Saturday, July 11, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/08/09

Going to have to rename this the Green Lantern Moments of the Week as there's almost nothing here but Green Lantern related moments. I won't bore you with the details, so hit the jump for the moments!

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #36

Brand New Day - where Spider-Man is a 30 year old loser that lived with his aunt, has no job, no prospects, no girl friends and wants to bang his cousins. Gotta love the new story possibilities here.

All Bostonians have speech impediments and hate the Yankees. Got it.

Batman #688

Based on upcoming previews, I assume Two-Face uses this knowledge of Dick as Batman (he doesn't outright say that, but he knows based on the lead up to this scene) to dress up as Batman himself? Kinda continues with what Tomasi was building upon in Nightwing before Battle for the Cowl. All except the upcoming Two-Face Batman costume thing.

Dark X-Men: The Beginning #1

That is the best depiction of being mind wiped ever.

Green Lantern #43

With how Johns is portraying him, having Black Hand's costume constructed from a body bag actually makes a lot of sense. Creepy, but makes sense.

Everyone saw this when it was teased by DC's The Source blog, but it warrants a repeat showing. The pages, taken out of context, make it appear like each of the deceased in the image are going to be Black Lanterns. In the actual issue, the mystery voice is just rhyming off dead people and follows it up with people that cheated death, claiming he "wants them all". We know we'll be seeing a few of the suspects, but I'm guessing several won't be used, such as Vic Sage, Sue and Ralph Dibney, Dr Light and so on. I'm going with the logic that no corpse means no Black Lantern for many of these and, on top of that, anyone that is useless/non powered/has no tie-ins scheduled won't be a Black Lantern either.

The other list of people the mystery voice wanted included those that came back to life, as seen above. Surprised Kilowog was included. Seems out of place, even though this is a Green Lantern comic. Also, I thought the retcon/explanation for Superman was that he just plain didn't die. Wasn't it a matter of him in a coma-type state and that's why he was able to be revived?

Blatantly stolen from Bleeding Cool, this is marketing at its finest. I don't think I have to explain this to anyone either. Regarding the mind blowing moment, it's rare for me to be as shocked as I was upon seeing that. I was under the impression Black Hand would stay alive and just act as the herald of the Black Lanterns, not actually die and join them that way.

Here we have the announcement of not one, but two new emotional entities. The first is the Black Lantern entity, which is either supposed to be Black Hand, himself, which doesn't make much sense in context of other entities but is how Scar words it, or whatever is possessing him that remains unnamed. The other entity is the retconning of the Predator into the Star Sapphire's entity.

Just a creepy looking image of the Black Lantern version of Black Hand.

Ms Marvel #41

Ms Marvel is alive...somehow. Had to do with magic babies in jars, multi-coloured light versions of her merging together and Spider-Man, Deadpool and Wolverine were there, too.


I'd been hearing some really good things about REBELS and was planning to check out a trade for it based on everything I was seeing, but it looks like it's turning into a complete rip off of Annihilation: Conquest.

Starro, the collective Phalanx villains, has started creating its own 'selects', which have limited personalities and control to execute Starro's commands. Then there's a new big bad leading the Starro's instead of just the big starfish, similar to how Ultron took over the Phalanx. Finally, this issue and moment shows that they are now closing off the entire sector of space to contain the Phalanx, er, Starro's inside. There's coincidences and then there's just outright copying.

Red Robin #2

Is that what Europe looks like in the DC Universe (the map)?

Superman: World of New Krypton #5

After putting Superman on trial for treason, bribing someone to set him free in hopes Superman would flee, hence further incriminating himself and becoming a fugitive, and then doing a complete 360 and begging for the council to spare Superman's life and set him free, Zod gets assassinated by someone in the crowd. I don't even want to try and figure out how this works or if it's a staged death or whatever.

Wednesday Comics #1

While many of the single page stories in Wednesday Comics were entertaining or looked fantastic, no panels really stood out as 'moments' to me with the exception of this Adam Strange one.

X-Men Forever #3

So, Storm is evil (possessed by Shadow King maybe?), kills Wolverine with a lightning bolt and then...

...gets stabbed in the face by Kitty Pryde, who has a single Wolverine claw and claims Logan is her family. Riggghhhttt. I wonder if this is blood related or just metaphorically a family tie.

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Anonymous said...

Does anybody actually believe that X-Men Forever is what Claremont was planning to do post X-Men #3 way back when? Seriously? I have first 3 issues in TPB. I read those then read the first 3 issues of Forever. There's absolutely no continuity whatsoever in both characters and story arcs. I'm sorry but Claremont is just pulling stuff out of his ass.

The Dangster said...

im glad someone else found that Black Hand's costume being made of body bags interesting. It's hard to describe to other people without a visual

The Dangster said...

as a bostonian i found that spider-man offensive

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - Aahhaha, ya, almost everything "new" Ive seen from it just seems like Loebian in nature, like its trying to be edgy and extreme for no other reason to try and be 'cool'. Cant see how it picks up from X-Men #3 in anyway.

@The Dangster - Ya, I'm not sure what that Boston stuff was all about other than to ridicule anyone from Boston. I had to re-read the guy in the first panel saying body armour a couple times before finally getting it. It would be like writing every single person from Brooklyn in a stereotypical Brooklyn Brawler-like accent.

cheetahmaster said...


Dude, I was *just* asking about the other Lantern entities in another thread! (I still like thinking of Red Hulk as the Red Lantern entity, hee.)

So, is the Zod shooting supposed to parallel the Captain America shooting?

The lettering in that Adam Strange bit is pretty groovy, I note.

And I didn't realize Kitty was a redhead now. Oh, Claremont, couldn't you just have retired your X-men career and let us live with our pleasant nostalgia for your glory days?

Klep said...

Note to Marvel: Nerd and high school-era social outcast does not inherently mean complete fucking loser. If you're serious about sticking to this BND crap, how about at least giving Peter some character development so he's not just some pathetic man-child. This isn't the Peter Parker I wanted to be when I was a kid. This is some douchebag named Peter Parker that I kind of want to punch in the face.

Anonymous said...

Dark X-Men: The Beginning #1
more than mindwipe that looks like prof taking a smelly crap and mimic suffering the consecuences

the predator entity when was introduced, i cant remember seeing it before

Anonymous said...

I don't remember who suggested this, but it looks like there might be a fight between zombie Batman and caveman Batman.

Matt Ampersand said...

I haven't been reading X-Men Forever, but I know that a lot of the plot points that Claremont was going to use way back in '91 (or was it '93? I always forget) were eventually used by other writers. So I guess now he is just using the plot points he hadn't used, and instead of slow-burning them like he used to, he is just cramming in as much as possible into every issue.

Matt Ampersand said...

Also, when and how did Kilowog die/come back to life?

Randallw said...

Presumably back when Parallax wiped out the GL corp.

Kirk Warren said...

@Matt & Randallw - I assume it was when Hal was Parallax, too, but there were so many deaths/non-deaths (Lost Lanterns, etc), that I wasnt sure who died anymore and why Kilowog was singled out there.

Steven said...

Kilowog was the final GL Hal killed, before destroying the Green battery and killing all the Guardians save Ganthet. Interestingly, this was all done before he absorbed all of the power from the main battery (and presumably Parallax). They've always just sort of skipped the part where he hadn't actually become Parallax until after he went crazy and decimated the Corps.

Anonymous said...

I've worked out what this all is.

ASM is now being entirely shadow-written by Tim Buckley.

lunatic96 said...

You mean Zod pulled a complete 180. 360 is just turning in a circle and ending up where you started

brandon said...

was kilowog's return from the dead every explained? i seem to recall him just sort of showing up again in rebirth.

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