Friday, July 24, 2009

Comic-Con '09 - Day One Round-Up

Comic-Con International 2009, which I will never get used to calling (always called it the San Diego Comic-Con or SDCC), kicked off with earnest yesterday and, even on the light news opening day, had lots noteworthy panels, particularly from DC, who had Geoff Johns, Superman and JSA panels for lots of content. I've also taken the opportunity to gather up a few links and noteworthy news from each of the panels in this post for those that missed anything.

Geoff Johns Panel

  • Blackest Night: The Flash, by Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Green Lantern) and Scott Kolins (Flash, FC: Rogues' Revenge), will come out in Decemeber. Will feature the dead rogues teased in Blackest Night #1.
  • Johns confirmed that there would be an Abin Sur and Hal Jordan meeting in Blackest Night.
  • On Sinestro's daughter, Soranik Natu, he said there were definite plans for that subplot as well.
  • Johns reaffirmed he was on the Green Lantern franchise indefinitely.
  • Dex-Star, the Red Lantern Kitty, vs. Krypto, Superman's dog, was teased, but no concrete information on where the fight would take place. However, Johns said Krypto would be appearing in Adventure Comics in the Superman panel.
  • Johns hinted at plans for JLA and Batman, going on to say his Batman would be "grounded, but perhaps different from what people might expect."
  • On the Anti-Monitor, Johns hinted that while he's the power source for the Black Lantern power battery, he's not very happy about it.
  • Absolute Green Lantern: Rebirth was confirmed for a 2010 release and Johns expressed hopes for an Absolute Sinestro Corps War.
Via IGN Comics, Blackest Night: The Flash also confirmed by Johns on Twitter

JSA: The Great Society Panel

  • Will split into two teams - the Justice Society of America and the JSA All Stars.
  • Each team will get it's own book, with Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges writing the JSA title with art by Jesus Merino while Sturges will solo write the JSA All Stars title with Freddie Williams on art.
  • JSA All Stars team includes (based on cover to issue one): Stargirl, Damage, Judo Master, Thunder, Magog, Citizen Steel, Hourman and Power Girl
  • On Magog's series, editor Mike Carlin said it will explore, "why Magog doesn't get along with others, which is Keith Giffen writing what he knows." He added that readers will learn about his powers, where he comes from and who his mother is (Carlin joked the character will be called "Ma Gog").
  • On crossovers between the various JSA books, it was noted that, "These books are not necessarily going to be crossing over all the time, but they're definitely going to be acknowledging that each other exists," said Carlin noting that "JSA All Stars" will tap into the "Magog" book while a future JSA Annual will explore the releationship between Magog and the new team."
  • A "JSA 80-Page Giant" is planned for November with seven stories by the likes of Jerry Ordway, James Robinson, Williams and more.
  • King Chimera, a new character for the JSA All Stars team, was described as an upstart hero who claims to be the son of an old Golden Age Flash supporting player.
  • On the topic of Kingdom Come Superman and whether he'd be seen again, editor Ian Sattler said, "Again? Yeah. But soon? No."
Via Comic Book Resources.

Superman Panel

  • Next Superman titles crossover was announced as Codename: Patriot, which will focus more on General Lane.
  • Adventure Comics artist, Francis Manapul, described the comic like a "Norman Rockwell comic'.
  • Hunt for Reactron will be a Supergirl/Action Comics crossover for the fall.
  • The Thanagarians (Hawkman's people) show up in World of New Krypton to check in on the Kryptonians, who at one point had conquered them in the past. It was noted the Kryptonians are stealing one of Jupiter's moons to use for New Krypton when the Thanagarians show up.
  • Superman #700 will be called Mon-El, Man of Valor and will see Mon-El return "darker, with a new purpose, and a new costume".
  • The Superman Annual will be about the history of Daxam with art by Javi Pina.
  • Johns said you will see every iteration of the Legion of Super-Heroes in Adventure Comics "eventually".
  • World's Finest will be a team-up series of new Batman universe characters and new Superman universe characters, Gates said. There will be an issue with Dick Grayson Batman and Superman as Commander El.
Via Comic Book Resources

Random Notes

  • Kick-Ass panel saw the preview clips get a standing ovation from everyone in attendance. The movie, still without a distributor, is looking at an early 2010 release date. (via CBR)
  • Jeff Smith announced he was going to be working on new Bone comics, the first of which would be BONE: Tall Tales in summer of 2010. (via Newsarama)
  • Jeff Parker hinted at on Twitter, but it was confirmed Exiles would be cancelled as of issue six. (via Major Spoilers)
  • Captain America/Black Panther four issue miniseries by Reggie Hudlin and Denys Cowan called Flags of Our Fathers was announced. (via CBR)

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Daringd said...

"Blackest Night: The Flash, by Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Green Lantern) and Scott Kolins (Flash, FC: Rogues' Revenge), will come out in Decemeber. Will feature the dead rogues teased in Blackest Night #1."

That really excites me!

Eric Rupe said...

I'm going to give JSA All Stars a shot since it stars a lot of the characters that I liked from JSA without a lot of the ones I didn't like.

Between the Panels said...

I don't know if you saw my tweet or not, but I asked Jeph Loeb about Captain America: White. He said the project is still coming, but they want to wait until they have it all done before they release any of it. He said that at this point, we will probably see the Captain America movie before we see Cap:White.

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