Friday, August 21, 2009

Thoughts On Solicitations for November 2009

November seems numerous launches from Marvel, DC and Image. At Marvel, both the Realm of Kings and Assault on New Olympus start, Deadpool gets a third ongoing and various ongoings and miniseries start up. At DC Batman/Doc Savage kicks off DC's new pulpverse, the Fables spin-off mini for Cinderella starts and Keith Giffen continues Grant Morrison's run on The Authority. Finally, the long awaited Image United mini launches as well. Hit the jump to see what we thought of these books and more.


Chobits Omnibus Edition

Eric: If my local library gets this, I will check it out. It's one of those series I've always heard about but doesn't seem like something that I would necessarily like.

Star Wars Omnibus: Shadows of The Empire

Eric: Man, I love the Shadows of The Empire stuff as a kid but I'm not sure if I want to buy this though that's not a bad price for the amount of material collected.


Cowboy Ninja Viking #2

The preview for the first issue looked pretty good and Riley Rossmo, the artist on Proof, is doing the art so I'm get this at some point.

Four Eyes #4

Ryan: Didn’t the first issue of this drop almost a year ago? In fact, I’m almost certain it did because I distinctly remember trying to track down the first issue around Christmas while visiting the in-laws. Well, better late than never, right?

Haunt #1 Collector's Edition

Eric: The 90's really are back. Anyway, I expect this series to be horribly cliched in every way imaginable.

Image United#1

Eric: There are comics and concepts worth celebrating but I'm not sure the original wave of Image comics are. Yeah, Image did some good in regards to creator rights and stuff but what they put out wasn't that good, by and large, not to mention the fact that all of the founders, except Erik Larsen, stopped working on their creations at one point or another and had other people work on their stuff, which is pretty hypocritical considering why they founded Image in the first place.

That said, I do like how they are doing the art, even if I don't like most of the artists' output myself.

Matt: Are those all different variant covers for the first issue or what all the covers will look like? 'Cause if there are six variant covers, that is incredibly fitting for this event.

Ryan: I know the “cool” thing is to trash the hottest creators of the 1990s for the effect that the Image boom had on the industry, so my opinion on this one might not be tremendously popular. Some of my favorite comics of my youth were the Image launch titles and I think that, for the most part, the creators have really grown in talent since then. They may still be about outlandish muscles and impossible bust lines, but the original Image founders have all fostered their talents well and that has me really excited for this team-up. The only problem? No Jim Lee. You’d think for something this momentous and inventive (all of the creators working simultaneously on each page!), they’d find a way to involve him. Here’s hoping for a variant cover or something!

Mice Templar: Destiny #5

Ryan: The Maeven Archers have been the Bobba Fett of Mice Templar (clearly awesome, but barely explored) for some time now, which has me even more excited for this issue than I already was. Seriously, there is no reason you should miss this title.

The Darkness #81

Ryan: As many times as I’ve tried getting into this series, it’s never caught on with me. But, the promise of the always amazing (and fellow Iowan) Phil Hester both writing and drawing this issue could mean that I give it yet another shot.

Chew Vol 1, Taster's Choice TP

Eric: I've heard nothing but great things about this series and the $10 price tag is the perfect incentive to check this out.

Kirk: Heard so many great things about this. It's a shame I'm still going to wait for the trade, but looking forward to it.

Matt: Definitely getting this, with all the good things I hear about it, and the price is very inviting.

Ryan: Chew is one of the hottest comics on the market right now, with the multiple sell-outs making it a difficult book to come by in some areas; with that in mind, kudos to Image for the low $9.99 price tag on this first trade. Since I’m one of those readers who couldn’t track down the first few issues, count me in for this one!

Cover Stories: The Art of Greg Horn

Eric: *facepalm*

Ryan: Seriously? This just puts us one step closer to “The Art of Greg Land” and me losing all faith in humanity.

I Kill Giants Titan Edition HC

Eric: Man, if I had the money I would be getting this.

Kirk: What is this? Oversized hardcover? Do want!

Liberty Meadows Vol 2, Creature Comforts TPB

Eric: I enjoy Frank Cho's art and I've always heard good things about this series so I'll definitely be getting these new printings.

Ministry of Space TPB (New Printing)

Eric: I'm a Warren Ellis junkie so I'll definitely be getting this.


Blackest Night/Green Lantern

Adventure Comics #4


Matt: I guess this was supposed to have more impact if some time had passed between the end of Legion of Three Worlds and the Adventure Comics relaunch.

Ryan: So…Superboy Prime is back? The only way this won’t make me even more annoyed with the end of Legion of Three Worlds is if the Superboy Prime scenes are actually just him ranting on message boards.

Blackest Night #5

Eric: An occasional problem with Geoff Johns is that he will occasionally use some obscure villains, like Nekron, that can dampen the impact of his reveals. Johns could do something awesome with him, but at this point, I'm betting his reveal is pretty meaningless to a lot of readers.

Kirk: Ah, Nekron. I had a post on this when Diamond posted the cover early, much to IGN's exclusive dismay. I still don't feel he's a good fit for this event aside from having a skull for a face and undead sounding name, but whatever, what's done is done. Can't argue with how awesome he looks with the Black Lantern scythe on that cover. I'm sure we'll see some kind of huge reveal in this event, so if it's not the big bad, I wonder what it will be? Wonder Woman as a Lantern of some sort maybe?

Matt: I have never read anything with Nekron in it before, so this better do some explaining on that front. It's still a bit early to reveal the "big bad", so I wouldn't be surprised if there is someone manipulating him too. Death of the Endless, perhaps? Haha.

Ryan: Well, I hope your enjoyment of this series wasn’t hinging on the surprise of who was the “big bad” behind the Black Lanterns. I had to look up Nekron on Wikipedia to see what the big deal was, so clearly the spoilers didn’t really affect me.

Booster Gold #26

Ryan: Now, this is an issue I can get excited about. Not only are we going to see Black Lantern Ted Kord, we also get to see a new Blue & Gold team-up with Jaime helping Booster out here. As a huge fan of both Blue Beetles, I can honestly say this is the Blackest Night tie-in I’m looking forward to most in November.

Doom Patrol #4

Eric: Depending on how long this tie-in goes for, I think I may loose interest in this series. I have absolutely no interest in Blackest Night so this tie-in is nothing but a turn off.

Superman/Batman #66

Matt: And the "What the hell were they thinking?!" award goes to this title! Seriously, the whole point of Superman/Batman is that it is a silver age-like title almost out of continuity. To make it a Blackest Night tie-in is ridiculous. I can only hope it's all tongue-in-cheek, and the fact that Man-Bat and Bizarro are involved seems to point to that.

Ryan: First we get a team-up of Robin and Supergirl a few months back, now we get Bizarro and Man-Bat? Aren’t they stretching the Superman/Batman concept a bit? What’s next, Ace and Krypto take on Catman? Alfred and Perry White enjoy tea together?

Absolute Green Lantern: Rebirth HC

Kirk: I know this will possibly lead to an Absolute Sinestro Corps War, but WHY? Rebirth is far from the greatest story ever told and is more of a sledgehammer/continuity wrecking ball than anything else. The art isn't bad, but what is with DC and putting arguably bad stories (Green Lantern has been excellent, Rebirth did a dirty job probably as best it could, but was not great by any means) in their premiere trade format when they have so many other books more deserving?


Batgirl #4

Kirk: What the heck? Are those mutant gang members from Dark Knight Returns? Silhouette looks like Misfit to me. Getting tired of these silhouette covers, too.

Ryan: Clunky boots and shorts on Batgirl? It looks like Stephanie Brown might not be the only Batgirl in town, as this looks like Misfit under the cowl. If so, you can definitely count me in for some “Daaaark Vengeaaance!”

Batman/Doc Savage Special #1

Eric: This is definitely one of the comics I am most excited for right though it will be a long while before I get around to reading it. I love the concept and I love Azzarello's writing so I have high hopes for this series. I also love the fact that Azzarello is going old, old, old school with Batman, should be interesting to see how he handles it.

Matt: This sounds very interesting. I'll wait to see how much the mini series will be priced before making a decision.

Ryan: DC’s new pulp-influenced sub-universe looks to be incredibly exciting and this issue is a great way to kick things off. This experiment is going to be for a very specific group of fans and may not turn out to be quite as successful as DC hoped, but for those of us in the target audience, this is incredibly exciting.

Red Robin #6

Ryan: My biggest complaint about this series has been Ramon Bachs lacking the ability to draw Tim Drake as a teenager while in costume. With the cover alone, Marcus To shows that he can remedy that problem. This artistic change could be all that it takes to make this one of the best books on the stands.

Batman: The Cat and The Bat TP

Eric: Been waiting for his since I read Kirk's reviews for the arc. I do love Maguire's art even though I've read very little of his output. And, before anyone asks, no, I don't like the JLI/Super Buddies.

Batman: The Cult TP New Printing

Kirk: Ohhh, this interesting. DC seems to reprint old stories only when there's a new story using the characters involved. New Red Hood is Deacon Blackfire maybe? Either way, this is a good story and worthy of a reprint. Definitely worth picking up if you missed it.

DC Universe

Justice League: Cry for Justice #5

Eric: Two issues left and Robinson is just getting around to introducing Supergirl and Shazam? I know this was originally intended as an ongoing but this is just ridiculous.

Lobo: Highway to Hell #1

Matt: Wow, that price is crazy. I'm sorry, this sounds awesome, but it's just too expensive.

Ryan: At $6.99 per each oversized issue, I’m really tempted to wait for trade on this one. Then again, the combo of Anthrax’s Scott Ian and the always insane Sam Keith pitting Lobo against Satan might just be too much fun to wait for.

Secret Six #15

Ryan: Normally you’d find me kicking-and-screaming at the idea of anyone but Gail Simone writing my favorite ongoing series, but if there is anyone that can provide an adequate fill-in on this book, it’s John Ostrander. His Suicide Squad run defined Deadshot and I fully expect him to repeat the awesomeness of that series here.

The Great Ten #1

Kirk: Too little, far too late, DC. You couldn't even get Rucka to write this. DC really needs to work on its execution and follow ups to events. This should have come out, oh, two years ago or so when 52 ended, not this November.

Wonder Woman #38

Eric: More change the character forever stuff? Has Wonder Woman even gotten around to fully reacting to all of the Manazon stuff at this point? This just seems like too much too soon to me.

JLA: Year One TP

Eric: Is this even in continuity anymore? Kind of odd to see DC putting this out right now.

Terra TP

Eric: I enjoy Palmiotti's and Gray's writing well enough but the main draw here is Conner's art. If I enjoy this well enough, I'll definitely be getting the Power Girl trades. Glad they included Supergirl #15, which is Terra's first appearance done by the same creative team.

The Mighty Vol 1 TP

Eric: Love Tomasi's writing though I don't really care for any of the DCU stuff he's writing right now so I am definitely going to be getting this.


The Authority: The Lost Year Reader/The Authority: The Lost Year #3

Matt: Wow, first Planetary, and now this. 2009 is a good year for unfinished comics!

Ryan: Wouldn’t it be more fitting to say call this “The Lost Three Years” considering that’s how long it took for this storyline to get completed? As strong as the first two issues by Gene Ha and Grant Morrison were, too much time has past for me to get excited about this one.

Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love #1

Eric: I've kind of lost interest in Fables but, if I was still interested in the series, I would definitely be getting this and I may still get it anyway.

Kirk: Cinderella is my favourite character in Fables, so I'm contemplating buying this in singles. I usually restrict Fables content to trades only, but this could be an exception. And is Chrissie Zullo the new James Jean? That cover is fantastic.

Ryan: I’ve always been a huge fan of Cinderella as a spy in Fables, so I look forward to reading this one in trade. What really catches my eye, though, is the gorgeous cover by Chrissie Zullo. I love how it is clearly influenced by regular Fables cover artist James Jean, but goes off in its own bold direction. Totally awesome.

The Chill HC

Eric: Despite the fact that I'm not a huge fan of the crime genre, several of the Vertigo Crime books caught my attention and this was one of the books I was interesting in.

Victorian Undead #1

Ryan: A Sherlock Holmes zombie story? Blech. I think that it is time we finally put this zombie trend to rest for a while.


Dark Reign/Avengers

Dark Avengers #11

Eric: I demand that Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato do a series about Norman Osborn as Spider-Man!

Matt: That is one very creepy homage to the classic cover.

Ryan: Best…cover…ever (from these solicits).

Dark Reign: The List - Amazing Spider-Man #1

Kirk: Combined with last month's assortment of The List books, I'm actually shocked at the talent involved and number of these books I'll be picking up, including this Dan Slott and Adam Kubert Spider-Man outing. If these had been miniseries, I'm sure I wouldn't be picking any up. Mission accomplished on the 'series of one-shots' event Marvel.

New Avengers #59

Ryan: This solicit doesn’t mention the Hood at all—does that mean it is a good time to return to this once amazing book?

Thunderbolts #138

Kirk: Looking forward to seeing what Jeff Parker does with Thunderbolts. However, I'm a little concerned at the lack of Songbird/old school Thunderbolts in the solicit. They were in Diggle's last issue solicit, so I assumed they might take over/become recurring characters again. Hopefully they aren't taken care of/their story isn't finished with Diggle's run.

Realm of Kings

Kirk: Very excited for Realm of Kings (hell, anything cosmic, DC or Marvel, at this point). The main Realm books should be interesting, but I'm a bit concerned with how there's not one, but three new books to pick up. Sure, two are only miniseries and one is a one-shot, but, combined with Nova and Guardians already, that's a big committment that will likely pull from other books for myself and many others. The three new books are all $3.99, too, of course.

Matt: Damn, two mini series and a one-shot to follow this event? That's horrible. I do love me some space Marvel though, and they have Pablo Raimondi for one of them? I was wondering where they had hid that guy.

Ryan: I’m a sucker for Marvel’s cosmic line, so I totally dug War of Kings. While I’m interested in seeing how it plays out for the Shi’ar and the Inhumans, I’m really not sure if its worth the $3.99 each investment for these miniseries. Count me in on the one-shot, but I think that my wallet will get the final say on the minis.

Nova #31

Ryan: Nova versus his former pal Darkhawk? Sounds like another can’t-miss issue for this title!

War of Kings HC

Eric: Now, this is a deal. There is around 17 or 18 issues worth of material and the collection is itself oversized. That's a lot of comics for $40. I'll definitely be getting this.


Dark X-Men #1

Kirk: Cornell and Kirk are selling one issue of this to me. Not a fan for current X-Men titles or direction, so it'll have to be amazing to get me to stick around. 90's nostolgia for seeing Nate Grey back is another factor luring me in, but not enough to sell a whole series as I grew tired of him well before his book was cancelled and he died (looks like he got better).

Another curious note is that this issue was announced at Chicago Comic-Con with Mystique and Weapon Omega blanked out on the cover. There was some mild speculation on who else would be here, but it looks like a complete joke since they are all members of the Dark X-Men and no surprises whatsoever. Not sure what Marvel was thinking with that.

S.W.O.R.D. #1

Ryan: Kudos to Marvel for giving this concept a shot at an ongoing. I’ve been intrigued by SWORD since it was introduced in Astonishing X-Men and I think that this series could be well-worth checking out. After all, Agent Brand is pretty cool, Beast is always fun, and its about time someone actually paid attention to the whole “we just got invaded by aliens” thing in the post-Secret Invasion world.

Uncanny X-Men #517

Kirk: Okay, what kind of cover is that? Random energy shooting from Magneto's eyes? Psylocke's missing her legs and not just faded out. It's like they took a sketch and erased the legs to the hips. She's also sporting Psyblades, but her hands aren't clenched into fists like every single other interpetation of her ability. Then there's Emma Frost, who Land couldn't be bothered drawing an arm on, so left it off. Cyclops is in a Wolverine pose and his leg is missing where the optic blast goes through. It should still be visible or at least continue past the beam, but, hey, who needs to draw something simple like that? To cap it off, we've got a random X-logo floating in space at the bottom for no apparent reason. How can anyone thin this is a good cover and why is Land getting work over anyone at this point?

Ryan: You had me at the return of Magneto and Predator X, but you lost me at “Pencils & Cover by Greg Land.” Seriously, isn’t it time we let someone who isn’t tracing most of their art have a shot at this title?

Wolverine: Weapon X #7

Kirk: Whoa, that's a graphic cover. Not something you see too often. Wonder how you crack open an adamantium skull, though?

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia HC

Eric: I was kind of interested in this crossover, but I don't really want any of the outlying books. It's another oversized HC for $40 but it's about a 100 pages shorter than the War of Kings HC so I'm going to pass on this.

Exiles: Point Of No Return TPB

Eric: A little on the pricey side but I know the last issue is oversized and I can make an exception for a one time purchase. More Jeff Parker is always a good thing.

Assault on New Olympus/Incredible Hercules

Eric: I guess a one-shot to kick off important or big story lines is the current fad for comics right now. Either way, this sounds like it's going to be good.

Kirk: Is this going to be the Annihilation for the mythical portion of the Marvel Universe? It's definitely got the creative freedom and creators behind it to do so. Hopefully these books are on everyone's radar now. They should be fantastic.

Matt: Super excited for this one, about time Incredible Hercules got some of the (well-deserved) spotlight. I don't think I am familiar with the artist though. This series goes through artists even faster than X-Factor.

Ryan: So, this is an event? Apparently every Marvel character there is will be making an appearance and signs have been popping up all over the Marvel Universe. I haven’t seen these signs, nor do I have any idea what this is all about. Plus, what is this jazz about Agents of Atlas becoming a back-up in Incredible Hercules? Has it been canceled as an ongoing? Is all of this a trick or have I really not been paying any attention to all of this? The Adi Granov covers are cool though.


Eric: Really? A third ongoing? The world of comics needs a lot of things, but a third Deadpool ongoing is not one of them.

Kirk: As I mentioned on Twitter earlier this week, with this book, Deadpool now has more ongoing titles than both Spider-Man and Wolverine. Surely (stop calling me Shirley!), along with foilogram covers, this is a sign of the end of days. I wonder if Herc remembers he hates Deadpool for his actions in Civil War. You know, when Deadpool shot him in the face while working for the pro-Regs.

Matt: Call me crazy, but I think I am going to get Deadpool Team-Up #899. I really want to see who else they have lined up as creative team (I think Van Lente said that it would be rotating) before I make a decision though.

Ryan: Is Deadpool seriously popular enough to have three ongoing titles? He is funny and all, but this is starting to get ridiculous. That being said, “drunken mayhem” in Deadpool Team-Up with the titular character and Hercules might just be too much fun to pass over.

Amazing Spider-Man #611

Kirk: Joe Kelly writing Spider-Man AND Deadpool? Bought'd.

Matt: Oh, damn. If there is one single issue that could get me to break my "No more Amazing Spider-Man" rule, it is this one. Deadpool, why do you hold so much control over me?

Ryan: This issue is clearly meant to be a palette cleanser before Spider-Man gets thrown through The Gauntlet storyline in issue #612. I suppose if you were looking for something off-beat as a last breath of fresh air, then a Joe Kelly Deadpool story could be the perfect fit. Plus, that Rob Liefeld-inspired cover by Skottie Young is simply awesome.

Marvel Universe

Black Widow: Deadly Origin #1

Kirk: Paul Cornell sold me on just about anything he writes with his work on Captain Britain. Looking forward to more on the Black Widow, even though I know it's mostly just for build up to the Iron Man 2 movie.

Matt: I was already excited for this when they announced that Cornell was writing, but now they go an add John Paul Leon to the mix. SOLD!

Ryan: This will be my first exposure to Black Widow’s full origin, so I’m pretty pumped to check this out (even if other fanboys are complaining about the retelling). Some of rthe art seems to imply that this will pick-up on the Black Widow/Winter Soldier pairing developed by Ed Brubaker in Captain America, which is just one more reason for me to be pumped about this one.

Captain America: Reborn #5

Matt: Had me scared for a second, I thought that Finch's cover was going to be the main one. Not to hate on the guy, but Hitch has been rocking in these Cap covers. As for the story, I hope that they don't bring Steve back, that he stay trapped in his own memories of WWII and leave Bucky in the present. I don't think it is going to happen, but a boy can dream.

Ghost Rider: Heaven's on Fire #4

Matt: Is it just me or did this get expanded? I thought it was just going to be 5 issues and this says "04 (of 06)"

Iron Man vs. Whiplash #1

Matt: I can't help but being a little wary of this, considering the previous Iron Man movie also got an unofficial movie tie-in... that was never finished.

Immortal Weapons #5

Kirk: Didn't we get the origin of John Aman in the Green Mist special? Not sure what else we'll get from this one, but looking forward to it as he's one of my favourite Immortal Weapons, just behind Fat Cobra.

Ms. Marvel #47

Eric: Something new that could come from the changes in One More Day and it doesn't even happen in a Spider-Man book. That seems like par for the course.

Kirk: I remember Spidey asking Ms Marvel for a date from back before she died. Was upset there was never any follow up. I think Secret Invasion got in the way and then she died or some other series of events. Should be a fun issue. Looking forward to it.

Matt: Judging by the cover, it looks like Spider-Man is going to go on a date with one of those inflatable sex dolls.

Punisher #11

Kirk: Remender's Punisher has shown up in the Moments of the Week many a time and I've been looking for a reason to jump on the book. Maybe this 'event' could be a good place. I'll have to wait and see just how things progress and if there's room in the budget for it.

Strange #1

Ryan: This sounds interesting and it will be cool to see Mark Waid get to play a bit more in the Marvel Universe, but after the amazing Dr. Strange: The Oath miniseries, I’m not sure that I’m ready for another deconstruction of the character. Wouldn’t it be cooler just to give Strange a shot at an ongoing again instead of having to have him go through the muck to prove himself? I mean, why try to fix something if you haven’t tested the waters to see if its broken?

Thor #604

Eric: JMS leaves and the title is a $3 comic again. Marvel isn't completely insane then. I love Gillen's work but I'm not really interested in a 6 issue fill in with Billy Tan artwork though.

Kirk: Kieron Gillen is making a big splash with Marvel of late and his appointment as JMS's successor on the smash-hit Thor pretty much cements him as someone to watch out for. His Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter sold me on his ability to write Thor-like characters, so, while it's not Matt Fraction and Patrick Zircher from Ages of Thunder, I'm still very pleased with this announcement. Tan on art, though? Not so much. Huge drop in quality there.

Matt: My first thought was "Those are some damn big shoes to fill". Following JMS run is not going to be an easy feat, but I like what I have seen from Gillen so far, so I'm in.

Imprints and Others

Deathlok #7

Matt: Really? I guess it could be interesting because it is a Marvel Knights comic, but I am trade waiting this one.

Marvelous Land of Oz #1

Kirk: I don't think I'm familiar with this one. I've been waiting for the hardcover of the first volume of Wizard of Oz, primarily since I already knew the story and wanted Skottie Young art in the hardcover, but I may pick this up in singles since I've never heard of the Marvelous Land of Oz nor read the novel.

Powers (Powers #1 and Encyclopedia)

Kirk: With how much they've dicked around with volume 2, I'll wait for trades, thank you very much. The Encyclopedia, however, I'll pick up as I've been waiting for it for a while. These are usually outsourced to fans cum writers and not exactly the greatest types of books, but both Bendis and Oeming are doing all the work on this and seem quite excited over it, so I feel it will actually be worth the money for once to grab an encyclopedia-type comic.

PunisherMAX #1

Kirk: Jason Aaron. Woot! Steve Dillon. Ugh. Might have to hold off until trades for this one, though. Will have to wait and see how November is looking before making a call on if I'll get it in singles or not.

Ryan: It doesn’t get much more brutal than th creative team behind this relaunch—Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon. Plus you get covers from Dave Johnson, who was a driving force behind the success of 100 Bullets (not an easy feat for just a cover artist). I’ve never been a huge Punisher fan, but this could be worth jumping on for.

Sky Doll: Doll's Factory #1

Kirk: Hmm, $5.99 for 10 pages of never before seen content and 54 more pages of sketches. This should have been in the damn hardcover I already bought. Not cool. Ah, who am I kidding, I'll be buying this.

Ryan: The original Sky Doll miniseries was amongst my favorite books of 2008 and, by far, the best series I read from the Marvel/Soleil partnership. This behind-the-scenes issue looks to be the perfect companion for those of us that were absolutely floored by Barbara Canepa and Allessandro Barbuci’s gorgeous, thought-provoking epic.

Sky Doll Vol 1 TPB

Eric: Nice to see that Marvel might eventually collect the Soleil stuff in trades. I'll probably try to get the rest of stuff I'm interested in in trades if they come out.

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Klep said...

I have to say, as a huge Black Widow fan, I may actually buy her miniseries in single issues, which would be unprecedented for me.

I'm also inclined to pick up the War of Kings hardcover. Normally I'd wait for the paperback, but I don't know if I can hold out on this event.

kwaku said...

Absolute Rebirth sounds like the kind of thing people will buy and that's why DC is putting it out. It may not be one of DC's greatest stories but that doesn't seem to be a prerequisite.

Andrenn said...

Good lord, someone else on the internet besides me likes Image Comics and is interested in Image United! I never thought I'd see the day. Sadly it is the "cool" thing to bash on all the old Image titles, all comics (besides Youngblood and I never even read Cyberforce) that I enjoyed and read.

Anonymous said...

It's my guess that the supposed third Deadpool ongoing is actually a one-shot in disguise. I'll believe they're aiming at using it long term when I see the solicits for issue #900 (or #2) next month. Until then, I'm seeing it as a 70th Anniversary style joke.

Chad Warren said...

I am a total trade collector now after being a singles collector from 92-03 range. War of Kings HC, Powers Vol 3 HC and X-Men Utopia HC will be bought. My only question is why does DC's trades department suck?

Anonymous said...

I do think it's unfair to complain about "Realm of Kings" adding two mini-series to the line. Back when the first Annihilation came out, there was the prologue one-shot, followed by four mini-series (Nova, Super Skrull, Silver Surfer & Ronan), and then the actual six-issue Annihilation series. Between Nova, Guardians, Shi'Ar and the Inhumans, we're back up to four tie-ins with this new Annihilation event.

Besides, with DnA writing the whole thing, I appreciate that Marvel's weeding out the unnecessary tie-ins. Previous tie-ins like Super Skrull & Wraith (and to a lesser extent Quasar & Ronan) didn't feel essential. I don't think we'll have that trouble in "Realm of Kings".

As for "Doom Patrol": As long as Giffen/Dematteis/Maguire do the "Metal Men" backup, I will pick up every issue sight unseen.

Ethereal said...

Blackest Night, Green Lantern, GLC, and Adventure Comics are all on the pull list. I might start picking up Booster Gold at this rate, the book looks to be getting better and better despite the creative team change. Good stuff DC. Excited for Rebels to see Sinestro Corps v Black Corps. More Batman and Robin, Batman, Detective Comics. Interested in Azrael based on the solicit. Red Robin artist change also has me interested. The 4 super books are also on the pull list. JSA and Magog also on the pull list. John Ostrander Deadshot/Secret Six is awesome.

Marvel has the last issue of Reborn, which still has the same questions as before. Marvels Project keeps rolling. Black Widow origin by Cornell? Yes please. Diggle Daredevil! Fantastic Four, is this going to be the second best ongoing in Marvel next to Cap, with Hickman and Eaglesham at the helm it might, if it stays on schedule. Pak-Hulk doesn't look as promising as I was hoping. Incredible Hercules? Yeah, I think I should be reading that now. Nova, Guardians, Realm of Kings plus the minis. Good luck DnA! Secret Warriors with Ares and Phobos interaction! Iffy on The Torch. Parker Thunderbolts, fun stuff. Dropped Thor. Fuck Deadpool. Can't bring myself to dropping X-Force.

The Dangster said...

Pretty sure the Blackest Night Doom Patrol tie-in is supposed to entice new readers like the Blue Beetle Sinestro Corps. That being said. Please read Doom Patrol. Plus I figure this is the team that's died more times than Teen Titans.

The Dangster said...

how can you not like JLI/Superbuddies? Who are you, Dan Didio?

Daringd said...

I'm dropping Thor now

Eric Rupe said...

The Dangster - Yes, I am, in fact, Dan Didio! Seriously though, I've never cared for what little I've seen of JLI and I found Formerly Known as the Justice League to be incredibly irritating. After reading that, I found it believable that Max Lord would kill Ted Kord.

The Dangster said...

well. giffen didnt write lord to kill kord. But in issue #1 of Justice League he and demattais wrote lord with ties to terrorists and willfully let one die.

I guess this is why funny comics have a hard time selling.

Eric Rupe said...

The Dangster - I was mostly referring to the fact that in Formerly Known as the Justice League none of the characters seemed to, well, like each other.

Anonymous said...

What? I didn't read the full solicitation for Deadpool team-up but I got the impression it was just a one-shot.

Rod said...

Batgirl: Battle for the Cowl
Is it just me or didn't they already do something similar recently? Damn this short term memory I had to develop to read comics.

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