Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter #3 Review

Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Kano

+ Beta Ray Bill finally written like he's supposed to be. If you've been reading the back-up reprints of Bill's first appearance included with these issues, you'll quickly see how perfect a grasp on the character Gillen has and his respect for the character has sold me on his upcoming Thor run.
+ Perfect conclusion to the story. We knew Galactus could not be killed, but Bill came as close as possible to doing so, only to be forced into saving that which he would destroy or see trillions of innocents die in the wake. The Voidian (villain who's weaponry Bill co-opted to destroy planets to starve Gaactus) narrated this irony perfecty.
+ Galactus's 'why' speech to Bill and references to his past life as Galan. Rare to see a writer with such a command of continuity that can seamlessly weave it into his story to such effect, both with this Galactus speech and his treatment of Bill.
- Galactus returns a female Korbinite (Bill's race) to life as a boon to Bill. Bit too convenient a solution to get Bill off his back and should be obvious you cannot rebuild a race with two people. They're still effectively extinct.
- Kano's art fluctuates in quality significantly this time around. Looks rushed in some places, lacking detail both in characters and backgrounds while being fantastic in others, such as the expressions on Galactus's face during his 'why' speech. Overall, it's good, but probably could have used some extra time to touch up parts of the issue.

Verdict - Must Read. Fantastic series that does just about everything right, including a great ending to a premise we all knew the ending (or the basic outline of it) to already.

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