Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comic-Con '09 - Day Three Round-Up

Day Three of Comic Con '09 did not see any big announcements though there was plenty of news. Marvel, DC, Vertigo and Dark Horse all had plenty of announcements at their respective panels though there were no major announcements, though DC did give some hints for the future of the Flash books. Hit the jump for the full round up.

Dark Reign Panel

  • Baron Zemo will return at some point and possibly in Thunderbolts.
  • Brian Bendis originally intended Magneto to be in The Cabal but he couldn't because of his use in the X-Books.
  • There will be eventual confrontations between Spider-Man and Norman Osborn and Iron Man and Osborn.
  • The Hood will continue to be a major presence in the Marvel Universe.
  • Scott Summers and Emma Frost's relationship will be laid out in Dark X-Men: Exodus.

Via Comic Book Resources

DC Universe Panel

  • Justice League of America will have a two issue tie-in with Blackest Night after James Robinson and Mark Bagley take over.
  • The new Justice League line up includes Mon-El, Batman (Dick Grayson), Donna Troy, Hal Jordan, Congorrilla and others who will be revealed later.
  • DC acquired the rights to the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and will incorporate them into the DCU.
  • Scott Ian, writer of the up coming Lobo mini, will do more afterward and would like to write an Jason Blood/Etrigan book.
  • Kid Flash, Time Drake, and Wonder Girl will all appear in the first arc of Adventure Comics.
Via Comic Book Resources

The Flash (Via DC Universe Panel)

  • There will be a new speedster coming out of Flash: Rebirth.
  • Scott Kolins will be the artist for Blackest Night: Flash.
  • Geoff Johns will launch a new Flash book after Blackest Night ends with a Kid Flash book written by Sterling Gates. No artists announced for either book.

Dark Horse Panel

  • Dark Horse will team with Challenge Games to create online trading cards for Dark Horse properties.
  • Hotel Oblivion will be the third story for Umbrella Academy.
  • Gerrard Way will also be working on The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys with co-writer Shaun Simons and art Becky Cloonan which is a homage to 90's comics like Grant Morrison's The Invisibles and Garth Ennis's Preacher.
  • Mike Mignola's novel Baltimore will be adapted into a comic.
  • There are new Joss Whedon books in the works.
  • Dark Horse will release two omnibus editions of the mange Chobits.
  • There will be a series of Star Wars comics for the iPhone.
Via Comic Book Resources

Vertigo Panel

  • The Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love miniseries will be written by Chris Robertson.
  • DMZ will end around issue #66-70.
  • Mike Allred and Chris Robertson will be working on a new book called I, Zombie.

Via Comic Book Resources

Random Notes

  • Robert Kirkman's and Todd McFarlane's Haunt will launch in October. (Via CBR)
  • Marvel debuted the trailers for their upcoming Iron Man and Wolverine anime movies. (Via CBR)
  • Mike Allred and Steven T. Seagel announced a new project from Image. (Via CBR)

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Matt Ampersand said...

The Miracleman/Marvelman announcement is a tough one to follow. Maybe we'll get some more big announcements today?

Also, good god, how many books is Geoff Johns going to be writing this next year? Green Lantern, Superman: Secret Origin, Adventure Comics (main feature AND back-up), and The Flash. That's without counting all the Blackest Night material he is currently writing. It's crazy how prolific he is.

Andrenn said...

I'm actually interested in Justice League, surprise surprise as well as the new Flash ongoing. Haunt has most of my attention though.

Anonymous said...

"Haunt" = Looks like Toddy's Spider-Man art that's been palette-swapped with Spawn. real original. snark.

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