Friday, August 14, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/12/09

There are far, far too many moments for this week's Comic Book Moments of the Week. It took me forever to do this post. With such a huge batch of moments, we've got everything from Starman going bowling to Aquaman being awesome for the first time in his existence to Captain America turning AIM goons into street pizza. Hit the jump for all the momenty goodness!

Action Comics #880

Uh, Chris Kent is 8 years old or there abouts. Only his body is aging fast. This is just creepy.

Adventure Comics #1

The Legion back-ups should consist of nothing but Starman flying randomly into signs and whatever happens afterwards.
Looks like Johns is picking up most everything he left open at the end of Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds.

Amazing Spider-Man #602

Chameleon returns and now kidnaps people and steals their face before giving them an acid bath.

This is the aftermath of Peter Parker being dipped in the acid. Not sure how they get out of this. Peter was out cold and halfway into the acid in the previous panel and then chair comes back up empty. I guess he woke up, broke restraints and jumped on ceiling without alerting him?

Blackest Night #2

Aquaman being awesome? In my funny books?

You're damn right, he is!

Hmm, so it looks like certain conditions to be resurrected. Being "at peace" clearly stops it. Must have something to do with souls and limbo and whether you went to heaven or hell or whatever afterlife. I'd go into more, but don't want to spoil the big bad reveal from Diamond yesterday for the event.

About time Abin Sur showed up. Really wished he'd been the first Black Lantern. Could have introduced a lot of concepts and been a great moment with him and Hal. Still looking forward to seeing him, though.

Black Lantern Justice League? I smell spin off! It'll be like Dark Avengers except in the DCU!

Poor Spectre, you're a complete joke these days. Just retire already. You're rolled out for every event, jobbed out and made completely ineffectual and then forgotten until the next event so it can repeat again so they can put over how powerful the big bad really is.

Blackest Night: Batman #1

Interesting, Black Lantern Ventriloquist has a ring construct. That's the first time I've seen the black rings make a construct.

Are the Flying Graysons the oldest Black Lanterns raised from the dead so far? I can't think of any older at this point. Everyone has been fairly 'recent' (comic book recent anyways). Only two going back to Golden Age era, but some JSA guys might fit that roll, too. Most have died at the Crisis on Infinite Earths-present time frame that I can think of.

Booster Gold #23
I want the Booster Gold pez dispenser!

Deadpool #13

Submarines go underwater? Who would have guessed?

Can't pull the wool over Deadpool's eyes.

They think he wants guns on the battleship...

But the crazy demented clown from heaven wants the tugboat.

Green Lantern Corps #39

Guy's idea of the perfect date is clearly perfect.

Kyle, you lying bastard. Soranik fridge confirmed?

Not sure why I like this. Just found it cool that Guy is full of rage over these black rings and everyone else is keeping a cool head.

With Gleason's depiction of Jade, I'm not sure what Kyle saw in her...

Incredible Hercules #132

A recap page? No, this is no ordinary recap page. It's Thor's origin as annotated by Hercules and it is glorious!

The other one was a troll is something you should always assume.

If I had just learned I could control the weather, I'd consider it pretty awesome, too.

MATH! SCIENCE! blah blah blah.

I've honestly never heard of this guy. He's apparently the leader of the dark elves.


I love how casual he is about several missing STARS.

Truly a fate worse than death.

Red Robin #3

Context time! Red Robin broke into a museum for some reason. He found evidence of Batman being alive. It's never shown, but I assume it's cave paintings or some such.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

Time skips are fun! Everyone gets new girlfriends and stuff!

Ultimate Comics Avengers #1

Ultimate Tony Stark is the person we all want to be.

Well, next to Ultimate Cap anyways. This reminds me of an old Nick Fury image. While Fury remains the manliest man ever (just look at the picture! Cap went through glass, Fury went through a wall and was shirtless and firing guns in both hands!).

Not finished flying through windows, Cap mops up the AIM goons and...tosses them out the side of a helicopter? WTF!!! Those guys are street pizza and he's casual about tossing them out the window.

X-Men Forever #5

There's too much text on this page. It says something about mutants having finite energy levels and dying when it runs out or some such and that's why there's so few of them.

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Anonymous said...

Wait. Hang on. Back it up a second.

Claremont is saying that , way back in those far-off days called the 90's , he was planning on doing the whole "No More Mutants" thing before Wanda?

Tell me he didn't pull that out of his ass. I dare ya!

Anonymous said...

Malekith was introduced during Walt Simonson's run on Thor. Shapeshifter as I recall. There was one issue where his human form was imprisoned, but he escaped by shoving a french fry into a lady cop's mouth, and she blew up.

Cooler than orange horse carrying hammer in my book!

Kevin said...

Awesome Moments of the Week.

Loved seeing all the dead Batman villains come back to life especially the Ventriloquist. That made the issue for me.

Though everytime I see the image of Peter and Gwen making out in Ultimate Comics it just seems wrong.

Also, you just provided me with my new avatar with that Incredible Hercules image of Herc trying to remember what Cho told him. Thanks Kirk.

Klep said...

Great, now I don't have Peter+MJ anywhere.

Flip The Page said...

@klep more than suits me, I don't think I've actually liked MJ in ANY iteration (except maybe in Amazing spider-girl, but i can't remember)

Matt Ampersand said...

You know, Daniel Way might have sucked in Wolverine Origins, but his Deadpool work is really funny.

Jeremy said...

Oh Claremont. Blissfully unaware that this is a visual medium, and you don't need to write everything like "radio with faces" as Whedon would say.

And yes, Way's Deadpool is pretty damn funny.

The Dangster said...

it bothers me a bit that Guy's emotion is rage instead of willpower. But it fits sooo well....

Anyone notice the seal biting the Atlantis Guard in the shark attack?

Kirk Warren said...

@The Dangster - The evil seal is the best part of the image!

Ha-rel said...

About Kyle/Soranik situation - I think she may well avoid the dreaded fridge. Jade has been resurrected as a Black Lantern, so it seems to me that Kyle is going to deal with her, get all symbolic and meaningful, put the past behind him, embrace new possibilities blah blah. I hope it will go along those lines, at least. Anything is better than the fridge.

Matt Ampersand said...

Holy crap, I hadn't noticed the evil seal! I'm not surprised though, they can be vicious little bastards.

Kirk Warren said...

Now you know why we have the seal hunts in Canada! (god, I can see peta descending on this post as we speak)

Anonymous said...

The only thing better than that Nick Fury image is the textbox in the bottom corner, it's the single most hilariously overwritten thing i've ever seen.

Also calling it now Kyle defeats his Black Lantern girlfriends by creating a fridge of pure Will.

kwaku said...

Chris Kent's mind is supposed to have matured along with his body, though I'm not sure that works since part of what makes a person mature is his/her memories, i.e. experiences.

Viril Dox is such a doucebag.

Matt Ampersand said...

Around the time of Civil War, people editted the Nick Fury image so it was Iron Man instead of Scorpio.

David Miller said...

I humbly submit Aquaman talking on his clamphone in the Supergirl strip in Wednesday Comics as both a moment of the week and also another example of Aquaman being awesome.

fodigg said...

My understanding was that Chris Kent was ambiguously old mentally after being in the phantom zone for so long.

Like a Mon El sort of thing. Or a "Magik" thing to compare to Marvel. Time moves differently.

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