Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cover of the Week - X-Men Forever & Secret Warriors

This week's Cover of the Week sees one book, X-Men Forever #4, receiving two nods from Ryan and I for its standard and variant covers while Matt chose the Secret Warriors #6 variant. Hit the jump for a look see at the covers and our reasons for each.

Ryan's Cover of the Week - X-Men Forever #4

Ryan: This cover is bold and eye catching, with strong expressions and a great sense of depth. What I really love about it, though, is how Tom Grummett manages to highlight the unfamiliarity of Shadowcat's redesigned outfit without alienated fans. She instantly recognizable, despite the noticably new direction.

Kirk's Cover of the Week - X-Men Forever #4 (30's Decade Variant)

Kirk: And Marvel knocks another Cover of the Week out of the park with these Decades Variants, this time with a throwback to the 30's and the Wizard of Oz. I love the soft colours and how they went the extra mile and added Xavier, Storm and Jean as the witches and Oz in the background.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Secret Warriors #6 (70's Decade Variant)

Matt: Have I mentioned how much I love negative space covers? I believe I did so last week. But anyway, Tom Coker does a great job with this cover, especially the background, which calls back to the psychedelic days of Steranko in the Nick Fury title.

Runners-Up: Thunderbolts #134, Detective Comics #855 & Final Crisis Aftermath Ink #3

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Sebastian said...

I didn't know Coker did much work for Marvel. His art was most of the reason I boght DD: Noir. A week where JH Williams only makes runner-up is a good sign of that week's cover quality. Nice.

Sebastian said...

Nice pick on the Grummett cover, too. Glad I wasn't the only to notice it.

Rawnzilla said...

The full version of the Kitty Pryde cover is actually pretty laughable. She has a claw coming out of her wrist and it says "THIS KITTY'S GOT CLAW"

Matthew Hex said...

the x-men/ oz cover is great. the colouring is fantastic.

Matt Ampersand said...

If anything, what we have learned is that these decade variant covers are great. I hope Marvel puts out an art collection of all of them, like they are going to do with the Wolverine one.

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