Monday, August 17, 2009

Black Lantern Wonder Woman?

DC released their full November solicits today (we'll have a full post on those later this week) and I was compelled to write a post on the above image and solicit from the Blackest Night Series 4 toys (emphasis mine).
DC Direct continues to roll out action figures based on the soon-to-be legendary BLACKEST NIGHT storyline!

This series includes Wonder Woman, who is surprisingly transformed by the happenings of the Blackest Night (Read the comics to learn more!); Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, in his new costume as a member of the prestigious Green Lantern Honor Guard; Black Lantern Firestorm, who was once a member of the Justice League but is now a part of the Black Lantern Corps; and Black Hand, who threatens to destroy everything the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps stand for, in ways no one ever dreamed possible.
DC has been using these 'blacked out' toys as a means of announcing and creating speculation in regards to Blackest Night since the previous Black Lantern Kal-L and Martian Manhunter reveals, so what does this mean for Wonder Woman and is it even our Wonder Woman? Read on for my thoughts and speculation!

Earth-2 Wonder Woman?

My first thought was this had to be Earth-2 Wonder Woman as a Black Lantern, similar to Earth-2 Superman, Kal-L, and we'd see more of her in the announced Blackest Night: Wonder Woman miniseries set for the second half of the event, but she doesn't match up with the above image, which is from the Greg Rucka era Wonder Woman and matches the 'battle skirt' the blacked out image is wearing. Compared to the single image of the blacked out Wonder Woman toy, the above seems to indicate it's our version wearing the battle skirt. Greg Rucka is also writing Blackest Night: Wonder Woman. Coincidence?

Star Sapphire Wonder Woman?

This led me to believe that it had to be at least our Wonder Woman in the shot. Scouring my image folder, I checked out Green Lantern #25's War of Light spred and came across a very Wonder Woman-esque Star Sapphire. She has the 'battle skirt', black hair and what looks like a tiara. Wonder Woman just broke up with her boyfriend claiming she didn't love him at the end of the Rise of the Olympians. Would this spark an emotional reaction and draw her into the Star Sapphires?

Black Lantern Wonder Woman?

Another option was just outright killing Wonder Woman. It doesn't look like any deaths will stick in this event at the moment, so maybe they will kill off Wonder Woman. The blacked out figures in these toy shots have all been Black Lanterns so far, so maybe the trend continues with Diana, as shown in a mock-up above, as a Black Lantern?

Blue Lantern Wonder Woman?

I want to believe Diana will become a Blue Lantern, as Hal Jordan's ring for Sector 2814 is still floating around looking for a host post-Agent Orange, but the above picture is my best pick for a Blue Lantern from any DC hero and I can't see Wonder Woman upstaging Superman for that honour. Superman IS the emobidment of hope in my eyes and it's a major part of his character. While Wonder Woman could fill the role, I can't see her taking it from Big Blue (another nod to Supes's potential as a Blue Lantern).

What Do You Think?

In CBR's Geoff Johns Prime, in regards to Wonder Woman, Johns was quoted as saying,

"Wonder Woman will have a role in “Blackest Night,” though she isn’t a central character initially. She also appears in the “Blackest Night: Wonder Woman” miniseries by Greg Rucka. I’m a huge fan of Greg’s run. Can you guess what Black Lantern will be in it?
Clearly, Wonder Woman will play a part and the above toy screams she gets a ring of some kind, but which one? Compassion seems to go with Wonder Woman. Maybe she will be our 'eyes' for a focus on the Indigo Tribe in her miniseries and she'll join them? Maybe Superman is incapacitated, as seen on the Nekron cover to Blackest Night #5 and Diana is a Blue Lantern? She instilled great fear when killing Maxwell Lord on television, maybe a Sinestro/Mongul Corps ring? What do you think?

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Julia said...

One thing to remember is the scenes in Green Lantern #43 showing the characters who escaped death. Diana *has* already died once before and come back, so the Black Lantern could be keying off that version of her.

Better that than any of the other alternatives I could come up with including Diana, Earth-2 Diana, Hippolyta or Artemis as a Black Lantern.

Kirk Warren said...

I was tempted to think of Hippolyta or Artemis, but Johns has said specifically that Wonder Woman, and I know each of them has been 'Wonder Woman' before but am assuming Johns isnt playing with semantics, will have a major role to play in Blackest Night. Just beinga Black Lantern doesn't seem to mesh with a major role to me and the toy lists it as "Wonder Woman", not Earth-2 WW or Hippo or Artesmis Wonder WOman (It labelled E2 Superman as Earth-2 Superman where as it lists this one as simply "Wonder Woman").

Julia said...

Very true on the Wonder Woman semantics thing. I don't think Johns would split hairs like that. And the solicits have unfortunately been specific so far about who the characters were (i.e. Earth-2 Kal)

As far as the other rings go, there was two you left out and they're both scary ones to consider just from what I've seen.

Imagine Diana with a red ring? In the Genocide arcs, she's been shown struggling with her anger and temper and how to keep it in check.

Or conversely we get a hint of what the Indigo Lanterns are really about with Compassion, since that's Diana's other strength.

Kirk Warren said...

Compassion is probably the best choice, but I didn't see a staff and with so little info on them, I left it out. Blackest Night #2 had the Black Hand diary thing at the end and it said rage is next (Hawkman and Girl represented Love), so maybe Diana, who Johns said is stepping up big for the event, which implies not just the miniseries, will get the red ring and be a big part of it for the next chapter?

Jack Tango said...

Wonder Woman is Love (well she's "peace" really, but I believe that when we inevitably get our White Lantern, that ring will be fueled by Peace).

Superman will definitely be Hope (Van Sciver actually talked about how he had to design a costume for him "just in case" in a podcast interview a few months ago).

I hope this leads to more DC Heroes getting rings for this storyline.

Eric Rupe said...

I'm kind of divided on DC heroes getting rings. On the one hand, it's kind of cool but on the other it's also kind of fanboyish, but in a bad way. I guess it would really depend on the execution.

Matt Ampersand said...

I immediately thought Blue Lantern, specially with what I think is the messiah-role they will play, I guess I could see Wonder Woman filling that role. What do I know? I don't even follow the title.

I also just wanted to point out how ridiculous the little pointy things on Bruce Wayne's skull look. Seriously?

Carlos Abdu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rod said...

Could it be Donna Troy? She does have upper arm bands and a sash belt.

Hoylus said...

I always thought that the white lantern would be powered by 'life' - the opposite of black = death and the combination of the whole spectrum of emotion.

fodigg said...

Why couldn't it just be "wonder woman"? I mean, it's just Kyle "Green Lantern" up there.

Anonymous said...

is it just me or could that bat skull belong to the bruce of E2? i mean bats is displaced in time, why couldn't the body of E2 have changed places with bats after the omega beams? just a though

Anonymous said...

Did any one think that it maybe Donna Troy who becomes the Black Lantern Wonder Woman

Anonymous said...

this is an irrelevant question, wonder woman is a black lantern. This is confirmed.

Flip The Page said...

um.... anonymous just went bizarro on our arses...

Kirk Warren said...

Heh, yeah, I think the last Anonymous to respond failed to note the date on the post.

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