Monday, July 13, 2009

The Blackest Night Primer - Star Sapphires

Continuing the Blackest Night primer we kicked off last week comes the third corps spotlight, this time featuring the Star Sapphires. These corps primers will cover the basics of each corps, from their oath to their leaders to their homeworlds, as well as their strengths, weaknesses and noteworthy members heading into the event.

If you missed any of our Blackest Night primer, make sure to check out the index post for basic information, links to all the other posts and the schedule for upcoming posts. When you're ready, hit the jump for everything you need to know about the Star Sapphires.

Corps Colour: Violet
Emotional Spectrum: Love
First Appearance: Green Lantern #18 (as a Corps)
Homeplanet: Zamaron (Sector 1416)
Leader: Queen Aga'po
Key Stories: Mystery of the Star Sapphire, Ring Quest, Sins of the Star Sapphire
"For hearts long lost and full of fright,
For those alone in blackest night,
Accept our ring and join our fight,
Love conquers all -- with violet light!"

Origin: Millenia ago, when the Guardians of the Universe first decided to abandon emotions and begin policing the universe, a splinter sect of females vehemently opposed them. Unable to resolve their differences, this group of females left the Guardians and travelled the cosmos until they came across the planet Zamaron. There, they found the source of the violet light of love - the Star Sapphire.

For many years, they used the Star Sapphire, a possessive and powerful jewel, to take control of women yearning for love and use them to mate with the person who spurned their love. Once they mated, the Star Sapphire would crystallize the entire planet, 'preserving' their love forever.

In recent times, the Zamarons, after one of their own became possessed by the Star Sapphire gem in Mystery of the Star Sapphire, decided that it would be prudent to create their own set of rings and lanterns and form a Star Sapphire corps to help spread love. It would also curtail many of the possessive and self-destructive properties of the original jewel. Thus, the Star Sapphires were born.

Initiation: The Star Sapphire ring seeks out those with great love in their hearts or a deep emotional loss, such as the death of a loved one or rejection by someone they love, similar to how Green Lantern rings seek out those with no fear and great willpower. Unlike other corps who's rings seek out new recruits, the Star Sapphire ring actually asks if you would like to join.

Also, it has been shown that the Star Sapphires can convert other corps members to their cause by imprisoning them in a crystal conversion chamber. Currently, Sinestro Corps members have been the only ones shown in these conversion chambers. Whether they work on other corps or if it is some weakness yellow has to violet light has yet to be revealed.

Powers: Star Sapphires harness love from the emotional spectrum to create violet light constructs. The Star Sapphire rings can also show people their greatest desires, as evidenced by Miri Riam's showing Kyle Rayner and Soranik Natu theirs, which ended up being that they both loved each other. Can also detect where love is in jeopardy anywhere in the universe.

Weaknesses: None so far. However, violet is on the far end of the emotional spectrum and Johns has said the extremes of the spectrum are more dangerous and difficult to control.

Notable Members

The Zamarons (Sector 1416)

Led by their queen, Aga'po, the Zamarons are a faction made up entirely of females that split off from the Guardians of the Universe millenia ago after the Guardians decided they would lead a life without emotions. The Zamarons believe a life without love is blasphemy and searched the universe for a sign of their faith before stumbling upon the planet Zamaron, where they renamed themselves the Zamarons and began harnessing the power of love from a mysterious crystal, the Star Sapphire, that they found in a cave between two crystallized aliens wrapped in an embrace.

The Predator

Similar to Ion and Parallax, the Predator is the entity for love and the violet light part of the emotional spectrum. When it was first introduced, it was presented as the male, animus component of Carol Ferris's personality and, eventually, separated off, taking on the traits of Carol's ideal male counterpart.

In Green Lantern #43, Scar named the Star Sapphire entity, which had not been seen up until then, as The Predator, which is most likely a retconning of this past character/entity to serve as the embodiment of love. Whether Carol Ferris will become its host again or the more fleshed out Miri Riam or even someone different remains to be seen.

Carol Ferris (Sector 2814)

Carol Ferris was, at one point, the love of Hal Jordan's life. Over the years, their relationship has soured on several occasions and, most recently, she had been married to another man, whom she went on to divorce. She has been shown to still be in love with Jordan, but he no longer loves her as he once did. This has created a void in Ferris's heart and made her an ideal candidate for the Star Sapphire ring, which Ferris readily accepted. Ferris has been possessed by the Star Sapphire jewel in the past and was once possessed by the Predator, which is now being retconned into the embodiment of love. It is speculated Ferris will once again join with the Predator.

Miri Riam (Sector Unknown)

The first recruit of the Star Sapphires, Miri Riam was a recently married woman travelling with her husband for their honeymoon when Mongul attacked their ship in search of supplies. While Mongul did not attempt to harm them, Miri's husband approached him requesting he let them live. Mongul flicked him away, breaching his space suit in the process and killing him. Miri, unable to live without her greatest love, decided to die with him and turned off the life support of their ship. When approached by the Star Sapphire ring, she accepted and joined the corps.

She has been fleshed out a great deal since then and even aided the Green Lanterns at one point, saving them from the Sinestro Corps member, Kryb. She then took Kryb back to Zamaron for conversion and 'rehabilitation'.

Fatality (Sector 1313)

Captured Sinestro Corps member. She was recently converted to a Star Sapphire through the Zamarons' conversion chambers. Once sought revenge on any and all Green Lanterns as a bounty hunter due to the perceived crime of John Stewert failing to prevent the destruction of her homeworld. She eventually joined the Sinestro Corps, but was later captured by the Star Sapphires. Once she was converted to the Star Sapphires, she made peace with John Stewert and apologized for her misguided hatred and blaming of him and the Green Lanterns for the destruction of her world.

Kryb (Sector 3559)

Captured Sinestro Corps member. Currently shown being converted to the Star Sapphires like Fatality. Was last seen crying in a conversion chamber due to hearing the cries of the babies she has stolen over the years, which are kept hidden on a remote planet. The Zamarons mistook this as the process working. Whether this results in the conversion failing, the premature release of Kryb or something else remains to be seen.

The Lost Sapphire (Sector Unknown)

Revealed in the Star Sapphire corps summary in Blackest Night #0, nothing else is known of the Lost Sapphire outside of her shadowed figure. She could be related to the Lost Lanterns, those defeated and left to die in space by Hal Jordan during his time as Parallax, or, my guess, the original, Golden Age Star Sapphire, who was banished to the 7th Dimension by Queen Aga'po and had tried to use Carol Ferris to destroy the Zamarons. Her banishment could represent the 'lost' aspect of the name. However, nothing is really known and these are just theories.

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brandon said...

this reminds that in the issue with Miri getting recruited didnt Ice make her journey back to Earth? was that ever revisited? I kind of thought she would be recruited as well.

Kirk Warren said...

I think Tomasi wanted to explore the Guy/Ice relationship, but realized there wasn't enough room to do so, so just wrote her back out of the plot again. However, Guy is back on Earth with Kyle, so maybe they'll meet up again.

Jason said...

Having the Sinestro Corps be especially susceptible to the Star Sapphire's would make some sense, since yellow and violet are complementary colors on the color wheel.

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