Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #39 Review

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason and Rebecca Buchman

Disappointing is one way to describe this issue of Green Lantern Corps #39. It was not poorly written nor drawn, just disappointing in that it was the equivalent of a Secret Invasion tie-in with how it was set in the past and detailed events we already knew about from the main title, but from a different perspective.

Unlike the Secret Invasion tie-ins, though, this issue actually managed to have some solid character moments that almost make up for the retread of old content, particularly in regards to the Guy Gardner/Kyle Rayner dynamic and with the discussion of Kyle's current and past girlfriends.

However, the problem with the issue was the content I spoke of. This issue is set during the events of Blackest Night #1 and features Guy and Kyle returning to Oa just as the Black Lantern rings arrive and begin resurrecting the fallen Green Lanterns in the crypts. It added more to the one or two pages where this was dealt with in Blackest Night #1, but nothing substantial. For instance, Morro, the keeper of the Green Lantern crypts, was given some face time without being summarily killed off either.

In the end, this issue boils down to a few pages of 'new' content - 1) a couple pages of Mongul being shown taken over Korugar and renaming the Sinestro Corps the Mongul Corps and 2) Kyle and Guy talking about Kyle's past girlfriends, which set up the return of Black Lantern Jade at the end of the issue.

Verdict - Check It. If this had come out the same week as Blackest Night #1, I'd probably be more enthusiastic about the issue, but a month later seeing the same content from the first issue of the event, on the same day as the second issue comes out, is a bit trying. Nothing was followed up on in issue two of Blackest Night either, so I assume we'll have to wait yet another month for the follow up.

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