Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #603 Review

Written by Fred Van Lente
Art by Robert Atkins & Stephan Roux

+ Chameleon is a better Peter Parker than Peter. Loved his analysis of Peter, which is probably how most people would view him without knowing he is Spider-Man.
+ Chameleon's jabs at Peter's friends and family were amazing. Loved the Gwen comment to MJ and how his puny remarks at the now crippled Flash.
+ Chameleon didn't hook up with Peter's cousins. I was sure they were going to go that route. Thankfully, they didn't.
- Peter survived being dipped in acid for an entire day by what looks like trapping himself in a web coccoon. He broke out of the acid bath at the end of the issue with webs all over him and only a few minor burns.
- That cover. Did no one look at that before they decided to go with it?
- For an arc called Red-Headed Stranger and hyped as the return of Mary Jane, there's very little Mary Jane and absolutely zero real Peter Parker/MJ interactions. Also, based on the way they skirted the issue of their relationship when Chameleon met MJ, it sounds like she doesn't know he's Spider-Man.

Verdict - Check It. I almost wish Chameleon could stay as Peter. He was quite entertaining in the role. I'd also hate to be Peter when he finds out about everything Chameleon did as him. That's going to be one bad day. However, ending to this arc looks like it will be a predictable conclusion. Will save judgement until next issue though.

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