Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cover of the Week - Elephantmen, Dark X-Men & Ms Marvel

Some great covers accompanying this week's comics made it difficult to pick just one cover for the Cover of the Week, so Matt, Ryan and I all have our own choices on hand. Matt and I went with two of Marvel's decades variants, his being Ms Marvel and mine Dark X-Men: The Beginnings, while Ryan with the Elephanmen: Yvette - War Toys cover. Hit the jump to see what all the fuss is and why we chose each cover.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Ms Marvel #41 Variant

Matt: I'm not sure who did the art for this (it doesn't say in Marvel's site), but I really like this cover for a lot of reasons. The pastel-like colors, the outfits and the poses all make for a very different cover. The deciding factor, however, has to be the font used to spell out Dark Avengers.

Ryan's Cover of the Week - Elephanmen: War Toys - Yvette #1

Ryan: This cover is incredibly well designed. The softness of Marian Churchland's art contrasts well against the rigidity of the main fonts. This is a fine example of how a great cover doesn't begin-and-end with just the artwork; a great cover is the culmination of the entire design--fonts, artwork, layout.

Kirk's Cover of the Week - Dark X-Men: The Beginning #1 Variant

Kirk: This has to be the crowning achievement of these decade variants from Marvel. It's just a stunning piece that captures the 60's hippy vibe and even gels with the X-Men's current move to San Francisco. The amount of detail put into this cover is staggering as well, from the bubble fonts to backgrounds and even the colouring used. Wouldn't mind a poster of this one.

Runners-Up: The Unwritten #3, Green Lantern #43 Variant & Dark X-Men: The Beginning #1

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Matt Ampersand said...

I liked the variant for Dark X-Men a lot (those colors look awesome!), but it reminded me a lot of a previous Uncanny X-Men cover from Brubaker's era, that had Cyclops, Emma and Angel in hippie outfits.

Flip The Page said...

I can't put my finger on why, but i just don't like the Ms. Marvel decade variant. That and the Deadpool one just don't seem as interesting as the others.

The Dark X-Men one however is up with the best (Savage She-Hulk, Mighty Avengers)

Nathan Aaron said...

Wow, it's crazy how many of these variant covers I never even see in the store! Word. I LOATHE variant covers, but man, I gotta say that Ms. Marvel cover ROCKS IT! Excellent!

Matt Ampersand said...

Nathan, I never actively seek out variant covers, although I have gotten a few variants because my LCS owner gets them for me. Just because we chose them as our covers of the week doesn't mean we actually bought them, or even that we buy those books.

Anonymous said...

Paolo Rivera on the Ms Marvel one.

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