Friday, August 21, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/19/09

Either these Moments of the Week posts keep getting longer or I'm getting slower at typing. There was a lot of great moments this week, especially from comics I didn't personally pick up, making it difficult to pick any one moment as my personal moment of the week. The Rogue/Moonstone fight from X-Men Legacy was fun to see scans of and has me tempted to pick up the issue while Deadpool: Suicide Kings had a lot of funny moments. Can't forget Atomic Robo or Wolverine: Weapon X either. Great week all around for moments. Can't even think of any anti-moments either. Hit the jump to see these and more.

Amazing Spider-Man #603

Damn, Chameleon works fast! Parker Luck indeed.

Should be fun trying to mend that bridge with Flash when Peter retakes his life.

Sick burn.

Just the after effect of everything and everyone Chameleon touched as Peter in one day. The guy at the end was just a stalker after Mary Jane that Chameleon beat half to death.

And this is how Peter looks after spending an entire day bathing in acid. The webbing around him is what I assumed kept him safe in a web coccoon, but that doesn't really explain why he didn't bust out sooner.

Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time #4

I would have went with, "ludicrous".
Science is built upon who gets their name put first when you name stuff. It's common sense.

I actually spliced several of the Robo fleeing from bug scenes together to get this image. It's hilarious a near indestructable talking robot is afraid of bugs.

Batgirl #1

Is it just me or did Oracle just beat the crap out of three hapless people on the subway simply because they walked towards her?

New Batgirl is Stephanie Brown, aka Spoiler. Like the choice, but didn't appreciate how they kicked Cassandra to the curb.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #3

Zsasz vision in action for those curious. It was shown a few times in the issue.

Blackest Night: Superman #1

Okay, wait a minute here. Sue Dibny didn't have any powers in Blackest Night #1, least of all Superman-level strength (she resorted to a spear while Ralph did the asskicking), yet Earth-2 Lois Lane as a Black Lantern kicked the crap out of Krypto and tore half the house down? That doesn't make sense to me. She also took Ma Kent hostage when every other Black Lantern has killed every living thing they've come in contact with.

Didn't care for this. Johns had it showing only the most dominant emotion at the time for everyone he's used 'emotion vision' on. The Hawks in Blackest Night #1 were shown as love and described as embodying it, but switched to different spectrums.

You're telling me that in their dying moments, they still didn't love each other despite feeling fear or rage over each other's impending deaths? If anyone, they should have had multiple emotions shown, yet didn't.

Heck, even Guy Gardner should have had both will and rage in a recent Green Lantern Corps issue, yet only showed rage. So I'm confused as to why this rainbow Superman is the first instance we see of a bunch of emotions occurring at the exact same time when it's only shown the most dominant.

Was expecting this, but still an interesting development. I'd think an entire planet of Kryptonians could take down one Black Lantern, but we'll find out next issue how that plays out.

Daredevil #500

Master Izo was great and I love that he's been retconned into the Daredevil mythos, particularly with Stick and...

...Daredevil's origin. He was also listed as one of the early members of the Hand, which further cements him in the mythos.

While not as graphic as torturing Ox with a blow torch or carving a bullseye in Bullseye's forehead or other things Daredevil has done, this still has to be one of the more brutal things he's done to somebody.

Heh, Izo and I would get along perfectly with that kind of humour.

Despite being telegraphed a mile away and something I both predicted and expected, this was still a great conclusion to this storyline and, for some reason, I couldn't get, "damn it feels good to be a gangsta", out of my head. It's like the perfect song to go with this scene. Just picture a slow-mo walk down the stairs with that playing.

My favourite pin-up from the back of the book. Definitely looks like a blind man took his father's boxing clothes and made a costume out of it.

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #5

I'm not sure if this is the 4th or 5th wall at this point.

I know Kelly isn't writing this issue, but I can't wait to see Deadpool and Spider-Man together again in his upcoming Amazing Spider-Man issues after this and Cable and Deadpool #50. They just go together perfectly. I can't believe we haven't seen a Spider-Man/Deadpool series yet.

Kingpin? Is that you?

What is this? I don't even... Someone reading this series tell me what that thing is...

I'd pee on him for the crap they put them through.

Deadpool gets the girl? Does not compute... I'm betting it's explained away as a delusion at some point. Also, wow, she's got side boob on both sides while looking at her from behind. That's amazing.

Invincible #65

Speaking of boobs...

If Invincible had just told Cecil what he knew about the Viltrumites, he probably wouldn't be doing something as stupid as keeping Conquest alive.

Teenage sex? In a comic book? That's unpossible! Actually how old is Mark these days? I think he moved to university, so I guess he's 18 at least.

Mighty Avengers #28

Ahaha, poor Herc, this is why Cho left you in your own book. Stop being so awesome all the time.

Someone finally found out Scarlet Witch is evil. Stature still doesn't know it's actually female Loki (how's that work anyways? She's been back to a he for a while now.). I wonder if the revelation of Loki being the Scarlet Witch will lead into that whole Siege of Asgard event that's been rumoured for a while.

Power Girl #4

I didn't get the reference, but the people bothering Power Girl are apparently modelled off the characters from the TV show, Big Bang Theory.

This was cute. If they had more Terra and Power Girl doing things like this, I'd probably pick the title up.

From what I understand, Terra actually goes off to fight crime in her underwear. You'd think PG would just tell her to keep her pants on.

Superman/Batman #63

The 'Urban Batman' (toy announcement in 5, 4, 3...) costume I spoke of in my review. Loved the look of it.

Wolverine: Weapon X #4

Poor Maverick, no one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition. Wait, wrong joke. Seriously though, I wasn't expecting projectile energy claws either.

This was a scene from the middle of Wolverine's and not-Wolverine's fight. After battling across the freeway, on a train and into the streets, the two just up and stop with the violence in front of a bus of children before...

...commencing with the violence again. This was just one sequence from the fight, which I absolutely loved. I would love to post the entire thing, but it's just too many pages to put up of one comic. Definitely worth checking out if this interests you in the least.

X-Factor #47

Darwin playing the roll of the Dodo here.

Father Madrox spells it out so even these idiots can understand.

X-Men: Legacy #227

God, I'd buy an entire issue of Ms Marvel/Moonstone beating the snot out of Gambit to the point I won't hear another bastardized bit of French randomly thrown into conversation.

Sadly, this was the last of Rogue's super strength and she didn't fair too well against Moonstone afterwards. Still, combined with the above two pages, this was an excellent sequence that has me tempted to pick up this issue.

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Daringd said...

@Kirk are you still planning to do a Daredevil review?

Radlum said...

I find it funny that the Owl was supposed to be dead after being gunned down by the Hood, then turned out to be alive when the Kingpin recruited him only to be left without use of his limbs by Daredevil; I guess some bad guys have it worse than others.

Andrenn said...

that was an odd end for Suicide Kings, wonder if it will ever have an effect on the main ongoing. Or...third ongoing or...whatever.

Kirk Warren said...

@Daringd - Ya, Ill have it up tomorrow. I ran into some difficulties and barely had time to do the moments today.

The Dangster said...

. Wow that was a sick burn.

. I love we get more into what Robo likes and dislikes. like his dislike of bugs.

. Zsasz vision is great, glad Dini and Nguyen try to make characterizations interesting.

. See this is why I hate reading Robinson's work, it's so disjointed from what everything else everyone's writing. He should stick to titles that don't involve continuity. I truly hope thats not how the emotional spectrum really works

After looking at all the art this week, I think I might be picking up more Marvel titles...

about me! said...

Superboy and Wondergirl did the deed right before he died during Infinite Crisis. And they were both on the teen titans at the time, so it had to be teenage sex!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Deadpool and her got it on at least once in Cable & Deadpool. It's not that out there.

Randallw said...

I would have expected Deadpool to thank the writer by name for writing the scene. Other good scenes were where Wrecker called him a wannabee and Deadpool thoght to himself that he has 3 books to himself. Also when he said gas bombs were so Steve Ditko and confused Spiderman, was characterful.

Matt Ampersand said...

I loved that DD pin-up, definitely my favorite as well.

Anonymous said...

The Punisher has found an arsenal of old villains weapons in his own series. That's why he's got all that stuff. I imagine the artist added the rainbow bright colours for comedy value.

In regards to the Lois Lane power boost, was it ever stated that Jean Loring only had base human strength. I don't think she could have taken Hawkgirl with no power boost even with a spear. I think the spear was just a prop to make her look bad ass. As for the Black Lantern taking Ma Kent hostage in stead of killing her. I think that's a ruse to fuck with Superman so they can induct him into the Black Lantern corps. it's been shown that the Black Lanterns are sick little puppies.

The rainbow Superman however........Huh, who knows?

Love the Zsasz vision too.

Great monments.


Rod said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Random Blogger said...

That spiderman / deadpool team up looks awesome. I gotta pick that up

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