Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comic-Con '09 - Day Two Round-Up

Day Two of Comic-Con '09 saw the huge bombshell dropped that was the Marvel acquisition of the Marvelman/Miracleman rights, as well as plans for the return of Magneto in the X-Men titles, the Eisner award winners announced and *groan* a Red She-Hulk. On the DC side of things, it was mostly quiet, as they save their announcements for the DC Universe panels, scheduled for later today. Of note, though, Detective Comics will switch Batwoman and The Question as the star of the book, sending Batwoman to the back-ups for a few issues before reverting to her as the lead. Hit the jump for the full round up.

Marvel Acquires Rights to Marvelman

Batman - The New Dynamic Panel

  • Joker will come looking for Harley Quinn in Gotham City Sirens.
  • The Question will take over the main part of Detective Comics come issue 864 and Batwoman will switch to the back-up.
  • Batgirl (the new one) is getting a new "sexy" costume by issue three of the upcoming series.
Via Comic Book Resources.

Hulk (via Cup O'Joe Panel)

  • Migraine inducing announcement of a Red She-Hulk. No, I'm not making this up. (via CBR)
  • World War Hulks (note the plural) Hulk books mini-event announced for January 2010. Loeb promises the death of a major Hulk character to start this war between the other Hulks. Will launch with two one-shots, World War Hulks: Gamma, by Loeb and John Romita Jr, and World War Hulks: Alpha, by a creative team to be named later. (via Newsarama, more info can be found at CBR)
  • Incredible Hercules, which took over the numbering and adjective of Increbile Hulk, will continue on as is, despite the return of the Incredible Hulk book. (via Newsarama)
  • In Hulk #14-17, someone (Domino by looks of preview images shown) will find out who the Red Hulk is. Definitely not the reader based on past experiences.

X-Men Panel

  • Daniel Acuna was announced as the ongoing artist for X-Men Legacy.
  • Next arc on Jason Aaron's Wolverine: Weapon X will take place in a mental institute.
  • Nation X story begins in September with the return of Magneto. (More on Magneto's return at IGN Comics)
  • X-Men: Legacy, X-Force and New Mutants crossover, similar to Messiah War for Cable and X-Force, for the Necrosha event. Features the Black Queen, Selene, and her bid for power. Event begins in October with Necrosha: X-Force/New Mutants/X-Men: Legacy one-shot. (more on Necrosha via CBR)

Random Notes

  • Longbox, the digital comic book service, is set to launch this fall. Content announced included creator-owned works by Richard Starkings (Elephantmen), Jonathan Hickman (Secret Warriors, The Nightly News), Ivan Brandon (Viking), Jamie McKelvie (Phonogram) and Kieron Gillen (Phonogram, Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter). (via CBR)
  • Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards winners were announced yesterday. Noteables were Bill Willingham (Fables) as Best Writer, James Jean (Fables) as Best Cover Artist for the fourth year in a row, and Guy Davis (BRPD) as Best Penciller. (via
  • Marvel Digital Comics will publish Bob Gale written Amazing Spider-Man side stories that fill in gaps between the print version of the comic. Will eventually see print, most likely in Web of Spider-Man. (Cup O'Joe Panel via Newsarama)
  • Robert Kirkman's The Astounding Wolf-Man will end with issue 25. (Kirkmania Panel via CBR)
  • Original Invincible Costume will return in Invincible Returns #1 one-shot. (Kirkmania Panel via CBR)
  • Image United, announced at last year's Comic-Con, will see a November release and a preview book was released at this year's Comic-Con. (via CBR)
  • Dan DiDio said that if Absolute Green Lantern: Rebirth did well, there was a possibility for an Absolute Sinestro Corps War. (DC Nation Panel via CBR)

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Andrenn said...

Nice coverage, Kirk.

I'm gonna be honest, when I write *headdesk* rarely do I actually hit my head on my desk. But that..."She-Hulk" is so pathetic. She's pretty much naked, save for the "bad" bits of her body, her outfit makes no goddamn sense at all. It's migraine inducing indeed.

Well at least Image saved my sanity, Image United, Haunt, McFarlane on Spawn #200 for art, all of that has me feeling better.

Anonymous said...

damn how long is loeb going to be writing he hulk for?

Klep said...

I kind of want to stab Loeb. In his writing hand. Such a terrible gimmick, made only more gimmicky by dragging X-Force (and hence Wolverine) into it so they can make a cover with the red She-Hulk fighting Wolverine. I dread the day Loeb gets assigned to a book I care about.

Oh wait, he got assigned to Ultimates 3 already and promptly destroyed the line. *sigh*

Flip The Page said...

I can't bring myself to summarise my opinions of red she-hulk again (blogged it) but it's so bad.... christ.

Sebastian said...

Absolute Lantern! I might actually buy that, given my difficulty in tracking down a cheap-ish Rebirth HC.

ModernTenshi04 said...

Dammit, why the hell are they switching to focus on The Question with 864?! Batwoman is currently so much better.

Here's hoping that either it's a short switch with a good reason (like Question trying to find her or something), or that Batwoman gets her own comic somewhere down the line.

Sebastian said...

I don't know, man. I thought the Question story was pretty cool. A good reason for that is that Batwoman is supposed to have her origin told in the second arc. That seems more like a quiet, back-burner type thing, giving Williams a break on art, and frees up the First Feature for the Question. Rucka has put a lot of love and work into both characters and I don't think he thinks one is better than the other.

Sebastian said...

Also, Question!

Klep said...

I think it's a neat idea to switch the focus between those two characters in the book. It allows a single book to carry multiple characters who might not be able to support a book on their own. I'm sure there were plenty of people when the lineup was first announced wondering why Batwoman couldn't have been the backup instead of the Question.

If DC's plan is to alternate which character has the lead and which has the backup, I think that's a clever and interesting move which could keep new stories being told about these characters by synthesizing two fanbases into one.

Anonymous said...

I am very sad to hear JH won't be doing ALL the art on Batwoman. Hopefully Jock will be just as good.

Sebastian said...

Whoa, news to me. Never really seen Jock's work before, outside of covers. Hmm.

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