Sunday, August 16, 2009

Is This What Whiplash Looks Like In Iron Man 2?

Marvel recently announced the return of Iron Man's longtime villain, Whiplash, with a four issue miniseries set for this November, tentatively titled, Iron Man vs Whiplash. With his return, Whiplash was also granted some brand new duds courtesy of Marko Djurdjevic's redesign, as seen in the banner above.

With the recent Iron Man 2 footage of Mickey Rourke as Whiplash, sporting unfinished armour, shown at Comic-Con, I'm curious if this new comic Whiplash design is an indication of what the final costume the movie version, who's been said to assemble his armour as the movie progresses, will look like. Hit the jump for more information on Whiplash, images of his past costumes and the movie version I mentioned above.


Most recent iteration of the Whiplash costume.

Whiplash (aka Mark Scarlotti) was a former employee of Stark Industries. A brilliant electrical technician, he desired more and, as villains are wont to do, designed his own omnium steel coils and became the super villain Whiplash.

Scarlotti as the villain Blacklash.

After several defeats, Scarlotti was diagnosed as manic-depressive in prison. While attempting to reform, he is rejected by his family and the people of his hometown, which unhinges him, causing him to become Blacklash, where he went on to have many humiliating defeats to Iron Man, Force, Spider-Man and many others.

Female Whiplash as seen during Civil War

Scarlotti would eventually return to his Whiplash persona, but was killed in a battle with Iron Man during the time Tony's armour became sentient. A female version of the character was seen with a new Blacklash during Civil War.

Armored Adventures Whiplash

Whiplash as seen in the Iron Man: Armored Adventures cartoon.

The above image is the design for the Iron Man Armored Adventures cartoon version of Whiplash. I decided to include it for the sake of posterity. While it works for a cartoon, it's far too impractical a design for a movie adaptation.

Movie Whiplash

Mickey Rourke as Whiplash from Iron Man 2 Comic-Con trailer.

Above, we see Mickey Rourke as Whiplash from the Iron Man 2 Comic-Con trailer. In the trailer, he was shown building his Whiplash 'armour' from a box of scraps. No cave this time. It's unclear how he acquired the power source on his chest, but he pieced the rest together and promptly attacked Tony Stark, sans Iron Man armour, at the race way in the picture above. It has been stated in interviews that Whiplash will build his armour as the movie progresses and we can assume this is the first version of the armour. What will the final armour look like? Take a look at the new comic version below for a possibility.

New Whiplash Comic Book Version

New Whiplash design by Marko Djurdjevic.

Pictured above is the new Whiplash designed for the Iron Man vs Whiplash comic, which debuts in November. As you can see, it shares many similarities to the unfinished Mickey Rourke movie version, such as the 'Iron Man' power source in the chest and, if you've seen the Comic-Con trailer, similar looking energy whips. It also looks like the logical progression of the unifinished movie version in that Rourke could easily throw a breastplate and some boots on with a mask and come out looking like this new comic book version.


So, there you have it. A very brief history of Whiplash, a look at his costumes and identities across various mediums and my thoughts on the new comic book version. What do you think? Is this new comic version going to be the final movie look that Rourke will eventually don? Do you like the new costume? Let us know in the comments below.

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Zdenko said...

The new dseign is good, but honestly any version is better than ''Bondage Villain'' and ''Ponytail-Cape Wearing Villain'' designs...

David Miller said...

I'm a big fan of the classic layton designed (I assume) look so the new one doesn't hold a candle IMO. I could see a similar look being adapted for Iron Man 2, though not until late in the game as they'll want O'Rourke's face in the movie as long as possible.

Frankly the photo of Mickey is a bit crap, but the first movie was so good I'll give this one the benefit of the doubt.

Andrenn said...

I got one problem with this new design and that's teh typical annoying shoulder pad only on one shoulder. Why do so many designers think this looks good? It was annoying back in the 90's and it's still annoying now.

TheGoose said...

I agree with Zdenko that the new costume is a definite improvement over the bondage costume and the circus look.

I also agree with Adrenn that the one shoulder pad look didn't (and still doesn't) make sense.

But, yes, I like the costume and I, would think, that the the design by Marko Djurdjevic is going to be the final design or something like it. It doesn't look too far off from the image with Mickey Rourke.

Though, this news does give some confirmation that Whiplash will be having some protection in the film. I couldn't imagine that he'd be in prison pants and not have any protection against Iron-man.

One thing I hope that if they do make more films and bring more villains to the screen that they don't get their power source from the same thing Tony uses for his armor.

Matt Ampersand said...

The Armored Adventures Whiplash looks a lot like the current look of Ghost (as seen in Thunderbolts)

Jason said...

I like Marko's design, but for a suit of armor, there's just too much exposed flesh. I'd like to see the Armored Adventures Whiplash adapted for a more movie-practical suit of armor.

Kirk Warren said...

I believe the one shoulder left open is to give him full motion in his dominant arm for use of the whip. Same goes for his armourless leg.

Daniel Woburn said...

that design is awesome, I dig the Vega face mask.

fodigg said...

Haha, I also said "cool vega mask," and "why not wear the other shoulder pad?"

whiplash injury said...

Looking like Ghost..............

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