo Tribe, so this primer will be pretty sparse. However, we cover everything we do know and will be updating it in the future as we learn more on this corps.

If you missed any of our Blackest Night primer, make sure to check out the index post for basic information, links to all the other posts and the schedule for upcoming posts. When you're ready, hit the jump for everything you need to know about the Indigo Tribe.

Corps Colour: Indigo
Emotional Spectrum: Compassion
First Appearance: Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #1
Homeplanet: Unknown (Sector 3544)
Leader: Indigo
Key Stories: Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #1, Blackest Night
Oath: Unknown

Origin: Unknown.

Initiation: Unknown.

What We Do Know: The Indigo Tribe is a nomadic group that has embraced the indigo light of compassion. They take compassion to the extreme, even going so far as to perform a mercy killing of the Green Lantern of Sector 3544 in the name of compassion. Their leader is the pale, female alien known as Indigo and they speak a primitive language made up of mono sybillic words that a Green Lantern's ring, which holds knowledge of all known languages, could not decipher.

Furthermore, the Indigo Tribe forgo material goods in favour of a spartan lifestyle, which is reflected in their compassionate nature. Each member carries a staff that looks to be shaped like a lantern and possibly holds each members respective power battery. In lieu of actual uniforms, they wear tattered, tribal-like clothing and their 'corps logo' is smeared on their skin and clothing with paint and possibly tattoos on the skin.

As they first appeared in Sector 3544, it is assumed their homeplanet is based there. The Blue Lanterns have stated they will have to join forces with the Indigo Tribe in order to combat the Blackest Night, but they seem to have been delayed in their seeking out the Indigo Tribe because of Larfleeze's attack on the Blue Lantern homeworld.

Powers: While our introduction to the Indigo Tribe has been brief, we know that they harness compassion from the emotional spectrum and, while not shown, it can be assumed their rings give them the same basic flight, communications and protection that all other rings provide their corps. In addition, Tales of the Corps #1 showed that the Indigo Tribesmen can analyze the emotional energy of other corps and then absorb and rechannel it using their staves and rings.

For example, their leader, Indigo, absorbed the energy of a dying Green Lantern and used it to perform a mercy killing on him. When confronted by a Sinestro Corpsmen moments later, she absorbed his attack and formed her own construct of yellow energy to scare him away, sparing his life instead of outright killing him in an act of compassion.

Weaknesses: None so far. Speculated they cannot form their own constructs and must rely on other light to be absorbed and rechanneled, but, again, this is merely speculation at this point.

Notable Indigo Tribesmen

Indigo (Sector 3544)

Leader of the Indigo Tribe. Little else is known of the enigmatic Indigo. Even her sector of origin is speculated based on the sector she and the other Indigo Tribe first appeared in.

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Sebastian said...

I never noticed how much we actually knew about the Indigo tribe. Thanks Kirk for ruining the mystique. o.0 I really don't know why, but I am pretty excited to find out about them.

Matt Ampersand said...

I have to say, I have been loving the banners at the top of the page with the different color corps.

GregVersion2 said...

The whole mercy killing scenario adds an interesting twist to that "War of the Light" splash page we saw in Green Lantern #25. I remember a lot of people speculating that the Indigo Corps were just in the battle to heal people regardless of allegiance. I would guess this new info means the Indigo Lanterns will take it upon themselves to put other Lanterns out of their misery.

Neil said...

I suspect there is a link between the Indigo tribe and the black lanterns. Both seem to work off the powers and emotions of others. Black lanterns seem to feed off the emotional spectrum whilst the Indigo tribe seem to turn them against the user. Also note that in the new Titans it looks like Dove (for which read compassion) can't be read by the Black Lanterns. So, going out on an early limb here, I'm guessing that the Indigo tribe is the Black Lantern's Kryptonite.

Kirk Warren said...

@Neil - I think the Dove thing has to do with the basis of her powers and how the original Dove is "at peace" moreso than it being compassion. But I could be wrong, too.

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