Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/22/09

Sorry for the delay in the Moments of the Week. Along with all the Comic-Con news I've been trying to keep up with, I was informed at the last minute that I'll be leaving on vacation tomorrow to visit my brother and have been packing and planning for that as well. While I won't be here for the week, you won't have to worry about any missing content as Matt, Eric and Ryan are going to be covering for me until I get back. My vacation plans aside, hit the jump for all the momenty goodness, which has everything from Amazing Spider-Man and Atomic Robo to Immortal Weapons and X-Force!

Amazing Spider-Man #600

Didn't see that one coming.

Couldn't stop laughing when I saw this. It's a Family Guy reference, for, ah, reference. Family Guy had one of their random parodies where Peter Griffin was saved by Spider-Man and Spidey tells him everyone gets one. They did the same thing another time with one of Peter's friends being saved by Spidey and Peter saying everyone gets one. Looks like it's come full circle and is now Spidey referencing Family Guy referencing Spidey.

I'm with Johnny Storm. I'd be begging Spidey to let me be his sidekick just for some wingman benefits to all the kinds of women he has around him 24/7.

Looking forward to seeing Mary Jane again.

Wow, I can't believe they made a cover like this, even as a fake. That's awesome.

I have a Spider-Man/Batman comic (with delicious Mark Bagley art) that says otherwise to this!

Atomic Robo: Shadow From Beyond Time #3
I love how they already know Robo has pissed off the rock before asking him.

It's true. There really is only one Atomic Robo in the world.

Avengers: The Initiative #26


Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #2

Blume, the giant floating space head with a heart of gold that will terrorize your planet and steal all of its wealth.

Considering how many times the Star Sapphire has possessed Carol Ferris, that's the best respone ever.

Dark Wolverine #76

This doesn't look like nearly as much fun as messing with Bullseye last issue. Maybe stick to antagonizing base power level human super heroes.

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #5

This would have been a picture perfect ending to the Superboy-Prime saga. Shame they continued with the next moment.

I made my opinion known in the review of this issue, so I'll let everyone else to judge it themselves.

Remember this scene from the Origins & Omens section of Green Lantern #38?

This was the wall on Mordru's former planet, now home to the Black Witch. Torquemada and Alan Scott can be seen imprisoned in the wall. Raven looks to be at the bottom, too. Looks like that above moment will be picked up on by Johns in Adventure Comics with whatever plans he has for the Black Witch.

Green Lantern #44

Good thing Barry Allen is on the scene to point out those bones are missing a skull. Definitely the new World's Greatest Detective. I see why he's in forensic science.

Johns should write a Martian Manhunter: Rebirth or some such. He clearly has no problem writing the character to his potential. People might actually start caring about him if they see how great he can be.

While a great splash page on its own, a little context helps. Barry Allen was beating the crap out of what he thought was Martian Manhunter for a page or two. Turns out it was telepathy and it was actually Hal. J'onn J'onzz is the man. Er, Martian.

Immortal Weapons #1

Not the greatest of origins, but the rest of Fat Cobra's moments will make up it.

Fat Cobra is my new role model.

Truly the hero of the gods.

I wish I had a repertoire of sex moves...

There is not one thing on this page that is not awesome.

Incredible Hulk #600

When did he get heat vision? Wait, I don't want to know.

Red Hulk absorbed all of the Hulk's gamma radiation. Hulk turned into Bruce Banner again and can "never" be Hulk again. Riggghhhttt. Moving on.

Invincible #64

Eve is alive again. And naked. Similar to the X-Force moment below, I find it funny we have so many ways to obscure the nudity, but they have full page spreads of Invincible turning a guy's head into paste and then close ups of the aftermath. Mark spending most of the issue with his femur sticking out of his leg and a mangled hand were also quite disturbing to look at. But no nudity!

Power Girl #3

Fridge jokes. Will they ever not be funny?

X-Force #17

So, ya, Boom-Boom is alive again. If they came back in time, why show her being shot in the head in the first place? I hate time travel. Oh, and it's funny how so many were outraged by her shock death and now no one really cares that she's alive again.

Okay, Wolverine just turned that guy into a smear. Aside from this week's Invincible, that's about the most graphic thing in a mainstream comic I think I've seen in a long time. In contrast, they blurred out an ass shot of Rahne in the same issue. Don't want to corrupt the little children's minds or anything.

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Andrenn said...

Great moments, Kirk. And yes you're right, it is ridiculous how nudity is the sum of all evil, dare I see the tits of titania the evil goddess of...evil tits! That would burn my eyes and make my mind implode. But I can see a man get turned into ground beef and it's a-okay. And seeing that comics blur the line of near nudity (that god awful She-hulk as a new example) and make women often look like strippers with super powers it's funny that nudity is seen as so bad in comics. Makes no damn sense.

Randallw said...

My favourites were in the recent Deadpool mini series where at the beginning he imagines he's in Oz, and then near the end of the issue there's an ad for the latest Oz series and it's clerar what the artists was copying. Later Deadpool enters a strip club and says a stripper can dress up like Storm and do unspeakable things to him, just like that Chris Claremont rumour.

Daringd said...

it's between "everyone gets one" and Atom Eve's return

Eric Rupe said...


Matt Ampersand said...

I used to have that Spider-Man/Batman comic too, when I was a little kid, but I left it behind when I moved! I fucking hate my younger self.

On the other hands, Immortal Weapons was so fucking awesome.

About X-Force: YES! The Nextwave reunion is back on track! And did Wolverine just cut a a couple of guys' head in half in broad daylight in front of the U.N. building? That's not going to win mutants a whole lot of good PR points.

Flip The Page said...

my favourite moment this week came from ASM 600, right near the end of the Dan Slott story
I mean c'mon!

Also hated the return of mary jane, mainly cause she comes off as an annoying bitch

clockworkthug said...

Why do we still have Jeph Loeb writing our comics? RULK, i have no problem with. If written well, he'd easily become an interesting foil to Banner, in the same way Venom is the anti-spidey and Sabretooth is the anti-wolverine.

But Loeb. Wow. Seriously, wow. I just feel bad for Pak and his cleanup crew.

Klep said...

clockworkthug: But Banner already had that kind of foil in the Abomination. Loeb had the red Hulk kill the Abomination so that he could insert his own Mary Sue character into things. It's all just terrible.

Matt Ampersand said...

There was some nonsense in one of the earlier RULK issues that established that the angrier he got, the hotter he got. Maybe the heat vision is the next loeb-gical step.

Jule said...

great week of comics i almost buy amazing after all this time, but when i dont see the coletion cover in it let it go
and legion of 3 worlds wanst good for my iwas thinking of it like teh perfect birhday present but feel disappointed.

@randall, what storm rumor???

Randallw said...

I'm hesitant to link directly to it, but as the rumour goes, Claremont hires women to dress up as Storm ( a character he invented) and do unspeakable things to him.

I will give a link to the Author Appeal page at TV tropes, scroll down to Chris Claremont and follow that link. Warning: TV tropes can be addictive :)

Randallw said...

....and then he goes and forgets to include the link

Jule said...

@Randallw thanks for the info i never knew nothing of this before...

Matthew Hex said...

Good picks as usual. Immortal Weapons was awesome and had loads of great moments. Well spotted in LO3W where Torquemada and Alan Scott can be seen imprisoned in the wall. I noticed the bodies when I read the issue but didnt realise it was the Orig GL.

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