Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Collection of Random Thoughts, Vol 11

Today I shall mostly be talking about various subject related to the nature of comics, superhero and otherwise, my favorite Wonder Woman costume, two new Reader Questions and more after the jump.

Something I Liked About Heinberg's Who Is Wonder Woman? Arc

Donna Troy's Wonder Woman costume. It seemed like the perfect mix of classical Greek hoplite armor and the superhero aesthetic. Too bad DC would never actually use anything like it for Wonder Woman's costume.

Manazons - Serious vs Silly Nature Of Superheroes

It occurs to me that if the Olympians had originated from the Golden Age or Silver Age and had been called The Manazons, everyone would accept it as, well, perfect acceptible. Honestly, if someone came up with a new character nowadays named "Spider-Man," or some kind of variant, it probably would be derided. Why is it so hard for superhero fans to accept the absurd nature of their preferred genre at times?

Hire Real PR People

After reading numerous interviews and question/answer articles with Dan Didio and Joe Quesada, especially Quesada, it dawned on me that Marvel and DC would be better off if they hired actually PR people to do that kind of stuff. I think it would probably help them better promote their stuff without the usual problems that Didio's and Quesada's inexperience brings.

Needs More World Building

Something thing that has constantly bothered me about Marvel and DC is their lack of world building when it comes to Earth itself. Yeah, they can create some fantastic worlds on occasion but Earth itself remains static. Superheroes would have a profound impact on the world if they actually existed. Occasionally, Marvel and DC will throw in a tidbit or two but, generally, they just ignore it.

Now, the reason for this is because they want their stories to take place in the "real world," which is bull. Marvel's and DC's "real world" completely ignores how people would really react to this kind of stuff, for the most part as they do occasionally get some stuff right. Where am I going with this? No where, really, it's just a massive pet peeve of mine and I wish Marvel and DC would occasional do a little more world building in their respective Earths with stuff like DC's The Flash Museum and Superhero Memorial Day.

An Odd Timeline

It occurs to me that using the timeline in Mighty Avengers, Secret Invasion couldn't have happened more than a month after the end of Civil War yet that can't be the case given the length of time other stories had between two events. This is something that has always annoyed about Marvel and DC's shared universes. All of their various stories never really connect together that well.

Say "NO!" To Digital Art Covers

They just look bad. I don't necessarily have a problem with digital art, but I never seen any used on a comic book over that I've actually liked.

Disasters In The DC And Marvel U

One thing that I find weird is when writer's use real life disasters in comic books as points of reference. Why? How can any of them measure to up, say, Crisis on Infinite Earths or the time Thanos killed half of the universe,? I like said, it strikes me as odd. I guess you could say that it would connect with the reader more that way but then you could have the problem with the writer appealing callous or uncaring in regards to the real life disasters.

It's All Just Comics

Marvel, manga, European comics, art comix, webcomics. They are all "comics," sequential art or whatever you want to you call. It's all the same thing.

Previews Need To Be Big Enough To Read

Seriously. There will be times when I can't make out the words on a page that is on my computer screen. If you are going to put something online for people to read, it really does need to be big enough so that they can, you know...READ IT!

San Diego Comic Con '09

While SDCC was pretty light in terms of new Marvel and DC announcements but there were plenty of of new Indy books announced that I am interested in. So, here is a list of new books that I am interested on some level, plus a couple of Marvel and DC ones as well.
  • Doc Bizarre by Joe Casey and Andy Suriano.
  • 50Girl50 by Frank Cho and Doug Murry.
  • Imperial by Steven T. Seagle and Mark Dos Santos
  • I, Zombie by Chris Robertson and Mike Allred.
  • An announced project by Steven T. Seagle and Mike Allred.
  • The True Life of The Fabulous Killjoys by Gerrard Way, Shaun Simons and Becky Cloonan.
  • Choker by Ben McCool and Ben Templesmith
  • The Anchor by Phil Hestor and Brian Churilla
  • JSA All Stars by Matt Surges and Freddie Williams III.
  • Revolver by Matt Kindt from Vertigo.
  • The Chill from Jason Starr and Area 10 by Christos Gage Chris Samnee from the Vertigo Crime imprint.
  • Stumptown by Greg Rucka.

Reader Questions

1) How often do you reread your comics?

2) What is you dream creative team on a Marvel or DC book?

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Francois said...

You probably have seen digital art covers that you liked you just didn't realize they were digital art because they were well done instead of not well done.

btownlegend said...

I do reread. Especially when these plots get convoluted. Over the years, you also miss the magic certain runs had.

Frank said...

What do you mean by digital art covers? Pretty much everything you see in comics today was done on a computer, even from the pencils on up. Kinda hard to avoid these days!

Eric Rupe said...

Francois - Probably, but I guess it's the ones that I notice that bug me.

Frank - Right, brain fart on my part. I'm talking about stuff like Brandon Peterson's War of Kings covers and the cover for Titans #18 were the characters look like digital renderings. It's just off putting to me.

I have no problem with stuff like digital coloring or anything like that though.

Andrenn said...

I reread comics all the time. Just last night I got out/reread the first 9 issues of Loeb's Hulk and Spider-man: Requiem #1 since #2 comes out tomorrow.

Qwant said...

Like Donna troy's costume too. Even thinking about an action figure.

I reread comics mainly when i buy them in TPB/HC. After that if i have a whole run, for example.
And i have only one dream team - Johns/Van Sciver

Mashashin said...

I reread all the time. I just reread a bunch of Deathstroke the Terminator to settle an arrgument about rose and just wound up reading from Zero Hour through to the end even though some of it sucked. My wife has finally trained me to only have one long box out at a time though.

Daryll B. said...

Totally agree on the P.R. point for both companies and as to building a universe, I always thought smaller companies did a better job of that than the big 2. Ex: Astro City, Wildstorm, Hellboy, even Elephantman

I didn't like the golden WW outfit as much as I like the Hippolyta WW outfit most notably seen in the JLA's JSA set-up in Morrison's run that had the war of the 5th dimension entities.

I reread my books often, but as quality has dipped I find that there are more and more 'done-in-one' books in my collection.

I lucky to hae seen a lot of great teams in my time and on my books...the one I'd love but would drive everyone nuts is Mark Waid and Jim Lee on an X-Men run with no interference...

Lord knows because of editorial, Marvel gave DC a great X-Men story in Tower of Babel.

Matthew Hex said...

Mate I know what you mean when you say digital covers and I totally agree. Those War of Kings covers have been awful and hurt my eyes.
I re-read comics all the time. I'm currebntly re-reading all of morrisons run on batman (so much better when read all together) to get up to speed for batman & robin and next I plan to re-read dini's detective run as I've really enjoyed Streets of Gotham so far.
Dream creative team is too hard to answer right now, i need to think about that one.

Flip The Page said...

with the trades and hardcovers I own i'm constantly reading and rereading. I don't really know why it's just what i've done since the days when i collected manga.

dream team? Peter David and Pablo Raimondi on X-Factor again. it was a perfect combo (especially in the Madrox mini) and a world without that double team is a world with freakishly inconsistent art (ugh stromann)

Matt Ampersand said...

I usually read my single issues two or three times, just so I remember better what happens in them. MY trades usually get about three or four reads as well.

Matt said...

Re: the Civil War to Secret Invasion Timeline
Yeah, that's one of the biggest things that bothers me about Bendis, his timelines. I seem to recall that he also placed Civil War a good two weeks after House of M. I get what he's doing, he wants to slow the growth of the characters, but personally it really takes me out of the stories. I need to know that there's time passing and some semblance of stability in the Marvel U, and not just a crazy ass world-changing event happening every month.

Bendis just has no regard for making things his work fit in with the larger time lines of Marvel's output. I would think with all the building, rebuilding, mini-events and whatnot it was almost a good year between Civil War and Secret Invasion.

Let's not even try to fit in World War Hulk.

Anonymous said...

On the previews thing you can always try Ctrl+mouse wheel up to just up the size of the font display in your browser.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Rereading can occur for two reasons; 1) the next issue is coming soon, I reread the first issues of Ultimate Wolvie V Hulk just before the last ones came out (a series which I thoroughly enjoyed!) and 2) you reread comics because they are awesome. I reread a lot fo my Daredevil, of which that covers a grand percentage of how many have been published since 1963. I reread a few other trades that tickle my fancy and usually while sorting stuff away I'll give it a quick read with a cup of tea on a cold Sunday arvo.

BobofBentleigh said...

funny that you asked about the re-reading, I've just been re-reading Grant Morrison's run on Batman (which in my opinion reads a lot better together than as single issues), notably Batman #666. Found it interesting to see references to Professor Pyg, Damian's Robin costume etc.

Just a thought

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