Monday, July 6, 2009

The Blackest Night Primer

Green Lantern's The Blackest Night is finally upon us and, as we did with War of Kings, we've put together a primer to prep everyone for it, from the long time Green Lantern readers to those that don't know a Blue Lantern from a Red one.

The primer will run for the next two weeks and will feature summaries for everything you need to know going in, speculation and predictions on what will happen during and after the Blackest Night and corps profiles that will clue people on each of the new corps, their strengths, weaknesses, key members and more.

This introduction post will serve as an index for the primer, which officially kicks off tomorrow, and will also act as a FAQ and informal Q&A post where you can ask us any questions you'd like to see answered in the primer or just to speculate on what will happen in the upcoming event. Hit the jump for more!


What is Blackest Night?

The Blackest Night is the upcoming line-wide Green Lantern event for DC Comics. It was hinted at over a year ago at the conclusion to the Sinestro Corps War and is the culmination of everything Geoff Johns and company have done on the Green Lantern titles since Green Lantern: Rebirth.

What is Blackest Night about?

As the book has not come out yet, we can only speculate the exact details, but Green Lantern villain, Black Hand, will kick it off by recruiting various dead super heroes and villains into the Black Lantern Corps through their Black Lantern rings.

Meanwhile, the other eight corps will be consumed in a War of Light that will see each corps pitted against each other. It is speculated alliances will be formed and that they may all have to unite in order to stop the Blackest Night.

All you need to know is this is the spiritual sequel to the blockbuster Sinestro Corps War and the final act to Geoff Johns trilogy rebirth of the Green Lantern franchise.

How many books are involved in the event?

While DC will try to tell you that the only book required will be the self-titled, eight issue mini-series, Blackest Night, you can be all but certain that the Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps monthlies are in all likelihood essential to the story and should be followed. Any other tie-in appears to be just that - a tie-in - and it has been indicated that Blackest Night will be roughly 50-60 issues for those willing to pick up every single tie-in.

Is there a checklist?

Yes, there is and you can view it below. However, it only covers books up until October and does not include any preludes, such as Blackest Night #0 from Free Comic Book Day.

I've never read any of DC's Green Lantern titles, have no clue who or what a Black Lantern is or why everyone is suddenly coming back from the dead. Where can I find out more about them?

Over the course of the next week or so, Matt and Kirk will be publishing a series of posts covering the basics of everything related to this event, from summaries of key plots and stories that led to the event to summaries and profiles of the different corps and their related members.

Listed below is a table of contents for this primer detailing the various posts we will be publishing over the next week and what you can expect from each.

The Road to Blackest Night - Will summarize everything we know up until now with a specific focus on details important to Blackest Night moreso than a general summary of each event.

Check back
tomorrow, July 7th, for more.

Speculation & Predictions - Will feature speculation and predictions from Matt and Kirk on all things related to the event.

Check back Wednesday,
July 8th, for more.

These will be followed by individual corps profiles listing each corps' oath, emotial spectrum, strengths, weaknesses, key members and more:

Any Questions?

We'll be going into much more detail in the coming days, but feel free to ask any questions related to the event, the characters or anything you feel is relevant and we'll do our best to answer them for you either directly in the comments or within the upcoming posts for this primer.

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Andrenn said...

Nice Primer, guys.

I guess my biggest question is should I really read both Green Lantern/Green Lantern Corps alongside Blackest Night? I would like to, but to be honest it's just not in my budget to add 2 more books when I just dropped 5. I would really like to at least read Green Lantern but I would really just like to stick to Blackest Night mainly for the cost.

Sebastian said...

Wow, this is going to be cool. I went back and re-read the War of Kings primer so many times. I'm pretty tight on Lantern/Johns continuity, but this is really awesome. Thanks, guys!

Chris Marshall said...

"50-60 issues?"
That doesn't seem to add up with the Checklist provided.
Do you know what the other issues involved are?

Kirk Warren said...

@Andrenn - A recent interview with Johns had him saying you could read Blackest Night and get the whole story if you wanted. Green Lantern and GLC will flesh out events more and give spotlights on other characters events only mentioned in passing in the main series. I think both GL and GLC will end up being 'required' in the end, but the current PR states its not, so you should be fine.

@Chris Marshall - The checklist only goes up to October. DC has not released another one yet, but has stated there will be similar miniseries for the second half, such as a Wonder Woman one, and have said they are shooting for more than Final Crisis (which was about 30 books total), but less than an Infinite Crisis or Secret Invasion,w hich were in the 100s.

Anonymous said...

I plan to pick up everything except for the Titans miniseries. I really like Terra and Loved her mini, but the Titans are just not my cup of tea. I would strongly suggest anyone reading BN to get the two GL books as well, maybe even pick up the trades for both from Sinestro Wars on.

Daringd said...

50-60 really I will only be getting GL GLC and BN I might pick up the Superman Tie in. And for July the Tales of Corps are a must. DC is going to hurt my wallet. But hopefully it will be worth it.

Kirk Warren said...

@Daringd - Ya, it's going to be a rough time, especially with a weekly $3.99 from Wednesday Comics on top of all the Blackest Night goodness. I'm probably going to pass on all the non-Green Lantern tie-ins, such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Titans, etc. Just BN, GL, GLC and the Tales of the Corps for me at the moment.

Eric Rupe said...

Chris Marshall - DC confirmed that after the first around of tie-in minis end there will be Blackest Night miniseries for Flash, Wonder Woman and JSA.

Matt Ampersand said...

Sebastian, glad to know you enjoyed the previous primers. These things are a lot of work, and it helps to know that people enjoy and/or use them.

I am only going to be getting the Green Lantern series, none of the other tie-ins for me.

Daringd said...

@ Kirk as much money I will be spending on DC books. To me DC gives you more for your money. So I have no issue paying a buck more. Unlike Marvel which gives you the same for more $. Of course if Wednesday Comics end up being to much for 12 weeks running the Oversized edition (When it comes out) is a great way to go.

btownlegend said...

These books really hurt since I find myself sold on the entire Bat-launch.

Chris Marshall said...

Kirk and Eric - Thanks! I didn't get that news.

Anonymous said...

With the $3 and $4 prices on comics i am quickly dropping all books where the writing is sub-standard. i used to be a much more avid comic reader for MANY years but i've found too many stories are either rehashes of stories from the 1960s and 1970s or the actual writing is so annoying that i can't stomach it. Quite frankly $4 a book is totally out of line and $3 a book was already pushing it. Some friends of mine and i have started reading each others books so we don't waste so much money. i'm a huge GL fan and am happy the characters are seeing a relaunch but $4??!!! i'm sorry, i can get a healthy, fantastic Thai dinner at a clean beautiful restaurant for that. i think these outrageous prices are eventually going to kill the industry.

comic book reviews said...

I don't like events like Blackest Night. It requires to many purchases to keep up with all that goes on during the event. With the prices of comic books at 3-4$ that easily adds up.

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