Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #602 Review

Written by Fred Van Lente
Art by Barry Kitson

+ Chameleon. Good to see Spidey's first villain back in action. Pretty creepy reintroduction for him as well that adds some credibility back to the character after he's lost to Aunt May and been beaten half to death by MJ in previous engagements (or, at least, the last time I've seen him).
+ Slyde! (ok, ok, I'm probably alone on that one)
+ Hard to imagine how Peter escapes the acid bath Chameleon put him in with how it was presented to us.
+ Should be interesting to see how MJ reacts around Chameleon, who has taken Peter's identity, on their date next issue. Will this finally reveal just how much MJ knows about Peter?
- Second part of Red-Headed Stranger, but features new writer and direction to the story. Very jarring if you are looking at it from a trade or actual storyline perspective.
- Kitson's art fails to impress me. Maybe he's just too rushed on Amazing Spider-Man. It has flashes of his regular self, but looks sloppy in many instances.

Verdict - Check It. Odd transition from last issue to this Chameleon centric arc. Was hoping for more Mary Jane/Peter interaction (or, at least some interaction). Was actually one of the better Brand New Day issues I've read for the simple fact it didn't feel like a BND issue. It was just a Spider-Man comic to me, which was the first time it's felt like that in a long time.

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