Monday, July 13, 2009

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 07/15/09

Light outing for me this week, but for what it lacks in numbers, it more than makes up for in quality. Biggest book of the week, no, make that year, has to be Blackest Night #1. You may have heard of it. Both Ryan and I will be picking up this event and you can look for both our reviews on this one. Book to watch out for this week is Superman/Batman #62. Rafael Albuquerque is coming on board as the ongoing artist for the title and previews for the issue look great. I'm sure it'll get overshadowed by all things Blackest Night, but if you've got a few extra dollars lying around, you should take a look at it. Hit the jump to find out what Ryan and I will be picking up this week!

Written by Paul Dini
Art by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs
Co-feature written by Marc Andreyko
Co-feature Art by Georges Jeanty and Karl Story

In this second issue by the dynamic duo of Paul Dini (DETECTIVE COMICS) and Dustin Nguyen (BATMAN), Commissioner Gordon teams with the new Batman to combat the fiery threat that Firefly has spread across Gotham City. And to make matters worse, the mysterious adversary known only as Abuse makes his presence felt!

Meanwhile, in the Manhunter co-feature, now that Kate Spencer is the new District Attorney of Gotham City, will she use her legal power or her Super Hero identity to find the killer of the previous D.A.?

Kirk: First issue of Streets of Gotham was a bit of a mixed bag. I enjoyed it and Nguyen's art was top notch, but nothing really happened. I'm not even sure what the series is about. We jumped between cops, random villains, Batman,Robin and even Hush. I'm hoping it will establish itself more and actually clue me in to what the book is about this time around.

Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Kano

Is Galactus...worried? Even…scared? Does he think the last of the Korbinite's unprecedented plan may succeed? That would explain why, on his approach to another idyllic world, the ever-hungry one sends his mightiest servant to stop Beta Ray Bill from interfering. But it'll take more than the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic to make Bill turn back now...

Kirk: Missed out on the first issue, expecting a less than stellar outing with how Beta Ray Bill has been treated over the years, but scans online showed off a Bill that hasn't been that good in over a decade and prompted me to get my shop to order in a copy of the first issue and put the rest on the pull list. Here's hoping it continues the pace set by the excellent first issue.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert

Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis raise the dead in the most anticipated comics story of the year! Throughout the decades, death has plagued the DC Universe and taken the lives of heroes and villains alike. But to what end? As the War of Light rages on, the prophecy of the Blackest Night descends upon us, with Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps at the center of it all.

Don't miss this 8-issue epic taking the DCU beyond the grave!

Ryan: The recent successes of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps have set the bar high for the debut of the summer’s most-anticipated miniseries. This one has been brewing for a long time and if Geoff John’s previous Green Lantern epics—Rebirth and the Sinestro Corps War—are any indication of how this will turn out, readers are in for something amazing here. I can’t wait.

Kirk: It's Blackest Night. We've been running a primer on it in case you missed it. We don't just do that for every little storyline that comes out either. DC has a lot riding on this book and it's quite possible, combined with Batman and Robin's success (it took the #1 spot in sales for June, even beating out the much hyped Captain America #600 and took in over 150k in sales), that this event could give DC the shot in the arm it needs to close the gap on Marvel in marketshare (Marvel commands about 50% each month while DC is ~30% on a good month). Add in the fact Marvel has no real event for this summer and, if DC plays its cards right, they could do some real damage and tell some fantastic stories all at the same time.

Written by Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Rags Morales, Chris Sprouse, Ivan Reis, Doug Mahnke and others

In this 3-issue miniseries, writers Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi (GREEN LANTERN CORPS) reveal the secrets behind the Lanterns of BLACKEST NIGHT! Bear witness to Blue Lantern Saint Walker's pilgrimage of hope, Star Sapphire Carol Ferris' sacrifice for love, Green Lantern Kilowog's courageous beginnings, Red Lantern Vice's source of rage, Orange Lantern Blume's bizarre creation, and the first appearance of the mysterious Indigo, leader of the Indigo Tribe!

Kirk: Unlike the Tales of the Sinestro Corps specials from the Sinestro Corps War, these don't look like editorially mandated tie-ins rush solicited to cash in on an event. With both Johns and Tomasi involved, I'm expecting some good things here and looking forward to the introduction to the Indigo Tribe, as well as the various other one-shot stories planned.

Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Gene Colan

A special double-sized issue featuring art by the legendary Gene Colan! Bucky and Nick Fury uncover a lost tale from Cap and Bucky's days in WW2 - a tale of horror and war and brothers-in-arms.

Ryan: It looks like this series could be spinning its wheels while waiting for Reborn to complete, but I won’t let that bother me if it means we get to see the all-star team up of Ed Brubaker and the legendary Gene Colan. I’m glad to see that Marvel is offering this in black-and-white, as Colan’s great shadow work always looks better without color.

Kirk: Another double-sized, higher priced issue of Captain America on the heels of the disappointing Reborn has me seriously contemplating, for the first time ever, dropping Captain America from my pull list. This will make 3 straight issues of non-story, flashback tales - all at $3.99+ pricepoints - making this an even harder pill to swallow. Might just switch to trades and wait this one out.

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Mike Deodato

"UTOPIA: CHAPTER 3" The DARK AVENGERS/UNCANNY X-MEN crossover continues! San Francisco teeters on the brink of absolute chaos and the X-Men keep getting in the way of Norman's vision of law and order. So Norman takes his game to the next level: who are the DARK X-MEN? And will Norman's Avengers play nice with Norman's X-Men? Here's a hint: no.

Ryan: The Utopia one-shot was a solid opening for the Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men crossover, but the last issue of Uncanny X-Men left a crummy taste in my mouth by essentially rehashing the one-shot’s events. The first Dark Avengers installment is going to have to deliver the goods to make up for it.

Written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson
Art by Rafael Albuquerque

When the inmates take over Arkham Asylum, it's a job for the World's Finest duo – Robin and Supergirl! Rafael Albuquerque (BLUE BEETLE) joins the series as regular artist for a story we could only call "Sidekicked!"

Kirk: To be honest, I've missed Rafael Albuquerque's art since Blue Beetle ended and have been looking forward to seeing his work again for a while now. His last outing on Superman/Batman (link to Nerdy Bird's scans and commentary) saw the hilarious and entertaining mini-Justice League, brought over to our world by Mr. Mxyzptlk, and their interactions with Superman and Batman. The early previews for this one looked equally good, so I'm going to grab the first issue, if not more, of his run on the title.

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Andrenn said...

Really excited for Blackest Night and Streets of Gotham. the 2 best looking comics this week.

Superman/Batman looks surprisingly great, I'd love to pick up this issue.

Anonymous said...

With Blackest Night finally hitting the shelves my pull pile is rapidly expanding.... Can't wait!

The Dangster said...

i wonder if atomic robo #3 is gonna come out. can't wait for Blackest Night

The Dangster said...

i wouldn't hold my breath for Superman/Batman. I dont trust michael green (who writes for Heroes) and mike johnson. Green is trying to capture the quirky fun take on the title like Loeb, but doesn't take the book seriously. It's like reading Red Hulk. He got great artists like Manipul and shane davis but doesn't write stories that fit or have any weight.

Ethereal said...

Captain America and X-Factor from Marvel. Did you drop Peter David again? He's been up and down lately, but I like the Madrox in the future storyline.

Action Comics and Blackest Night from DC. I'm not getting Streets of Gotham because I have no idea what it's about. Going to wait until it might actually contain a story...
Also skipping on Tales of the Corps until the mini is finished, as it's not necessary for Blackest Night. Is anyone getting Wednesday Comics #2?

Ryan Schrodt said...

I will Ethereal. I'm actually getting something like 11 books this week, but only had time to write-up three previews.

Flip The Page said...

Dark Avengers has sucked the metaphorical balls so far in, so the Utopia crossover might be the first time I actually LIKE the title, so that's jumped up on my scale of want.

Other than that Blackest Night is the main draw this week out of these previews, though superman/batman tempts me. we're talking a title that was good even when Loeb wrote it, so having better writers AND albuquerque is like liquid joy for me.

Kirk Warren said...

@Ethereal - I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with X-Factor or not. I came back with the whole Layla return part, was pumped, but am quickly losing interest again.

Flip The Page said...

@kirk: what is it that makes you lose interest exactly?

I don't know if I'm just too easy to please, but the only point where I've felt the series faltered was the awful art in secret invasion.

Jule said...

i stoped buying x factor because of stroman and shehulk crossover, but im planning to start buying again, currently its a good read but i feel that lacks something, dont know what... like Kirk

Jule said...

by the way any of you are lokking forward to get one of the black corps ring tah its supossed to be free this week?

i just see that in the bledding cool page

Kirk Warren said...

@Flip The Page - Im not sure, to be honest. Just something that's hard to put a finger on. I might stick with it for another couple issues, but the passion for the book just isnt there anymore.

@Jule - Few people that work in comic shops were posting pictures of those on Twitter the other day. They're similar to the Green Lantern rings they gave out back with Rebirth. Nice little extra.

Matt Ampersand said...

What do you have to do to get the ring? I don't think my LCS is going to get them.

Rawnzilla said...

Store have to order 50 copies of Blackest Night #1 to get the rings. DC shipped a sample ring to stores last week, I have a picture of myself with one of the rings on

Jule said...

@Kirk i also read that last year in comicon they give flash rings.

Patrick Hulman said...

according to brubaker at heroescon 601 is the last CA until reborn is finished

Kirk Warren said...

@Patrick Hulman - Hadnt heard that, thanks for the update.

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