Friday, August 28, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/26/09

Batman: Arkham Asylum is my Moment of the Week, but there were actual comics that came out (reviews tomorrow, I promise!), too, so I guess this week's MotW will showcase those instead of my current obsession. Guardians of the Galaxy took top honours for comic book based moments with Robin and Batman's (you'll understand the name order in a moment) Pyg Dance taking second place. For anti-moments, there's actually a few, such as the commentary on manga/toys from Japan in Wonder Woman and Cyclops's continue douchebaggery in Dark Avengers. See these and more after the jump.

Robin and Batman #3

Quite possibly the most disturbing, and funny, thing I've seen in recent memory. Quitely deserves all the credit for making this scene of Pyg dancing work.

Stupid Dick, it's obviously going to catch on. Look, I even named the moments Robin and Batman.

So, any guesses on who the Red Hood is? I was thinking it was Joker, who, after learning of Batman's death, went sane (de-insaned?)/reverted to his, depending on what you believe, origin persona. There's also the possibility of Jason Todd, who's MIA post-Battle for the Cowl, back as a Hood.

Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter #3

After Beta Ray Bill learns Galactus's death would kill trillions of innocent people across several solar systems, he nearly dies defending the very being he set out to kill. When asked why he went to such lengths by Galactus, we get the above scene, which is one of the few times I can recall Galactus referencing his former life as Galan.

Blackest Night: Titans #1

All of these tie-ins to Blackest Night are really starting to bug me. It's like giving an excuse for random deaths that have little to no meaning. Few probably know or care if either of these two is killed (pretty sure they were in comas or something post-Titans East and brought out just to die here) and fewer still probably remember the original Hawk and Dove much of the Black Lantern part to this hinges on, so I'm just not sure what the purpose of the random killings are other than to have them and it's quickly becoming my biggest concern with Blackest Night moving forward.

Dark Avengers #8

Dark Beast and Weapon Omega look quite dead here. This being comics, I'm not sure if that's the case or not. Probably just a flesh wound. Mutants probably don't need blood or organs anyways.

What's sad is that all the new Dark Wolverine moments I've read over the past few months have shown Daken being this machiavellian mastermind, manipulating everyone in the Dark Avengers with smooth talking and great, "just as planned", types of moments. Yet everywhere else, he gets curb stomped and is just Wolverine-lite - same bitter taste, half as filling. This was still a funny scene, but just felt like venting.

So, Cyclops is now Magneto raising his own Asteroid M, declaring mutants their own race and offering sanctuary and demanding complete immunity/to be left alone. Lines up with his other retarded actions, like death squads and leaving his own kind to die and so on. Yet, for some reason, he can be as evil as he wants, but Iron Man actually made sense in Civil War and everyone painted him as the new Dr Doom.

Dark Reign: Elektra #5

It puts the dress on or it gets the hose!

Dark Wolverine #77

Tough workout.

After messing with Ares, Daken walks in on Venom watching Oprah, yet Venom has the gall to be the one dissing Daken. The whole world is backwards!

Just as planned. (it's the Fantastic Four sending him the message they owe him one)

Fantastic Four #570

Infinity Gauntlets for everyone!

Green Lantern #45

Black Lantern Sinestro Corps reporting in, sir! I think this was the first time the rings have been shown to actually create a construct (Amon put a hand construct through someone's chest in a previous scene). Ventriloquist had a Scareface construct in the Batman tie-in, but I thought that was for asthetics moreso than actual functionality.

Sinestro shacking up with Abin Sur's sister? Interesting. Does that make her Soranik Natu's mother? Funny she's not seen as a half breed/different in looks than typical Korugans. I'm guessing she makes an appearance as a Black Lantern when Abin comes a calling.

New wallpaper? You betcha (original image is like 3 times bigger than this one).

Okay, was Xanshi a sentient planet alla Mogo? Otherwise, this is just ridiculous having a freaking planet come back as a Black Lantern. Where's Ranx and Krypton then?

Guardians of the Galaxy #17

Ah, Rocket Raccoon, what would we do without you?

That big rip in space and time from War of Kings? Adam Warlock put the kibosh on it (well, he stopped it from spreading/destroying the universe at least). Martyr/Phylla-Vel killed him for his trouble.

So Gamora killed Phylla back. Was everyone else cheering at this? I probably shouldn't hate a character as much as I do Phylla (and not just for her killing Adam).

Oh god, this was the best scene this week. I don't know if Maximus is insane and making shit up or if Groot actually does say more than I AM GROOT and our primative minds can't process it.

Oh ya, Adam Warlock solved the rip in time and space by 'grafting' our reality onto a future timeline, one he knew had ended, which was the timeline where he became Magus, the evil, universe conquering leader of the Church of Universal Truth. As you can see, probably not the best idea ever.

Incredible Hercules #133

Hercules is the best hero ever.

New Hood Story Every Month #56

Hood gets new powers from the Stones of Norn. No one cares.

Nova #28

Probably best to listen to the man, Blastaar.

Wonder Woman #35

I know this scene was done to poke fun at the ridiculous manga figures DC licensed, but I can't help but feel they are making fun of manga/Japanese merchandies in general (the scene goes on for a page or two beyond this one panel), which is odd coming from someone that looks and dresses like a porn star and was created/is known more as a fetish character and from a medium build on the same portrayal they are mocking the toy for.

X-Force #18

That's a right arm.

She's missing a left one.

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Andrenn said...

that Black Lantern Hawk is giving me a serious Spawn vibe.

Some cool moments. Shame to see so many killings happening in Guardians of the Galaxy. I can't even remember the green woman's name and she used to be a character I liked. I feel ashamed to call myself a nerd.

Eric Rupe said...

Yeah, having the FF owe Daken is probably way people hate him. Makes me hate him because we are supposed to believe the FF owe Wolverine's bastard son? Yeah, I'll take DA #8 over DW #77.

Also, those pics are why I don't read X-Force.

Andrenn said...

Also I'm going to assume that Bill and that glowing chick are going to restart his race (not exactly something you expect to see in a space epic but I'm sure Bill isn't complaining)

Tyler said...

Anyone else notice the various corps in this issue were fighting they're complimentary color according to the color wheel?

Jim Davis said...

So is it a requirement for at least one character to be smeared with blood every X-Force issue?

Van said...

I think you are missing something with Cyclops. The evolution of his character over the last year or so has been really fun to read, if you look at it from the right perspective.

Keep in mind his "fall from grace" started with the betrayal of Professor X back in Deadly Genesis. Since then he has clearly lost sight of the dream. Now he has death squads and is becoming more and more unhinged. What we are seeing is Cyclops lose his humanity, which is actually a really facsinating direction to take the character in, considering his history.

Matt Ampersand said...

I fucking loved that line from Nova.

And I can't believe no one spotted that mistake in X-Force! All they really had to do was flip one of the images in photoshop and no one would have noticed it.

PMMJ said...

Remind me again why anyone would listen to Loki's explanation here? Lord of lies, right?

Kirk Warren said...

@PMMJ - Hood doesnt want to go back to being a nobody, so will take any power he can get.

Anonymous said...

The last time Galactus referred to his past life as Galan , as I recall , was in Starlin's under-appreciated Thanos series a few years back. And yes , it was awesome. Starlin + Thanos + Infinity Gems + Galactus and Adam Warlock along for the ride? Scuse me while I drool...

Anonymous said...

maybe the wrong arm is part of the plot?they'r torturing her only in her mind? err....well i doubt that, they should used photoshop!

cyclops is a far more complex character now, sure he makes morally hard decisions, but the world isn't black and white and he isn't me thats much more interesting to read.oh, and i was on tony side ;)

fodigg said...

Cyclops has gotten bloodthirsty, but stupid? How so? He's retreated, which is what the X-Men have been doing for a long-while. It's not surprising at all.

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