Monday, July 27, 2009

Thoughts On Solicitations for October 2009

Overall, October was a pretty quiet month though there were a couple of big releases, and re-releases, for both single issues and trade collections. Marvel and DC continue with their respective Dark Reign and Blackest Night events while a couple of lower tier ongoings and miniseries were launched from both companies. Hit the jump to see what we thought of October's offerings.


365 Samurai And A Few Bowls of Rice

Eric: I'm generally a sucker for Edo Period Samurai stories so I'll probably check this out. Plus, it's not a bad at $17 for not quite 400 pgs. and looks like it will tell the story in an interesting way using only full page panels. It's something different and that's usually worth taking a look at.


Eric: Another interesting book. I always enjoy odd series like this one so I'll probably give it a look. Plus, it has obvious titles to follow up with if I enjoyed it, which is always nice.


Eric: This was probably one of my favorite stories from MySpace Presents Dark Horse. It's quirky and off beat with wonderful art and I'd recommend it to anyone. Definitely worth the money.

The Escapists

Eric: I've been looking to get this for a while now but it's usually sold out so a new edition is definitely welcomed.


Blackest Night

Blackest Night #4

Eric: "While the Earth is evacuated..."? I am slightly intrigued but that's about it.

Matt: Earth is evacuated? I wonder where to, considering the War of Light is exploding all across the Universe. Maybe they'll steal a trick from the Authority and evacuate them to other realities. Also, it seems that they have eased up on the variant, this one has a one-in-100 as opposed to the 250 the other issues had.

Blackest Night: Superman / Batman #3

Matt: This still bothers me about the tie-ins, if Dick Grayson can go up against the Black Lanterns, then Superman should have no problem fighting them too. If Superman really had to struggle against the Black Lanterns, then Nightwing is screwed.

Green Lantern #47

Eric: Despite utter lack of interest in Blackest Night, if Green Lantern continues to be mostly about the War of Light, I might get the trade for it.

Green Lantern Corps #41

Kirk: I can't be the only one that hates the whole John Stewart sniper thing, can I? It makes no sense to me. It was retconned in for the sole purpose of having a guy whip out a construct of a sniper rifle, aim it, and fire it from his magic ring just to look cool I think. If Stewart's new sniper origin was fleshed out a bit, I could see it, but it's just put in there to have him use a sniper rifle construct. /rantoff


Arkham Reborn #1

Matt: Now this sounds great, I'll be checking this one out. I would have rather seen an ongoing come out of this than the Azrael mini.

Batman Annual #27, Detective Comics Annual #11, Azrael #1

Eric: This seems like a really round about way to launch a new ongoing. A three issue miniseries and then a two parter in some Annuals from two other books. Odd, to say the least.

Matt: I actually like Nicienza a lot, but I found his work in the Azrael mini to be really, really boring. I'm really surprised to see another Bat-related ongoing launch. How many are we at right now? Six, seven? That's without counting all the mini series.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #5

Kirk: Chris Yost is listed as the writer for this new two-part storyline. What happened to Paul Dini? I heard he's back after the two-parter, but the book just made a believer out of me with the Hush development in issue two. Why the sudden shift to a guest writer?

DC Universe

Adventure Comics #3

Matt: Renumbering but only in the variant? I'm not sure how I feel about that. It's gimmicky, but at least it's not renumbering a whole series like Marvel does.

Justice League of America #38

Eric: I'll be getting the trades for Mark Bagley's art only since James Robinson is a competent enough writer. It should be readable but I'm only interested in Bagley's work plus I'm kind of curious about the new line up announced an San Diego Comic Con.


Ex Machina Deluxe Edition Vol #2

Eric: I've been waiting forever for DC to release this. I've read most of the series through the library but I'm definitely going to get all of these collections.

God of War #1

Matt: Oh man, this sounds kind of awesome. I have spent many hours slaying things in God of War. I hope they can get a thick story out of it though, and not just 22 pages of brutal kills.

Planetary #27

Kirk: *blinks twice* Huh? *rubs eyes* It's not possible. *pinches self* It's real! Planetary #27 is finished! Now release the trade/Absolute so I can read it.

Matt: What do you know? It's solicited! Only a couple more months to go.

Shade The Changing Man Vol #1 & #2

Eric: I've always heard people talk about this series but I've never really read that much from Peter Milligan so I haven't decided if I'm going to get these yet or not.

Sweet Tooth #2

Matt: Wow, this solicit sounds nothing like the one for issue one. I had to double check to make sure this was the same series we saw in last month's solicits.

The Winter Men TPB

Eric: Heard nothing but good things about this series so I'll definitely be getting this.


Dark Reign

Dark Avengers: Ares #1

Kirk: First look through the solicits saw me scoff at this one. Saw no reason for picking up an Ares Dark Reign miniseries. Upon second viewing, I saw that Kieron Gillen was writing it. Gillen is the man responsible for the excellent Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter and Phonogram series. That is all the reason I need to add this to my pull list.

Dark Reign: The List

Eric: I love Fear Agent well enough but I haven't decided whether or not I want to try out Rick Remender's Punisher work. Since this has art by John Romita Jr. I'll probably buy this and see if I want to try the rest of Remender's run based on how much I like it. The Wolverine issue better be collected with Jason Aaron's run on Wolverine: Weapon X because it sounds awesome. I may just buy the single issue though it is does sound like it is going be that good.

Kirk: I thought I would skip The List, but everything looks so good, from creators to premises. Secret Warriors sounds fantastic. The main series almost feels like Jonathan Hickman only wanted to write Nick Fury, so a one-shot dedicated to him should be perfect. Add Ed McGuinness on art and it's going to be a monster of an issue. Remender and Romita Jr on the Punisher one-shot sounds great, too, and will probably be what gets me to finally start picking up Remender's ongoing Punisher. Finally, the Jason Aaron Wolverine one is a) written by Aaron and b) features a bunch of Grant Morrison New X-Men characters, like Fantomex. What's not to love?

Matt: Out of all the one-shots, the Wolverine one sounds the most interesting one to me. I mean, Jason Aaron writing the return of Fantomex? SOLD! The other ones could be good reads though, but I'm just left wondering why they had to release them as one-shots instead of as parts of the ongoings.

Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural

Eric: This seems like something Remender would be good at writing though I can't think Marvel believes this series would last any significant amount of time given the $4 price tag. Since Jefte Palo is the artist I am going to pass on this. I like his art but him and Remender are not worth $4 an issue.

Matt: Remender and Jefte Palo (recently announced at SDCC) makes for a great team, although I'm still not completely sold on the premise of this series. I hope this is just the first issue, and that the whole series is not going to be 3.99

New Avengers #58

Kirk: How many times must the Hood get his ass kicked by the New Avengers? I thought we'd move on after he got taken down by Brother Voodoo, who basically used a stick to smack him and some exorcism spell to remove Dormammu from him. This is just turning into a joke at this point.

Thunderbolts #137

Kirk: What the-? Andy Diggle's done with the book after this issue? But their just getting around to bringing in the old Thunderbolts - Songbird, Fixer and Mach V (actually, not sure what number he's up to now). Who's the new writer then? Fabian coming back?

Matt: This is the final issue of Andy Diggle's run, which to be honest, felt awfully short. I really would have liked him to stay on the title for longer. I wonder who the next creative team is going to be.

Marvel Universe

Amazing Spider-Man #608-610

Kirk: As a self-proclaimed fan of the Clone Saga, I think I have to buy this Who Was Ben Reilly? arc regardless of what it's actually about.

Daredevil #501

Kirk: I gave up on Daredevil out of protest over the fridging of yet another girlfriend (technically wife this time) by Ed Brubaker. Actually, it was more Matt cheating on the wife before she even died (she was in a mental institute before being written out of the series). Going to take a look at what Diggle and Robert de La Torre do on this opening issue and see how things go from there.

Incredible Hercules #136

Matt: Look at that cover! Thor dressed as Hercules battling Hercules dressed as Thor! I want you to look at that cover and tell me this is not one of the best comics in the stands!

Oz: The Wonderful World of Oz HC

Eric: Definitely getting this. A little bit on the pricey side but it does look like it is going to be oversized which does help with the pricing for it.

Kirk: I was so tempted to pick this up every time it came out in singles. It's possibly the best work of Skottie Young's relatively short career and looks absolutely stunning. Add the classic Oz story and it's something you'll be able to cherish forever. Definitely getting this hardcover treatment.

Spider-Man 1602 #1

Matt: I loved the original 1602 concept, but the sequels were underwhelming. I trust Jeff Parker will turn in a rather interesting story, although I doubt this will sell well.

Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #2

Kirk: Clone Saga + nostolgia = free money for Marvel from me.

The Marvels Project #3

Matt: Is that cover really by Steve McNiven? It looks great, and it's a very neat concept, it just doesn't look like his style.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3 and Ultimate Comics Avengers #3

Eric: I am slightly interested in these series again. Not enough to buy them though. I love the new character designs on the covers but that's not a reason to buy the books.

Matt: I guess that's supposed to be the (new) Wasp, but it just looks like an S & M outfit to me. I love the look that they gave War Machine though.

Web Of Spider-Man #1

Kirk: Kaine? KAINE???? Goddamn it, Marvel, why must you make me buy random books for no reason other than nostalgia?

Matt: This is going to last less than a year, two tops. Trust me, I have looked at 8 years worth of data of Spider-Man sales, I know these kind of things.

The X-Men

Deadpool #900

Matt: What started off as a funny joke, but somewhat of an ill-conceived idea, is now packing some serious heat. The creative roster sounds great (with one exception, I'll let you guess which one) and it's 104 pages of Deadpool madness with no apparent reprints in sight.

Wolverine Art Appreciation #1

Matt: This issue collects all those Wolverine variant covers based on different art styles. I thought it was a very interesting project, and I will be picking this up. I hope they do another Art Appreciation set of variants, but with the actual characters of the comic they are in instead of Wolverine.

Wolverine: Old Man Logan HC

Eric: A wee bit pricey at $35 but it is oversized and that is the format that I want to buy this in.

Wolverine Weapon X #6

Matt: What a great cover! It's really eye-catching.

X-Factor #50

Matt: Alright, this series made it all the way to 50, can we make it to 75? 100? I sure hope so, this is a comic that constantly delivers the unexpected.

X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas #1

Eric: A gimmick to boost sales on Agents of Atlas but at least it looks like it will be interesting.

Matt: Agent of Atlas needs a shot in the arm if it wants to survive and not go the way of Exiles and Captain Britain and MI13. This sounds like a good idea.

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Steven said...

The whole sniper thing with John Stewart? I am pretty sure that before the animated series the focus of his character was always on his being an architect. It's same thing they've done at Marvel with James Rhodes. Suddenly this extensive serious military past is what forms their characters, as opposed to the characters they were 20-30 years prior to become ex-military killing machines.

Bagley's art is cute, but Robinson is not merely a competent enough writer, he is quietly one of the most talented currently working on mainstream books. This is the guy who did Starman, who restarted the JSA, who mentored Geoff Johns early in his comic writing tenure, not to mention all of his non-mainstream/DC work. Hopefully Bagley can do better than Trinity and do justice to the writing.

If we have an Aries limited, can he act more like the Aries from the last limited, and less like the cliched bully they've turned him back into?

Hopefully whoever is taking over Thunderbolts can remember to put a little of what was removed from the title when it was initially revamped...redemption. And bringing back the old Thunderbolts is a great idea but Songbird, Fixer & Techno are only two. (Psst...Fixer and Techno are the same guy).

I hope Kaine can remember history pre-BND, that would be an interesting twist.

Flip The Page said...

Weird thing: The thunderbolts issue claiming to be diggle's last is credited as being written by the new writer Rick Remender.

Weird huh.

Also am I the ONLY one here who's a bit confused that Brother Voodoo, who has always been a Doctor, is only Doctor Voodoo now because of the Sorcerer Supreme title?


PAT said...

I assume Black Lantern Superman-2 would be a lot more trouble to deal with than Black Lantern Flying Graysons...they were just regular people, not one of the most powerful characters in DC

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Kirk ment Fixer and Mach IV

Matt Ampersand said...

@Flip, turns out he has a Ph.D in something, can't remember what. It still doesn't make sense why he didn't use it before.

And Remender is writing a two issue story, if I'm not mistaken. I don't think he's been announced as the ongoing writer.

@Pat, fair point.

Eric Rupe said...

Steven - I've rarely been impressed by Robinson's work. I loved JSA: The Golden Age but found his JSA relaunch to be only okay, his Atlas arc on Superman was pretty average as well and I think Starman is one of the most overrated comics out there. I found it to be nothing but boring and dull. I also liked his Heroes Reborn/Wildstorm crossover but I was in Middle School at the time so I have no idea if it holds up.

brandon said...

Hulk....I just dont get it. It was a good thing, then a great thing. Now I cringe at the solicits!

Andrenn said...

Dark Reign the List has my interest but the insistence of the Hood never dying is seriously pissing me off.

And Yost is a guest writer because DC is run by fickle little children with ADD that can't stick to something and let it run.

Daniel Woburn said...

I can't believe Exiles got cancelled. It is actually really good again! Sure, there's a slight lean towards humour, but if it's good humour, what's not to love? I guess it was too soon after the failure of Claremont's run and subsequent relaunch. What was it, two relaunches in about three years? way too soon.
Ah well, maybe Parker can come back to it in two years or so. It's such a great concept that they can't afford to just let it sit there. You know if they put a Millar, Bendis or Morrison on Exiles it would take off! can you imagine Grant Morrison on Exiles? that book would be f*cking nuts...

HooliganTuesday said...

"If we have an Ares limited, can he act more like the Ares from the last limited, and less like the cliched bully they've turned him back into?"

Given that we've seen in Dark Avengers that Ares still commutes from the suburbs and lives with his son they haven't completely forgotten it. I'd love to see a balance between the two, Ares as a caring father and fairly complex dude who's into carpentry when he's at home and putting on the swaggery blustering bully at that's expect of him when he's at work.

"Dark Reign the List has my interest but the insistence of the Hood never dying is seriously pissing me off."

The Hood is fine provided you ignore everything that happens to him outside of mini-series, the he's been used in the Avengers has just been crap.

Anonymous said...

RE: "Shade The Changing Man"
Definitely pick up the Shade TPB's. This was the series that broke my Vertigo-cherry back around issue #18. This series was awesome when it dealt with the dichotomy of an other-dimension humanoid with the soul of a frustrated artist trapped inside the body of a death row inmate. Peter Milligan's writing was astonishing, and I really wish we had the young Chris Bachalo doing art today. He could capture emotions really well, and simultaneously match cover artist Brendan McCarthy ("The New McCarthyism") in overall scary surrealism.

RE: "Thunderbolts"--I ditched after the first Obama issue. I wonder if I was too harsh on Diggle for attempting to retcon the whole "Norman Osborn is Green Goblin" premise, especially if the marching orders came from Joe Q.... then I remember that "just following orders" is a lame excuse.

Mike El said...

Was reading the Deadpool solicits and saw Joe Kelly's name and I was like "Alright! Kelly back on Deadpool!" And then I saw Rob Liefields name, and I was like "Well... that's weird..." And then I noticed that they were in the same position on their respective list. PLEASE TELL ME JOE KELLY'S RETURN TO DEADPOOL WILL NOT BE DRAWN BY LIEFIELD?!?!?!?!?!

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